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     On the status of the sport in the city, its problems and achievements says the chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the city administration Frenkel Nice little.

    In the near future in our city should appear just two football fields with artificial turf: the stadium "Youth" and "Jupiter". To date, the stadium "Youth" completely drain the reserve of a football field, the construction of the stands, fences and service space. After that will be announced on communications systems and asphalt tracks. The commissioning is planned during the celebration of City Day–2007, are expected to attend the honored guests to attend the opening of a football field.

    At the end of July will be a competition for the construction of fences and training grounds of the football field at the stadium "Jupiter". Complete the construction of an artificial field is planned for the end of September.

    Football club "Uralets", Is the flagship Tagil football in 2006–m anniversary year (60 years since its foundation), conducted in the national championship just ten games in late June was forced to withdraw from the championship formula of the second league clubs, zones "Ural–Volga" because output "EvrazHoldinga" of the founders of the club. Until that moment, the founders of the football team "Uralets"That competed in the second division championship of Russia, for a long time were of "NTMK" and the city administration. Eventually "Uralets" lost its status as a professional team, and he will have to start playing with the third, amateur, league championship of Russia.

    At present, the main founder is not defined PFC "Uralets". In the municipal order Committee for Physical Culture and Sport, approved in 2007, the club not provided a subsidy, as the city administration is unable to provide an instruction only at the expense of budget funds. As a result, while professional football with a team of craftsmen in Tagil will not. At the moment, the search for solutions to this problem.

    For a long time in the city there is no specialized junior school football. Possibility of reviving specialized junior school was considered in the past few years, as according to the position, team Masters must have a specialized school. But the stumbling block in the creation of the school was the release of "NTMK" from the founders "Urals". Currently there are no conditions for the creation of a specialized school, because they do not operate a professional club. Specialized sports schools are created exclusively for professional teams to the end Youth her students to further improve their skills. But children’s football continues to exist. Work departments of football in six municipalities Youth, which involved 737 boys. So the scope for the development of football we have. There should be more open to different locations of the branches of these offices in order to increase the number of students.

    Today in Tagil are four municipal target programs aimed at the development of physical culture, as well as a variety of sports. First – compulsory education students swimming second grades of secondary schools of the city (2005-2008 gg.). The second – frames in the institutions of physical culture and sports of the city (2004-2007 gg.). The third – development of chess in Tagil (2006–2009.) And fourth – mass physical Culture – health of the city (2006–2008.) All of them are interesting in themselves, and most importantly, produce results. Yes, it is not always the full amount of funds for their implementation. Nevertheless, long-term approach allows you to see unresolved, to focus on the essentials and move forward.

    In our city, based on the volleyball team "Uralochka–HTMK" is a specialized Youth volleyball. The first steps to create a sports school. Signed an agreement on cooperation between the city administration and STC "Uralochka"By which team Masters will provide financial support for the participation of school pupils in the competition for the acquisition of these forms, tools and equipment. Creating a municipal Youth Volleyball is planned in 2007.

    In the financing of municipal Youth positive trend. On the teaching staff no problems, because even in 1999, STI UGTU–UPI was opened specialty "expert in physical training and sports". In 2007 he completed the fourth edition.

    With equipment and supplies as part of the question resolved. In 2006, for the first time from the regional budget, grants to co-finance the budget of the city (5,262 thousand. Rub.) Acquisition for public school sports equipment. Funds disbursed in full.

    The problem remains with the repair and reconstruction of sports facilities, as they were built a long time and require significant investment. But in this direction, we do not stand still, always something to be found in almost every order of 12 municipal Youth and municipal institutions ("Spartacus" and "Chess and checkers center").

    City Day 2007 will be held at the theater area VIII Open Championship City streetball, as well as a sports festival at the stadium "Youth", Dedicated to the Day of the athlete. Traditionally, it consists of two sections – an official part of a holding of rewarding in different categories and demonstrations in various sports.

Andrew Combs.

References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" from 28.07.2007.

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