Yaroslavsky Chest

Famous throughout Russia podnosny fishing is a unique phenomenon. Miraculously survived and dispersed in numerous museums, household items, as a rule, are still poorly understood. For a long time, for example, in the collections of the Yaroslavl Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve kept a dozen painted things from metal does not attract the attention of researchers. Only recently it was found that among them, and that, basically, the trays outside Moscow Zhostovo end of XIX century there are two Nizhny Tagil. This is confirmed by their riveted octagonal shape, high slit bumpers with «beads» and the nature of painting. Both trays are 1810-1830 years.
On the one displayed sienna engagement. This is often found in the prints Western plot shows the penetration of foreign culture in the art of metallurgy Urals. On another tray bouquet of flowers. Even a partial loss of the paint layer and darkened varnish is not hard to see all the charm of the once carefully drawn petals, this is the one of the characteristics of flower painting. These samples are extremely rare (there are only similar in the Sverdlovsk Museum and the State Hermitage Museum).
Now get another visual confirmation that the original floral painting was done in multi-layer, swipe painting, not stretching, it will create widespread Ural Siberian centrifugal painting on wood and bark. Accidentally fell on the trays at the end of the last century, it became the dominant in our time. Hence, the prevailing view that this is a simplified painting was common in Nizhny Tagil always.
With paintings such kak at the Yaroslavl tray required laborious work does not study them. No wonder to them as the increased interest of young painters shop art painting plant Emalposuda who are trying to understand and realize for yourself uncomplicated story, technique and style of writing colors.
Another product Nizhny Tagil mid-nineteenth century, which deserves to be told, it’s a big wedding chest with wrought iron handles and painted walls. So far, chests remained the least, and all of them without exception: the cover of one of them in the State Historical Museum, the other in the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art in Moscow, the third in Aleksandrov, fourth in Sverdlovsk. And now the fifth became known, Yaroslavl.
Sien six gallant adventures of a young rake depicted on metal plates, mounted on the lid and sides of the chest. Frame looks kind of stencil printed pattern fringing painting. Painting was well preserved. This is understandable: for a long time the chest was in the house of the Yaroslavl merchant AM Vahrameeva, where the attitude towards him was more than careful. In 1919 he was «with the assistance of local artist NN Malygina», as recorded in the documents came to the museum.
But who could make and paint the trunk? Known in Nizhny Tagil artisans Golovanov Kokushkniy Sizov? Or maybe someone from Hudoyarovyh? This question has to be answered. While important: look for and discover unknown masterpieces of folk art — if you can call them so you must constantly. Concise language of painting can tell a lot: the life and culture of our ancestors, a close connection with the masters of fishing «pure» academic art and local traditions of icon. It is known that a basis of professional folk art. And it should not disappear without a trace in our memory.
A. Maksyashin,
Director of the School of Art. Sverdlovsk.
Maksyashin A. Yaroslavsky chest // Taghilsky worker. — 1987 — 29 December. — P. 4 (Local history box. — Issue 11. (45).

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