Force majeure

Force majeure
Force majeure (French Force majeure, the supreme force in the Russian legal documents encountered the term «force majeure») — an unpredictable event (for example, natural disaster, acts of war, strikes, revolutions, etc.) that does not depend on the actions of the parties involved in the transaction, but leading to the inability to meet contractual obligations. In civil law systems, force majeure is defined as a circumstance which frees the parties concluded the agreement from liability. Force majeure does not recognize situations that give rise to the risk of loss (for example, changes in prices, unfavorable conditions, etc.).
Large Law Dictionary, giving the definition of force majeure, talking about the general concept of force majeure, which shall include force majeure and due to the nature and legal force majeure, such as: prohibitions state, war, revolution, etc .
U.S. foreign debt denominated in its own currency mainly — U.S. Dollars. This debt is identical dollar savings foreign sector; its growth rates reflect the desire of foreigners to make savings in U.S. dollars.
Domestic U.S. debt identical domestic savings and the U.S. reflect the size of the U.S. economy — the volume of economic relations between the subjects.
Same Wikipedia.

On the example of the United States will try to chew. Today, total debt (external + internal) the United States is about 100 trillion (from various sources my arithmetic mean) and continues to grow. More recently raised the nut on a few trillion. Lifting straps this does not happen in the first. Doing it for a long time, while planning to cut costs, but, oddly enough, zhryakat population (not only shtatovskie, but they and other friendly and non-friendly countries) fails, want to work less and less, save do not save, in short — and Smoking is not thrown, but do not stop drinking. And most importantly all swear, as soon as the question is raised about tightening straps. The truth is this year raising the threshold assumed somehow much loud buzz around it was a lot of events, as well as around other events taking place in the states recently, and not only there. But more on that below ….
What is a dollar? In 1944, the Bretton — Woods agreement, decided to send the gold to the bench, ie, made a reserve currency, well, for example, in case of attack baksoedov bugs. World was in the anus, World War II space burst from Europe to Asia. Everything was agreed ethno event hire. In 1971 he went further, temporarily abandoned the gold backing of the dollar. Again a ride. In 1976 he created a Jamaican currency system. That’s where it started. Bucks finally get rid of the gold and the main business of the U.S. Federal Reserve began printing money. Now an abundance of printed paper is a great illusion of universal well-being in different countries.
But how much rope does not curl — one way.
To reset all the debt and to save face, the debtor need any force majeure, you can reference and duty not to give. Force majeure on a global scale can become a different sort of war and revolution, still the color. But wars have an aggressor, and it has a face. Run Iraqi, Avganistany, Libya, and other poor countries. And then tupichok. World Third World? Anyone no desire, unless of course he’s not a mutant, roam the radioactive lands our unfortunate planet. Nuclear war we do not need. Logically, then you need to create other force majeure, where there is no enemy, the enemy will be more precise the victim, that hurt was not, and did not show a finger. And it obstoyatelstvo — natural disasters, man-made is not, but carefully propiarenny or man-made, now technology allows — earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes and other disasters, riots there too. They can all be written off. Sometimes blamed shortages fires. With whom you ask that? With Mother Nature? Same nature — a complex system of relationships biointellektualnyh that permeates the entire planet. And the whole culture of mankind was built on unconditional obedience in relation to it. And then you look, really gone too far. Here you are kataklizmy. And makes it possible for entimi kataklizmami, here you are the economic crisis. Excuse me, are to blame. Oh, you mean the crisis little, well, you nate food riots, etc. monifestatsii etc. I’m sorry, that we could, we could. Do not want. boom is not friends with you, bye for you. So the rescue of drowning, the handiwork of drowning, let every man for himself moget. Posts from such third of the population of infaktov, yes from diarrhea and incontinence nervennyh different bent, with the hope to help face the sovereign …
Now discussing a lot of different options crises, climate, energy, apocalyptic … write about this a lot, shoot movies, say here and in other forums, even just saying. And even wait. It is clear that in our world, built system has a shelf stable state, it was built by people and therefore not perfect. Energy sources have been exhausted, both physical and spiritual. Elementary soon will have nothing to sing and write poetry, and any phrase can be declared plagiarism. The majority of the population has no fatherland, no flag, and the boundaries have long been only in their heads. Yes, and there was never even in the world so many people. It is clear that something needs to change the situation. But how? While nothing concrete has been officially invited. Tell the truth, too, do not want, and is it necessary? Promise a better future, a bright and cloudless, but it’s a lie, but the people who most willingly believe in it, thinking that it’s all bad will not take off, and rejuvenate through five. While deep in the soul understand where and what life is about, but the truth — that’s all that meets personal views man as a lie — it’s what keeps live. If people live without concrete form for themselves about the truth, then this truth will form others ….
In Chosen, even if they themselves appointed to this place, there are laws in this world, good or bad their act, measured only our opinions. For them there is only their criteria of good or evil, it is their criteria. They chop wood, and everyone knows that when cut wood — chips fly …

Victim … as usual, was conducted on generously scattered gniluhu and identified with different «states» supposedly great differ among themselves and pursue «different interests.» This time it turned out even especially professionally: highly advanced animals even went so far that they began to equate the interests of cattle and slaughterhouse workers. Top class work.
Came, it was time to harvest, the herd is ready. Shake brains securely and exit will not find, though around and there is no fence — the most reliable fences those that exist only in their heads. Thought of resistance is not something that seems to sedition, but just does not fit into the head of cattle — on the contrary, smelling sharpened knives herd with dog-like devotion miners licking his hands angrily zamykivaya insufficiently zealous.
Masters confidently drove a herd of strange and caused exhaust finish — at the trough. Why go into the pen with the frightened animals. They coped well with their own slaughter themselves, and when it’s all over, will only go into the cage and gently wiggling perezat pharynx more wounded game: blood should be lowered to the ground — at the bottom waiting for her those who once taught Masters this leisurely, but unerring hunt for their own kind.
Berchem Al atoms «The Punisher»

The hall is full, the hum of voices, the curtain closed. Call — perhaps the third — after much room full chatter subsides. Music comes and stops again. Second hitch in the theater We gentlemen. However — all the attention on the scene.

Entertainer: — Force majeure, Lord!

P.S. can beat them with sticks and yelling obscenities

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