Yalkyn — a friend who believe

     The Palace of Culture III International celebrates the 20th anniversary of the People’s team Tatar-Bashkir culture "Yalkyn". The same author anniversary at Theatre of Tatar culture. The ensemble and theater the same participants.

    People come here with their entire families. Surnames Valiahmetova, Nartdinovyh, Ismagilov, Usmanov, Bilalova – the foundation of the ensemble. Warden and Elder – Flyura Shakiryanova, she is the author of some scenic miniatures. On account of the artists who have long crossed the amateur level, many official victories. But for fans of the ensemble "Yalkyn" – not only a source of national culture, joy, but also a rod bearing in complex everyday situations, others who believe.

    Rehearsals, performances, competitions, days of national culture – ordinary life of the collective, which became one of the brightest in the Palace of Culture named after III International. Among the 26 people – people of different professions. All live far away from the village, but his fate without "Yalkyn" do not represent. So go to rehearsals with clapboard, Lebyazhka, Sukholozhskoye and brick villages of Vyisky part of the city.

Yalkyn - a friend who believe

"Yalkyn" at the dawn of his birth

    Two decades ago, in Palace Culture of mine came out of the theater troupe Almetyevsk. Many liked the show. Among the spectators was a student and teacher of the Nizhny Tagil Institute Alfida Valiahmetova (Muglieva). Barely ended idea, like the idea of ​​creating Alfidy ripe Folklor Ensemble. But to make it more interesting with a musical twist.

    On the conception described the closest person – sister.

    Reseda, then a schoolgirl, warmly responded to the project. Approval sister found the director Anatoly Palace Efremoch Karpenko. Subsequently supported and protected the creative team new director Ludmila Pavlovna Lobastova.

    First there were three artists. They came up with a suitable name – "Yalkyn"What it means "Flame". For enthusiasts pulled people. Own glory Ensemble earned through the hard work. Now it is known not only in Tagil and Sverdlovsk region. In the past year "Yalkyn" wonderful speech at the prestigious festival in St.–Petersburg, received great reviews influential members of the jury.

    – I can tell from all the members of our ensemble, – divided Alfida Zagitovna, head "Yalkyn", – very proud of the national team won the title. And, of course, the fact that it was repeatedly confirmed. Artists expensive recognition, the feeling that we appreciate that each – your audience.

    No one in "Yalkyn" no professional music education. But the voice of each soloist special. Ramil Salyakhova, for example, is not accidentally called a nightingale. And Naseem Muhametdinova of their styled exclusively Nasimushkoy. Because on stage she looks younger. So gets the audience that they forget about everything. If Nasimushka sings funny songs, people heartily rejoice. When the repertoire of songs artist of sad, in the hall of tears. A strong beautiful voice Fisy Bilalova has the unusual property to pass a serious mood. Therefore closer to her songs about children, parents, and about life. Her singing to the accompaniment of an accordion or concertina enjoys the same success.

    Years passed, and from a vocal group became vocal and dramatic. Folk scenes, the composition of the Tatar village life, rituals, performances caught the fancy of the public. Genre scene "Soldiers returned"Invented Flury Shakiryanova, found peace welcome spectators. In other – "Hello, friend!", "Experienced Nanny" this People humor.

    In the past year "Yalkyn" broke out particularly strongly, so that the sparks flew. One of them became a children’s ensemble "Chatkylar" – "Sparkles"Which led Snezana Ismagilov. 18 children from five years of age and older are rehearsing under her. Here are raising a new generation of national artistic collective.

VA Fateev.

References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" from 25.04.2009.

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