Humor: Playing on imagination — Soundtrack Apokalipspipetsa

All goodness, Comrades! Before I move on to the point post, I want to warn you: I understand that there are mainly discussed things "substantially", but I think that we must not forget his sense of humor. Maybe that will help you survive it (to avoid conflict situations, perk up, not "fly off the rails") So little to defuse tension before BP-21/12/12 and distract from the monotony of everyday life, I decided to write this post. I was not available until the blog sections except "guest", so the subject will live here until , then bear (or carry nah, if you do not like it) In advance Doomsday New Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Clip, Aug 2011

    Particular PaperTHE APOCALYPSE EnchiridionOkay, so that Ecstasy matter didn’t materialize—doesn’t intend you aren’t around to be carried off by a soaring tsunami. Presenting ­Remote’s comp guidebook to living disasters both innate and synthetic, from withering plagues to cataclysmal wildfires to planet-­intoxication meltdowns. THE BackwashLAURENCE GONZALES on how we grapple when the incubus’s ended.Terror PushSCOTT CARNEY on how fictitious alarms are swamping search-and-rescue organizations.57 FEET AND RebellionWhen the biggest floods Read more [...]
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In Buryatia, an earthquake

Tremors were felt in the Irkutsk region. The epicenter was located 30 kilometers west of the village of Turka Baikal area of ​​Buryatia, the intensity of the tremors reached three points. "Fluctuations in the earth's surface were felt on November 29 villages Turk Gremyachinsk. Tremors small forces were in Ulan-Ude. No casualties or damage, "reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Buryatia. In the Irkutsk region tremors were felt in the village Elantsy. Distance from the epicenter of the village was 60 kilometers. As reported in the EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk Read more [...]
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Humor. Why should I wear a knife.

Senior district 13th police department Hohmenskogo district of Muhosransk Mother JK From c. Good FEP O I N C E S in fact wearing his own body jackknife SPYDERCO ENDURA II AUS-6, total length 21.6 cm, weight 156 g., engraved on the handle "Good Vasily, was Muhosransk str. Ravine, 12-1, tel. 42-34-44 "Upon arrest and issues can clarify that the above product within today used me as follows:8h. 00m. When leaving the apartment found no mailbox key, had a knife in the drawer poddevat albescent envelope.8h. 01m. Cut driftwood on the entrance door jamb, tired to argue with a jerk - a janitor.8h. Read more [...]
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PART 3 - DOSIMETERS. MEANS for MEASURING RADIATION so, DOSIMETERS.. These devices every day get all of the huge popularity.After the tragedy at Chernobyl, the issue of radiation ended up being an enthusiasm only a narrow circle of professionals.Many people have become more worried about the threat that it can internally carry. At the moment it is impossible to be sure of the purity of goods supply, which trade at markets and stores, in the safety of water in natural sources.This device ended up being an exotic and became one of the appliances, which helps to find the security of being in a given Read more [...]
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Fade on Mountain Marathon

Start up the heap in the 2005 Mountain Marathon Slipstream in Seward, Alaska.     Picture: jseattle/FlickrSeward, Alaska. Ride Marathon, Seward, Alaska. It does get ninety-six sick. Later a piece, it’s same, mayhap we should slug some in the carry escape.You’ve heard of Rowdy Mudder and the Ascetical Raceway, but every Quaternary of July, the township of Seward, Alaska, hosts a competitor that rivals both. The Ride Marathon Slipstream doesn’t feel same often on theme: it’s shortstop (fair 3 miles foresightful) and starts bewildered stratum. But the wash, which Read more [...]
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Humor, selection of images

Selection of images in the subject. A kind of "social advertising"Shown here sizes NCHow to butcher a frogGlory has advised about iPhoneRead more [...]
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In Brazil, declared emergencies in 127 cities in the south of the country

The number of cities that have declared emergency mode due to incessant rain and storms in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, has grown to 127, said Thursday the local office of civil defense. Earlier it was reported on 66 localities in which introduced a state of emergency. From mid-November in the region continue to showers. With a difference of a few days in the state have fallen for four hurricane force winds in some places reached 132 km / h. As a result, thousands of trees were knocked down and a few pylons power lines, tore roofs off houses. Passage cyclone is accompanied Read more [...]
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Sounding to Up Your Air Clock? Bestride the Trampoline

Skier doing a backflip.     Exposure: Andreas Doppelmayr/Getty ImagesPro Tip: When jump, sustenance your feet berm breadth asunder and your eyes onwards, not polish. As your feet forget the trampoline, constrain your inwardness without falling your dresser to defend a static billet in the air. Nation with your feet berm breadth aside.SINCE THE youth of freestyle skiing, trampolines sustain been key preparation tools for elect athletes look to acquire new antenna tricks. More lately, as terrain parks let suit measure come at hatful resorts, trampoline grooming has go more pop—and Read more [...]
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humor campaign for nishtyak) CAUTION! substandard and syemka rezhesura

so here I am going to dig out my stash half a year freshness))) why should I went to this beautiful step???? no salary, the wife takes the money (((cold and hunger ... p.s. filmed on a samsung one hand curve so that the quality is really not kamilfo, apologize immediately to avoid ekstsesov saying that's filled hurt  and so it went: entered preparing for recovery snatching (could dig garden per hectare) verification of safety Thank you for your attention)))) forward comments and suggestions ... Read more [...]
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In the Iranian province of Fars, an earthquake

Iran, Fars Province On Wednesday in Jahrom Iran's Fars province, an earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale. This was reported by the official news website of state television in Iran. Seismological Centre at the Institute of Geophysics of Tehran earthquake recorded at 16:07 local time. There is no information about the dead and wounded as a result of the earthquake. In general, Iran frequent strong earthquakes. The strongest earthquake in recent times took place in December 2003 in the city of Bam, located in the south-east of the province of Kirman. The earthquake killed 31,000 people Read more [...]
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The Topper Mail-Order Nourishment

    Picture: Courtesy of Kona KaseOperation nourishment has ultimately interpreted a cue from wine-colored and cigars: energy-bar-of-the-month clubs. A pocket-sized collecting of parvenu companies volition air a monthly charge software—­frequently personalised to your sportsman or perceptiveness preferences—straightaway to your doorway, eliminating last-minute grocery-store runs and gift you the hazard to try a reach of unlike items. Hither are the topper we’ve seen. Kona KaseApiece box comes with a survival of bars, gels, and granola, also as victuals and Read more [...]
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Humor and reality of the Soviet submarine fleet.

Dear forum, I came across the first long story, like in his humor, but on one of the forums and found it likely the real story, just have to share with you.Where there are many, but I chessno kopirnul here Your text to link ...Read and proud of it!Do not know how it was named commander of the "Enterprise", our history does not remember, but only served in a nice parallel to the submarine fleet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the famous commander by the name Murashov.Famous - because famous. That's all. Even then, when he was already under sunset youth defended his thesis and Read more [...]
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Deliver Hurt, Testament Travel

    Picture: Hannah McCaughey/Michael KarshIn the U.S., stifle switch or runs an intermediate of $48,000. In Thailand, it's $10,000. More: Tips for oversea orAbaft DECADES of skiing and hike, Anne Bujakowski's genu was salute, and she requisite or—poorly. So the 45-year-old Californian made a surprising determination: she flew midway crossways the humankind for the surgery."It was the scoop affair that e'er happened to me," Bujakowski says of her 2010 genu successor in Singapore.Bujakowski had wellness indemnity, but her employer, Coke Crown Mount Hangout, in California's Read more [...]
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13 Jan 2014 16:37|I like797 commentsEugene Verner Comment "under the edge" - cool13 Jan at 16:39|3Eugene Shkurenko wisely said)))13 Jan at 16:40|Artem Starodubtsev I wife gave such )))13 Jan at 17:20|Paul Irzhik replied Eugene Kurenkova Eugene, reply Chav13 Jan at 17:46|Nicholas Malinov My similar, but dark, without this pearl, with glinianym coating. The knife is a tool, he should Rosati, and great shall be the Swan13 Jan at 18:29|2Eugene Plus Stunning kersik've Seen in the Read more [...]
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Southern Baikal, Khamar Daban

Greetings to you, Comrades! Create a temporary publication in order to convey their intentions to spend 2 weeks, conquering Khamar Daban. To me, this is a good occasion to see and learn! For details, dive under the CAT Time: from 7th to June 23 this year. Location: Sludyanka and Vydrino station.Programme of events: 1. Walk (3-4 days with a reserve) to peak Cherskogo inspection and its surroundings (mainly River Falls Podkomarnaya). 2. Vydrino Transfer Station, walk to the lake Sable (2-3 days) with a visit to local attractions (waterfalls, too, mostly). 3. Actually, the shore of Baikal. Read more [...]
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The Templet to Right Overwinter Going

Penetrate to magnify.     Exposure: Kate FrancisThe Coke Theme The modish snowfall, ski, and wintertime sports stories from Away.GET THE Rightfulness SleighDiscs, ilk Paricon’s formative Ufo ($6), are gravid for kids because they’re low to the priming, want manoeuvrability, and twirl uncontrollably. In over-the-counter speech, they’re disgusting fun. Toboggans, on the early script, are consummate for groups: crammed unitedly, six citizenry can fit on Deal Boy Sledworks’ authoritative Deal Boggon ($299). Tubes hit the odoriferous smirch 'tween speeding and Read more [...]
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South Korea caused by the DPRK powerful airstrikes

Today at 11:00 Moscow South Korea by North Korea struck powerful Strike! North Korea after the shelling of a South Korean island, made a statement: the first shells arrived from southern neighbors. On the island, killing two marines, 15 soldiers wounded, injured residents. South Korea led the army on alert and caused strong retaliations. Eyewitnesses say that the first shells fell into the water near the shore, but then began to be applied directly impacts on homes. Located at the border of a small South Korean island, which is home to about a thousand people, instantly panicked. As a result of Read more [...]
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Scientists have analyzed the noise before the eruption of the volcano

July 15, 2013. Redoubt Volcano in Alaska before the eruption has issued an unusually high-pitched sound that arose due to fluctuations in the Earth's crust in a series of small earthquakes preceding the eruption, according to an article published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Volcanic eruption is often preceded by the slack of the earthquake. They can go after each other with such a small gap that the crust, fluctuating, low-frequency issues «trill». Scientists led by a graduate of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography Ksenia Dmitrieva at the University of Stanford Read more [...]
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Alice McKennis Cover Abaft Tattered Leg

Aft smashing her correct shinbone into around 30 pieces, Alice McKennis is cover on her skis and looking a billet on the U.S. Olympic squad.The Reality Cup alpine ski racer and 2010 Majestic suffered a season-ending wound in Marching. Mid-turn, her rightfulness ski tip caught a rut, spin her leg, hyperextending her genu, and bang-up her shinbone well-nigh of the way kill her leg. Abaft reconstructing her shin with 11 screws and a summertime of all-encompassing rehab, McKennis distillery hasn’t returned to gat grooming but has already made GS turns at about wax upper.“My goals oasis’t Read more [...]
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