Eating mug oduvan, nettle.

So it is summer! Begin to rise, above the title plant. Though in fact it was quite edible zelenushechka (fit for human consumption). So. Not want to share my great experience and tell us how to eat these «fruits» and not twist face the person on their taste.
I’ll note that this short article aims to devour (try not tearing)
«Components» sdes now. So soup recipe of nettle and dandelion jam you will not see here (((.
Imagine this situation: Armageddon (apocalypse, judgment day, Ragnarok, BP, 2012god).
You abruptly realize that that moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You understand,
that soon chaos. And to eat despite not what he wants at any geo-political situation.
Rob and kill you are not accustomed to maraderstvovat you hesitate and sell their bodies mom does not allow it.
Then Vym will have to try on the role of the hunter-gatherer.
Perhaps this little article deposited in your subconscious and not a loss, you will find what to eat first.
So nettle, dandelion and (!) Burdock tend to grow in harsh urban jungle.
Coming out of the house you will be able to see this.
Begin collecting «harvest».
Nettles have all seen and know everything.
1) The leaves gently rip and roll into a tube. Put in your mouth (you) and after a couple of threes zhivatelnyh
movements to swallow. Who then can discern taste karnyushona (dwarf cucumber) and savor.
2) pour over boiling water nettles (hold in boiling water) and turning leaves into a tube to eat.
These methods I thoroughly tested. After chewing nettle (ispolzuyutsya only leaves!) Throat
pojavljaetsja feel like chewing a pinch of sand. So this process is not much zatyagivyte. The first method
, in my opinion yavlyaetsya better because it does not taste teryaetsya karnyushona and feeling of «sand» in the throat is less noticeable.
Dandelion (before fruiting.)
For human consumption will leaves (arrow shaped). Just so they can eat only with a large number of CMV
salt as the leaves are very bitter and sour. If you are not afraid of heartburn that flag in your hands.
1) tear off leaves, rinse pour salt water for 30-40 minutes. Then recommend to make a salad.
In our case, roll up into a tube and eat.
2) Leaves rip, rinse, pour hot (!) On water is the same as vremya.Tak eat.
Once you have used a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and saw that the bitterness does not pass you will not will you flee to
the second method. Soaking in hot water should be made not smaller than 15t minutes
though several times changing vodu.Vtoroy method has more right to life. I am following this procedure finely chopped
leaves and tucked them with salt and butter. What does the leaves oduvan more appetizing.
Burdock (Velikiy!)
Most sedoben.upotreblyat food require rhizome (tuber) mug. You can whittle raw)
Tastes like a hybrid of parsnip and carrot. In young burdock root contains a large number of water than in
1) Dig burdock root, separate it from the leaves. Peel (for more squeamish). Yak eat carrots.
2) Square provarit.Sest.
3) Fry. Maybe someone was trying to fry tuber rosteniya this great, but it came out not very tasty.
Fry only need after you boil the root, otherwise will kakushka black inedible.
So make a reservation. Can be eaten raw. But not much razzhovyvat. Minute munching young tuber burdock
I continuously sending the brain signal «to swallow.» A couple of jaw movement and swallow. Otherwise, further absorption
will not be so vkusnym.Kak said — taste carrots or parsnips. -Cooked root to some extent
reminds potatoes (hybrid potatoes with carrots and pastrernakom) and is very familiar flavoring scale.
I could not remember. If you went ahead and roasted tuber is worthy of praise).
I had grilled vegetable oil. Oil, coupled with the tuber is not very sochetaetsya (for my taste). Reminds fried crap.
In any case, I ate five pieces and ostalnoe gave his dog, which the dish is very prinlyanulos.
Conclusion: Better than all burdock (fried boiled il).
Can remember fellow cottagers and hopelessly looking at what is happening all around
TAKE eat boiled tuber lopuha.Nadeyus who help.

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