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Petro Kuznetsk — one of the pioneers of the County of surgery, a prominent physician and public figure of the Urals, the whole creative life which took place in Nizhny Tagil.
Professor VI Kolesov in a multi-volume manual of surgery (1962) in the chapter «History of Surgery,» says: «In the remote province began to appear, doctors, proven talented scientists. Their success was so great that the speech at the congress of provincial and district surgeons were forced to listen to them the most famous leaders of the clinics and hospitals of the capital. «
On one of the first places put PV Kuznetsk authors of all publications on the history of the County of surgery. Professor VA Oppel said: «The figure of PV Kuznetsk so big that I can not pass it over in silence,» Professor VI Razumovsky wrote: «P. B. Kuznetsk was a brilliant representative of the County of Medicine and great worker on home field; the Urals and eastern Russia, along with AA Mislavsky, he was a pioneer of science and culture and the first Grand country doctor «
In all the literature as pre-revolutionary and Soviet period, we did not find an exact date of birth PV Kuznetsk, at best, only a year worth 1844 This prompted us to look at Saratov State Archives, as it was known that PV Kuznetsk born in Vol’sk Saratov province in the family priest. And then came the answer: «In the register of Trinity cathedral church city Vol’sk Saratov province in 1844 has acts record for number 89 of 2 April birth March 24 priest Trinity cathedral church city Vol’sk Basil Kuznetsk and his legitimate wife Olympics Petrovna, both Orthodox religion, son, Peter. » So was the exact date of birth PV Kuznetsk: April 6, (March 24) 1844.
After graduating in 1871, the Medical Faculty of the University of Kazan, he enlisted in the Verhotursky district council. Zemstvo medicine in the province of Perm was being created, and PV Kuznetsk becoming one of the most active of its builders. He was sent to Nizhny Tagil, where he worked together with the famous PV Rudanovskim.
In 1872, he headed the Nizhny Tagil clerk medical district, is delegated to the First Congress of Zemstvo doctors Perm province. He was elected vice-chairman of the Nizhny Tagil temporary health Committee (Chairman PV Rudanovsky). From 1887 to 1892 he headed the county sanitary committee. Under the guidance and chairmanship of PV Kuznetsk from 1882 to 1892 held ten congresses of rural and factory Zemstvo doctors. And he has taught 16 years in the County paramedic school. And with all this a lot and successfully engaged in medical practice.
In 1876, earlier than in university centers, PV Kuznetsk began his famous series ovariotomii, and which made his name known not only in Russia, but also in Western Europe. In the early 80-ies of the last century in Kazan, he showed a rare while radical surgery hernia repair. At the IX Congress of the Pirogov they presented the material already on the 3000 hernia repair.
PV Kuznetsk became the world’s first to use alcohol as an antiseptic in operations applied airtight plaster cast with camphor spirit, developed and widely applied the original antiseptic technique, using it successfully made the most complex operations, accompanied by laparotomy. His method is widely used antiseptics during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, when he led the Nizhny Tagil hospital Verkhotursk committee aid to the wounded, deployed near Odessa.
November 29, 1884 in Nizhny Tagil opened district hospital with 30 beds, which was built according to plan and under the direct supervision of PV Kuznetsk. Beginning of a new rise of his multifaceted medical practice. In the 90s PV Kuznetsk along with antiseptic was applied asepsis. In the 25 years of its existence it Nizhny Tagil hospital were treated about 30,000 patients, produced 172 thousand small and large four thousand operations, which required general anesthesia.
In 1887, she worked in Yekaterinburg Siberian-Ural Scientific and Industrial Exhibition. In the medicine had a great interest here health statistics charts Nizhny Tagil plant and Verkhotursk county for 1885, compiled by Dr. PV Kuznetsk. Jury of the exhibition noted that they «give highly interesting statistical data and graphically represent the sad story of the population Verkhotursk county.»
PV Kuznetsk was an active figure in the Russian Red Cross, since 1904, chairman of the Nizhny Tagil Committee of the Red Cross. During the Russian-Japanese war, he led the hospital to treat the wounded and sick soldiers, preparing nurses to the Red Cross Society.
In August I896, in connection with the 25th anniversary of service in the Kuznetsk PV Verkhoturye zemstvo tagilchane collected 1,800 rubles for a scholarship in his name at the University of Kazan. Three years later the university awarded him the title of doctor of medicine without a thesis. «As for the special merit PV Kuznetsk need to specify the Commissioners, to the fact that working in the wilderness, far from the centers, he was able to organize a great deal promptly and proved that in the setting of a local doctor, you can produce the most serious operation. «
Russian Surgical Society NI Pirogov in 1911 elected him an honorary member. He was also an honorary member of the Ural Society of Naturalists, the Ural Society of Medicine in Ekaterinburg, Saratov Physical-Medical Society. The newspaper «The Doctor» in the number 48 and 50 of 1896 placed the portrait of PV Kuznetsk and relevant material about him.
Petro died May 21, 1912 of pneumonia and was buried in Nizhny Tagil. His memory was dedicated to a special meeting of the Ural Society of Medicine, one of the books «Surgery» PV Dyakova. But his father continued by his son Dmitri Petrovich Kuznetsk (1875-1939), Professor, MD, founder of urology in the Urals, the head of the department of surgery in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod.
In 1971, on the wall of the stairwell between the first and second floors in the clinic the second city hospital Nizhny Tagil, a large colorful mural painted by the artist LV Distergeftom and EV Sedukhina. It shows the facade of the factory hospital in its original form and portraits of doctors who glorified the city with their work and scientific discoveries. There are among them a portrait of PV Kuznetsk.
In connection with the anniversary of the 150th anniversary of the birth PV Kuznetsk I propose to establish a plaque on the building where he worked and taught, is named in his honor, one of the streets of Nizhny Tagil, and in medical school to establish a scholarship named Kuznetsk.
J. Sorkin,
Candidate of Medical Sciences.
PV Kuznetsk, 1896 
Sorkin Yu Zemsky surgeon // Taghilsky worker. — 1994 — 28 April. — P. 3: ph. — (Local history box. — Vol. 3 (114)).

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