This is a serious disease that affects the Central nervous system, appears at one point and in most cases, after the man ate homemade criteria mushrooms, dried, salted, smoked fishes or reddish fish, homemade ham, ham or sausage, vegetable and fruit preserves.

The causative agents of botulism — anaerobes, meaning that they live exclusively in an anoxic environment, producing the toxin is a potent toxin that causes the disease. These bacteria live in the soil in the form of spores coated. With the soil they get on vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, different creeping through the land plants (beans, peas), in the intestinal tract of Pets and birds, together with silt fall in the intestinal tract of fish. Spores are resistant to heat and are resistant high concentration of salt. But they themselves are not toxic and poisoning does not cause.

Fatally unsafe toxin, which distinguish the causative agents of botulism in suitable breeding criteria (low pH, nutrient availability, lack of oxygen). On the germination of spores and the selection of toxin required usually 10-12 hours and more. This is why freshly prepared food will never be a prerequisite of botulism.

Banks with home canned goods, which were anaerobes, from time to time be blown up cover due to education in their gas. But very often canned food, ham, fish, poisoned by the toxin, look quite benign, do not change any of the external appearance, no aroma, no taste. This is a special cunning of the causative agents of botulism.

Botulinum toxin, getting food in the intestinal tract of man, causes severe poisoning, which can lead to a tragic end, if the fit is not to ask for honey.

The disease begins acutely, through 3-24 hours, from time to time a few days after the ingestion of the toxin. Unhealthy complains disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, pain in the tummy, later there is a Ghost in sight (grid before your eyes», «objects in the fog»). The finale of the first night vision significantly aggravated: dramatically pupils, appears strabismus and very often the omission of 1 or both eyelids lasts and vision in sight. The voice often becomes hoarse, hoarse, nasal, and from time to time is lost completely. It becomes difficult to swallow, loss of motion, increased muscle weakness: people can’t hold her head — she falls forward and to the side.

At the first symptoms of botulism should immediately call an ambulance, because unhealthy need emergency aid. Before arrival of the doctor need to wash his stomach, as the botulinum toxin is not destroyed under the influence of digestive juices. Give to drink 2-3 cups of water, add a teaspoon of baking soda, and then click on the root of the tongue with the handle of a spoon and cause vomiting.

To protect yourself from botulism quite easy. Avoid doing household criteria canned food in hermetically sealed cans of meat, fish, mushrooms, certain kinds of greens (purslane, tomatoes) and vegetables (carrots, beets). After all their hard absolutely clean from small particles of earth and spores of the causative agents of botulism, which in hermetically sealed cans grow and form toxin.

Avoid smoke and jerk fish in home criteria. There is always the danger that the disputes can be in the intestinal tract of fish, penetrate into the thickness of her muscle and there without oxygen will produce the toxin.

Created for canning vegetables and fruits should be no signs of damage and ghilotti; they have repeatedly and hard to wash in running water. According receptarea manufacturing must be added to the brine or syrup lemon or acetic acid: acidic environment inhibits the activity of causative agents of botulism, and as it should, and the formation of toxin.

Avoid canned mushrooms in hermetically sealed cans. Store home-canned foods should be refrigerated or cellar. Banks with swollen lid should be thrown out.

Because botulinum organism and the toxin often do not change the external appearance, taste and aroma of the food, home-made preserves before eating should be put in a pot or pan, boil or fry for 15-20 minutes and cool. The dissolved toxin that has already formed. The contents of an open cans, kept in the refrigerator longer to 36 hours before eating again process. This is the main prevention of botulism.

Because botulinum toxin is particularly sensitive kids, they can’t give any home canned goods, not exposing them for earlier treatment.

Spores of botulism can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees for several hours (killed at 121), perfectly tolerate high concentrations of salt and acetic acid.

The peculiarity of the causative agent of the disease is that in the same Bank canned food toxin accumulates nests. So some people used canned products from the same banks, horaud, and others do not.


Meticulous cleaning products and utensils used for canning, from Graziosi and dust.

Use recommended in the recipe concentrations of salt, sugar and acid, they prevent the accumulation of toxin.

Meat and fish in the home criteria, you can preserve in tightly closed containers only with the use of an autoclave.

The ability not to close hermetically mushrooms and other products that are hard to clean, and to use acid, which inhibits the growth of spores of botulism.

Store home-canned foods at low temperatures.

Beware to take home canned food, also «homemade» meat and fish products by hand in the streets and markets.

Do not buy in the store canned foods from the swollen lid.

And most importantly, you should always keep in mind that home criteria any products — vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, etc. cannot be guaranteed to be cleansed from pollution.

None of the recipes canning not predatorial from germination of spores of botulinum bacterium. Because canned foods, homemade criteria, before use, should be put in a pot and boil for 15-20 minutes, and then cooling the Boiling destroys the toxin, if it was formed in canned food. Specifically, the boiling canned goods to a food — primary measure of prevention of botulism.



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