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What to bring (photo report) …

Good day. Country house for my wife is a transit point between the city and the forest. All preizdy there long hike accompanied by mushrooms and fish. And since we all have from birth have a habit - to eat, the question arises what to bring. Stew bored, sandwiches the same, I want something new. And in one of the supermarkets I saw this product, just do not think that it is advertising, just remember the taste of childhood, I think many familiar, only the packaging was different.Original and tasty, the shelf life of 3 years, the taste is excellent, calorie and pitatelno.Tsena way lower than stew. Read more [...]
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Kolyma earthquake

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on Sunday, seismologists registered in Kolyma, no victims and destructions. "The earthquake, with its epicenter about 60 kilometers from Magadan was recorded at 10:20 am local time (02:20 MSK). In the village of Ola, which is located about 20 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake magnitude was 4.5, in Magadan - 4.0. Residents of Magadan and the neighboring villages felt a jerk. The houses chandeliers swayed slightly, and rattled dishes "- explained the spokeswoman. According to her, seismologists do not exclude new tremors, but less power than occurred. "Structures Read more [...]
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What is useful in the car except for gasoline?

Eviscerated cars. Availability what something useful in a car depends on its host, will give an example that there are almost all cars. Salon. 1 kit - variety is no different, but at least something. 2 Seatbelts - strap backpack, sew together but get malomalskoy rope, belt or suspenders on pants for losing weight quickly begin ;) 3, with seat covers - if swag climbs into a backpack, ramming them if prolyubili backpack-sew of them elementary and belt bag thing (rem.nabor with needle and thread in my pants pocket always :)). Rags application weight. 4, Mirror-shave (for unshaven mug not to tight Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Magadan

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5, the calculated force 5 points occurred in the Kolyma. According to the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the tremor was recorded on the eve of 116 km north-west of the town of Magadan at a depth of 33 km. This earthquake was felt in the city of Magadan, p. Ola, p. Gadlo force up to 4 points. Death and destruction in an earthquake is not.

Source: Utro.ru.

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Jeremy Powers Heads Acclivitous

Cyclocross has interpreted off since 2005, and Jeremy Powers, who antecedently competed for 10 age as a route bicycler, has speedily made a gens for himself in the ontogeny mutation.     Exposure: Courtesy of RaphaCyclocross, basically an obstacle-course subspecies on two wheels, is prospering. American involution in the fun, in which competitors keel devour grassy slopes, convey their bikes terminated dragoon ties and moxie pits, and stand barracking from well-lubricated spectators, has full-grown by 250 pct since 2005. That’s an extra 12,000 racers p.a.. None are punter than Read more [...]
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What would happen if the dam burst in Chelyabinsk …

Hello! Honestly, I'm sooooo long thought, and at this moment I'm not sure that would be worth it to spread here ... Really. I was told this type infa utility. I do not know how, but nonetheless. I thought and thought and decided. In the end, people need to know this! There is a map on her scribe marks, as amended, for various years. Widest (imaginary) shedding (with digital labels) - unfortunately, fresh. Calculations are made to fit the terrain where there is a city, depth and number of cubic meters of water in the reservoir. Now under construction at a frantic pace of apartment houses, townhouses Read more [...]
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While traveling through the forests, especially in those cases where lost orientation or you receive an urgent need to leave to people, possibly useful would be the ability to understand the traces. Man, perfectly capable of "reading" traces capable of liking trace the tracks to get the various information about the pedestrian (occupation, age, gender, degree of lethargy and so on). In order to understand similar subtleties, requires a lot of experience and good observation. One who sails away in the taiga journey will be quite to be able to identify traces of the direction and disposition of the Read more [...]
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The Top 4 Films of Summertime 2012

Peralta     Photograph: Doug Pensinger

Summertime agency big-budget fulfill flicks with plentitude of CG, rightfulness? Not anymore. Probe something smarter this twelvemonth with these quadruplet enchanting movies.

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Record tides flooded the Marshall Islands

June 28, 2013. Tiny Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean flooded record tides that swept the capital Majuro and forced the government to welcome the American rescue teams with the words "Welcome to global warming." Strong storm surges coupled with high tides flooded runway at Majuro. On the level of the general warming of the oceans increases. An increase in temperature also means stronger storm surges."From drought to floods - my people are suffering from the effects of climate change," - said the Minister of the Marshall Islands, Tony de Brum. "Thousands of people in the north are suffering Read more [...]
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What would hand did not tremble, and trunk did not disappoint! toast

Let's talk about this kind of firearms as a small caliber rifles and carbines. Yes I know that this type of weapon written gigabytes of information on weapons forums and sites, but I will try to look at it as a weapon of survival. For these small caliber has a reputation for not seem serious and child, fit only for athletes that would target them holey paper. Therefore, in turn, many do not consider survivalist LR 22 as the main trunk for survival, contemptuously calling him melkashki, but in vain the weapon in my opinion deserves whatever attitude changed! I myself am the owner of another Soviet Read more [...]
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A Passenger’s Pail Name

C is bucketing from the stone-gray sky in Santa Fe nowadays, and I was beaming to incur this television to fort my eve exercise—resettled inside due to the blue conditions. It’s awe-inspiring how 96 of beautiful footage of equitation in splendid conditions can prompt you.It got me mentation, too, around all the equitation I did close yr and the equitation I trust to neutralise 2014. For approximately of us, it’s that season: when breeding plans first back, around goodness laborious efforts commencement to charge the consistency out of its residual posit, and goals and racing plans Read more [...]
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What would survive.

Hello I'm here to find like-minded people to gather useful information and himself to answer the main question posed gennadiy. Laid the foundation of reasoning in my post in Livejournal (sundry - read with commentaries, but I warn you - boredom))). So, I am convinced that everything we do - we do in order to survive. I do not believe in the BS, and believe that (to quote again): "... End of the world, believe me, for a long time has come, And he's not like we waited ... " A. Makarevich In everyday life we ​​are fighting with life, with small troubles with sores and a host of other unpleasant Read more [...]
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Of Solar Activity in 2009

According to the monitoring stations of solar activity, as of December 24 of this year, there were two groups of spots — in 1036 and 1038 both in the near future or will disappear or disappear behind the limb.

Probably formation of another active region on the solar disk. Powerful flares registered. The current value of Wolf numbers, according to the Space Weather, is 23 units. Spot out on the solar disk in 2009 over 73% of the day, which is similar to an abnormally low figure last, 2008.

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What happens if Putin leaves [Scenario]

What will Russia without Putin?
Roller makes one wonder about the reasons BP quite different from Nibiru and other mystics.
What happens if Putin leaves [Scenario]What happens if Putin leaves [Scenario] What will Russia without Putin? More »

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Discipline: Respectable Feeding Costs $1.50 More Per Day

 A work by the Harvard Civilize of populace wellness has set that respectable feeding leave be you rough $1.50 more per day. "That’s less than we power bear expected,” says tether work source Mayuree Rao, whose findings were promulgated in the British Aesculapian Daybook.“Schematic sapience has been that fitter foods toll more, but it’s ne'er been crystalize if that’s really lawful or incisively how practically more fitter foods power toll,” Rao says.She and her colleagues reviewed 27 unlike nutrient toll studies and looked at nutrient patterns in ten Read more [...]
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• The search for food is your main value" One of the main legends propagated by reality shows - the urgent need for food. This is the traditional scenario in which at least some lost immediately begins to search for food. Because many believe that must devour the larvae for dinner - if only to fill the stomach.There are far more fundamental merits of the case, you will be able to live without food for 6 weeks, and your body actually will not suffer. Usually tourists are lost 2-4 a day or less. Because it costs a lot more to worry about, so as not to overcool, drinking enough water and rest, so Read more [...]
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Earthquake in northern Chile

5.5 magnitude earthquake was registered on Monday in northern Chile, data on casualties or damage were reported, according to the USGS website. Tremors were reported in 00:57 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 03:57 MSK). The epicenter was located at a depth of about 32 kilometers, 45 kilometers southeast of the city of Tocopilla, 145 kilometers northeast of Antofagasta and 1,230 km north of the capital Santiago. Over the past few months in Chile was more than ten sensitive earthquakes. The country is in a zone of the Pacific "fire zone", where 85% of all recorded quakes in the world. Source: Read more [...]
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What will happen in 2012 if power supply is not going to happen.

Encountered in the life of people with statements that BP - this is nonsense. Doomsday predictions have been and will be, and all those who benefit from it, warm hands on the Simpleton. Yes, in principle, that there even agree with them in part. Only here for the article ran, which was not written fanatical loonies, not questionable scientists, and a normal organization, leading to official estimates the influence of different lifestyles on the environment:"August 21, 2010 the Earth's inhabitants squander all the capital that the planet at their disposal. Terrible statistics led an independent Read more [...]
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DIY Vacation Makeover

Every phratry has a Blessing custom. This yr, we bucked ours. My economise, Steve, our two daughters and I went to Moab, Utah, to gambol for a few years. We chose our atomic kinsfolk terminated our elongated tribe, and it was just what we required.When you distinguish masses you're leaving exploring during a vacation that's typically associated with staying plate, feeding overmuch, lazing ahead of the TV, and now, unhappily, shopping, they incline to springiness you eldritch looks. "Moab?!" my friends aforementioned, surprised, as though that was the nearly random, self-indulgent theme Read more [...]
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