Ural conquistadors

So, in the middle of the sixteenth, on the birth of Christ­Wu century Ural and Ural regions were almost completely adjoint­Nena Russia. Event happened, as soon as it became apparent great. And not only for the fate of our country. Occurrence of these lands in Russia significantly affected the later life of many countries.

One needs only to imagine what would become, if Moscow Tsars napuzhalis power Siberia, Kazan, Nogai Khanate (which, by the way, they were quite exaggerated representation) would not go with them to the devil­compromise confrontation Ratiu to battle. Then, most likely of all, they are under the watchful governor would put Zaseki on its eastern borders Warriors on bedding­the groin to the Volga and Kama rivers with the most severe punishable as not to disturb «the most powerful» neighbors, not to offend them in vain. And so for a long time to turn to the Urals and the Urals, eastern­tion Russian Borderland, in the likeness of its southern Borderland, which draw on the vast expanses of the Wild Field of gras­ary Russian towns somewhere near Oka up to the Black Sea Tatar villages for several centuries ruled robbery­tion libertines menacingly rolls shafts their devastated­enforcement raids in the north, the south, destroying and raking under­net assets acquired through hard work have got under the Razor of the unhappy.

Of course, this is only one of the options, but very possible­FLOW. But just to grab a result of wars of any piece of territory does not mean automatically make it a part of another country. That it took to become a part of the inseparable component of the whole, they must be uvya­to show a variety of tightly cross ties of course, in­tary, of course, political, but first and foremost economic, cultural just cheloveches­FIR, and useful, and necessary. Make these connections is natural­governmental, inseparable to their downfall was the action­tivity of the tragedy. It is on the success rate of creation of such links and depends ultimately the success of the adjunction­of the territory.

Establish relations of territories, of course, people. And so, what they are, how far can see how deeply think, in the set­respects, if not all, determines the success and creation, and simplify­tion of such bonds. Or failure.

Naturally, the arduous task saturate «Russian spirit» newfound space it would be inappropriate to impose on dashing Slayers, winning Region. For colony­tion it needed people quite a different kind, with a different way of thinking, a different skill, a different grip, finally. Before them lay a vast, malovedomaya country, where only in the southern part was pretty much populated, ear­conjugated sites. On all other aspects of its boundless pro­space virgin taiga severe, often what vzdyblen­tion Krutogorye then slotted here and there valleys full of rapids obstinate rivers. And all of this sparsely pro­space they had to goods, do not just at­admissibility, but also comfortable to stay. And not just the mouth­roit village, town, not only to plow, to sow the land, but also to find in the depths of their fabulous wealth. And they enrich themselves and the country.

Equally important, though not always quite perceived the first colonizers, posed and performed other historical task to do for the indigenous inhabitants of the Territory Russian presence at first at least bearable for­those immediate needs, and in the end even zhivotvo­ryaschim for further formation of life of all peoples annexed lands. After initially with incredible lodges­of standing in front of people, reshivshimisya settle and begin to establish normal economic life from a­remote and rugged region, was compounded where deaf, and where and explicit resistance indigenous introduction of newcomers. And the complexity of these are not facilitated by the fact that despair­stant Rusyches settled in these places from time immemorial, although of course, their villages were almost invisible­E in the total weight of the villages small inclusions of hunting and hlebopasheskih huge farms raznoyazy­Who inorodcheskogo world. And the fact that these Rusyches even bo­Lee often hostile attitude to the new conquerors because it is from them, Boyar bondage, from the tsar’s integral­valnikov they fled in these distant Borderland, became Cossacks, free men. And you, again in front of them loomed servility. What could they be happy! ..

As you can see, the kind-hearted supporters at the first Russian reclaiming the edge of the local inhabitants did not initially on­hodilos.

However, there was behind them all the power of the Moscow gosu­the state, but only the king finds something far, far away, and all the time with someone fought garrisons his warriors in newfound lands were few, scattered, time­Giving up the vast expanses. While their assistance Doge­deshsya enemies have time and deprive life, and to take away their belongings.

So the first Russian people risked invest their labor and capital in the development of the Ural lands come­elk hope primarily on themselves, on their luck, gumption and pressure

At this time something in the border region, as if deliberately to order history, a whole cohort of desperate people who not only dared to take on the burden of impossibly colonization, not only feared the power of the ardent pro­counteracting their work, but firmly and fearlessly dragged­Whether your a heavy cross, relentlessly, over many years, in all its life, then passing it to children, grandchildren, and sufficient­but completed this selfless work, ennobling and­seliv once almost deserted uncomfortable revealing his uni­Calne natural wealth, forcing them to serve the people.

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