Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.


Gone are the days when capacity rucksack limited only KOSTROVA and bedding yes guitar at night campfire.
increasingly in outdoor driving digital assistants accompany us: cameras, navigation devices, lights and more.

therefore raises the question of supply of quality and reliable batteries, when the field is not possible to charge them or buy new ones.
Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

Today we consider the most common format, penlight batteries and accumulators or to put it in technical terms-AA batteries.
it is no secret that these «fingers» can now be purchased at any bakery and tied them to a good half of all electronic devices that we use in everyday life.

However, the small science will not go and try out their hands of the ordinary person and consider that represent a battery of different price categories.
all the following in any case is not an advertisement and shows meticulous look ordinary consumer.

Measured on an electronic device, include in your diet is one such battery-lantern:
Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

for the beginning of the present characteristics of the lamp, namely the time of his work on the maximum and minimum modes of AA batteries.
it is clear that the lamp manufacturer can inflate figures of his work on paper, but nevertheless, in this case the lantern will be some link between the test samples.
while this lamp at maximum capacity is 2 hours 20 minutes, after which the lamp switches to a lower mode, and so on until the complete discharge batarei.vremya in low mode is 100 hours:
Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

Note: Each battery tested maximum mode to move to the next mode and low before the lamp turns off completely.
naturally, that after the first test batteries were recharged, and inserted new batteries.

first test obrazets.batareya GP (GOLD PEAK).
can be purchased in almost all supermarkets Russia from «magnet» to «Auchan».
set of 4 batarei.tsena set 20 rubles.
t.e.tsena one battery 5 rubles.

Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

we remember that at the time of the lamp max. mode is 2 hours and 20 minutes.
such a battery worked for exactly 13 minutes, after which the lantern moved to a lower mode.
second similar battery operated initially at a low mode and worked 16 hours out of 100 declared (see the table on the box flashlight).
Conclusion: The price is ridiculous, but the quality is even funnier.

sample number 2.vsem known DURACELL.
the unit price of 30-60 rubley.vo all the land it costs 30 rubles, and in «SPORTMASTER» -60! «wonderful» shop.
worked at maximum capacity of 43 minutes (2ch20m).
at a minimum to complete 96 hours of discharge (100h).
conclusion: why not buy.

Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

sample number 3.akkumulyator GP (GOLD PEAK).
price 85-100 rubles apiece.
volume 2700mAh. type of NIMH.
time charging cycles 500 raz.NE BELIEVE! actually 20-25 times then it becomes unusable.
a feeling that all Russian electronics stores centennial contract concluded with the Chinese to supply batteries from this company, because this mediocre brand can be found everywhere.
maks.rezhime to 34 minutes (2ch20m).
at a minimum 82 hours (100h).
conclusion: 2700mAh-volume weak.
although this volume should not believe.

Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

And finally a surprise to me, and now for you.
Batteries SANYO eneloop.
numerous tests and descriptions on the Internet, as well as Russian and in English video consumers say that the product sverhkachestvenny.
what distinguishes this product from others?
according to the manufacturer:
1.realny volume.
2.nizky self-discharge.

is this true?

second I was very attracted and I decided to buy them.
Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.
Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

According to the manufacturer batteries are sold fully charged and ready to use right out of korobki.srok life at 1800 charge / discharge cycles 5 years.
in the lower right corner of the second picture you can see the date of manufacture: 03 2013.

Batteries purchased recently.
what happens? exactly one year they have lain in stock and did not lose charge?
Now we will check it.

sample number 4.akkumulyatory SANYO eneloop.
volume of 1900 mAh.
price per unit of 100-120 rubles.
Further, I was surprised …
while working on maks.rezhime 2:00 34 minutes! (2ch20m).
at a minimum 112 hours (100h).
and this at a volume of 1900 mAh

Batteries in pohode.vybiraem quality.

Batteries are in their original packaging and exactly one year from date of manufacture no one charged.
and they exceeded to the manufacturer of the lamp in two modes selected by us.

conclusion that those batteries I definitely take in the field.
it remains only to test a number of them on the charge and discharge cycles.

Thank you all for your attention!
I will be very glad to hear your opinions and reviews with regards to the test (and not only) of the samples!

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