Work all the radio stations of the Soviet Union

     "Attention, attention! Moscow says. Work all the radio stations of the Soviet Union. Pass on important government post". These words spoken from all radio sets country June 22, 1941, forever in our history. Almost the same, but still peaceful pre-war begins its broadcasts urban radio Tagil: "Attention, attention, says Tagil. Getting out of the studio of the radio transmission". In the city archives are stored two folders, which are collected and edited by the original handwritten, typewritten texts newsletters, presentations of production leaders, business leaders of the city, the advertisements on the radio sounded Tagil June 41th, a few days before the war began. Issues "Latest news" then went out every day at 18 o’clock, in a few cases no translation was carried out purely for technical reasons, for example, because of the storm.

Rio Rita, Rio Rita, revolves foxtrot

    What lives 150000th population Tagil eve terrible disaster? In industry and transport deployed motion for early completion of a six-month production schedule. June 20 metallurgical plant. Kuibyshev martenovtsy first completed the planned smelting, blast-furnace operators have coped with the six-month assignment by June 21. Uralvagonzavod in the foremost out several shops, including the CHP, then the largest in the Urals Electrical Station. 55 Stakhanovists Tagil branch of the railway awarded badges "Stalin’s appeal".

    Many events happening in the field of culture and sports. By the 5th anniversary of the death of Gorky club Carriages held an exhibition of works of the writer and literature about him. Artistic director of the Drama Theatre, IA Salamatin tells listeners about the production of the play by Gorky. Open city park with summer theater, on the stage which show "Optimistic Tragedy" Vsevolod Vishnevsky, a dance floor and a restaurant "Float". June 20-21 at the park lecture "The main economic task of the USSR" and "Stalin’s constitution and freedom of conscience". Garden club open to them. Gorky Park of Culture in the Dzerzhinsk region, working there rides, playing two wind orchestra, arranged fireworks. On June 20-21, the park hosts concerts. Mass celebrations to mark the opening of the park was delayed metallurgists after midnight, it has taken part in about eight and a half thousand people.

    June 21 at the plant them. Kuibyshev held a mass youth cross, and in the city fire brigade competitions granatometaniyu. The same day, 250 employees of the plant. Kuibyshev go to the recreation center in Chernoistochinsk, run cross country, competing in sport fishing, listen to a concert. VZHR miners spend their holiday Day on Evstyunihe. In the schools of the city in the midst of proms, radio Tagil invites to speak into the microphone teachers and graduates. One grader 32nd Gel Gus’kova school, she was awarded the first certificate of honors and a letter of commendation. She says that is going to enter medical school, tells of his schoolmates, their choice of future profession. Taghilsky boys and girls dream about how to spend your summer vacation in a camp on Rouche’s opening is scheduled for June 22.

June 22 at exactly 4:00

    On this day, the issuance of local news on the radio was not Tagil. Live it came out on June 23 and, according to the archives, it was the penultimate or last local transmission of wartime. "The news of the criminal attacks of the German fascists on Soviet soil caused deep resentment among workers Tagil" its main leitmotif. At the microphone made by the head of the open-hearth shop of the plant. Kuibyshev Sidorov and the first female member of the Komsomol Gornovaya domain shop Faina Sharunova. Statements were read tagilchan the draft board for enrollment by volunteers in the Red Army. Including Hero of the Soviet Union, a member of the fighting on the Karelian Isthmus Prochor Denisovich Zalesova and wife of a fighter pilot Tikhomirova. "My husband is in parts of the glorious Workers ‘and Peasants’ Army. I’m his girlfriend fighting. I consider it my duty to be at the front"So she wrote about her decision. Here is another documentary evidence preserved in the archives of a certificate issued "pensioner t. Bushin Ivan Petrovich that he’s retired and party organizations locomotive depot Nizhny Tagil mandated to speak on the radio calling for pensioners Nizhny Tagil on labor front". On this front tagilchane began to fight from the very first days of the war. June 23 listopookatnogo shop workers of the plant. Kuibyshev completed their task by 150 percent, VYSOKOGORSKY miners made a plan for the extraction of ore by 113 percent. About this city residents also heard on the radio.

    June 25, 1941 the Economic Council of the USSR issued a decree requiring all citizens under the threat of criminal liability in the period of five days to surrender their existing radios and radiograms, as well as radio transmitters of all types, both individual and collective use. Institutions, enterprises, broadcasting centers, clubs, red corners and other public organizations were allowed to use the radio receivers installation solely for collective listening gear in a strictly part time. On the same day Received Tagil radio telegraphic orders received Chairman of the Regional Radio Committee Zebrikova the termination own broadcasting and providing quality reception of transmissions. It imposed a ban on the reception of all stations, except for Moscow and Sverdlovsk.

We dropped in on this plate, as in the face of Christ the Savior

    Such a comparison, talking about the importance of radio during the war, led the famous Tagil collector, ethnographer, writer and original artist Oleg Nikolevich Luzyanina. To him I was led searches become almost rare items loudspeaker during World. Familiar suggested that they had seen it’s his. Unfortunately, I’m a little late, recently donated by someone three years ago he was a loudspeaker with a large part of his collection passed to the future of the restaurant interior design, built on the shore of the pond Tagil.

    During the war at home was such a loudspeaker, consisting of heart-engine and made of black paper cone, resembling in shape terelku or Chinese straw hat, said Oleg.

    We then left the Tagil and lived in the village Kytlym Isovskogo and now Karpinski district, the largest center of production of platinum and gold. Still clearly remember the first Day War, sunny, bright, with a cold wind, since the summer in that region comes later. I’m a thirteen boy, he saw people running towards the old section of the sunken dredge, and, of course, sprinted behind them. It turned out that one woman, jealous husband, tied to his two young daughters and grabbed his son by the hand, ran with them into the incision. The boy, however, managed to escape. At this time, by the mowing was another woman who was soon to give birth. Hearing cries for help, she filed a sinking rake, but the shore at this place cool, and she slid into the water savior. That’s just drowned and five persons, including the unborn baby. Go back to the village, and there the loudspeaker near Priiskovaya control Isaac Levitan broadcasts beyond the grave voice that at 4 o’clock in the morning there was a treacherous attack fascists bombed Kiev.

    All four terrible years of war for Oleg Luzyaninova radio, as well as for all people, was the main source of hope for our victory. May 9, 1945 he was already a student of mining Yixing College, has just recovered from a severe inflammation of the lungs, he went to the bazaar, mother scraped together some money, sent him to buy a cup of rye flour for zavarihi. Before reaching the market, the street of the same loudspeaker, he heard the good news about the end of the war. "I stood there and did not know where to run to the market or home, tell my mom that we won"Recalls Oleg.

Notice number g-64

Work all the radio stations of the Soviet Union    "To: Gutson Catherine Mikhailovna. Where: Nizhny Tagil, Karl Marx, house 10 informs that your husband rifle platoon commander Lieutenant Gutson Bresler in the battle for the socialist motherland, loyal to the military oath, showing the heroism and courage, died October 10, 1944. He was buried with military honors saluting North. Zap. 500 m. Village Lahm Lomzhenskoy province in the estate Shelts Povota Monovski (Poland)." A copy of the funerals at one time sent to the Editor "Tagil working" Larisa S. Azhiganich, daughter of the first managing editor of the local radio journalist Seeds Gutsona.

    He was born December 1, 1909 in Osh, 20 years old came to the Urals, and began to work at the Sverdlovsk railway. Komsomolskaya Box encouraged him to work in the newspaper "Voice of the shareholder", Where he was soon transferred to the Editor "Ural worker". While serving in the Red Army Gutson also does not have any journalistic pen he voenkor first, and then an employee of the newspaper Military District in Kuibyshev. In 1934, Bresler joined the staff "Tagil working" as head of the department of mass, which sent him and lead urban radio. For the first year Bresler so managed to organize the work that the messenger "Footage soviet radio" published a long article about it with a photo, ending with the words: "The competition editorial Sverdlovsk region Nizhny Tagil Editorial Now on the right is the first place".

    In archive folders I came across the names of two other members of the pre-war city radio. This speaker Grigorieva (unfortunately, name and patronymic of the materials is not) and Petro Syrohvatov, May 15, 1941 was appointed to the post of accountant. But Melent’ev, Epimakhov, Novozhilov, Assumption, Litvinov, obviously, were at that time the most active public radio journalist. Preserved and final orders on the editorial board, signed Bresler Gutsonom. June 24 at the writer of the post is taken Angelina K. Gus’kova, the same gel, a graduate of the 32nd school that just a few days before performing at the microphone. Following the order of June 25, it shall appoint an accountant edition instead of the ranks of the Red Army mobilized Samohvatova. And finally, the final order of July 5, toga year of dismissal due to redundancy speaker Grigorieva and litrabotnika Gus’kova.

    Bresler Gutson went to the front July 20, 1941, the latest news the family, as it is written in a letter to his daughter, he sent 25 September 1944 th. On one of the panels of the memorial metallurgists who died during the war, and carved his name.

    Angelina K. Gus’kova embodied the dream school, graduated from the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute, she is a renowned scholar, a leading specialist in the field of radiology, doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Lenin Prize winner, author of numerous scientific papers and so on, living in Moscow. On the fate of the other employees and the authors of the pre-war radio Tagil might know someone from our readers.


References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" from 07.05.05.

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