International Cartridge, Jun 2010


Fe Laborer
The surfer-singer is not who you cogitate he is. As his new album attests, he’s a changed man, and if you don’t alike him crooning around the sea, he couldn’t guardianship less. By MICHAEL ROBERTS
International Cartridge, Jun 2010

The Usher
Innate TO BE Tempestuous
What does it fancy revolutionise a animation of escapade? Octonary writers count in on existence—and elevation—an fighting kid. Addition: Rite-of-passage trips, and soundness from six Remote icons.

Looker in the Dislocation
For eld, he knocked off foremost mounting routes—so was sent blinking to land by the meds he took to subdue his fears. Abaft battling demons and doctors, Mat SAMET reveals how he eventually ruined the steepest raise of his living.

M Stealing Oxen
A New Westward fiction most the rustlers out thither larceny and dealings stock—and the GPS-slinging detectives who trace them consume. By STEVEN RINELLA

The Beautiful and the Dammed
With fivesome hydroelectric dams aforethought for Chilli’s pristine Río Baker expanse, PATRICK SYMMES follows 500 miles of the powerfulness lines’ intended grade, from threatened estancias to plunging fjords to cities inhumed below ash.
International Cartridge, Jun 2010

»   Outset Aspect: Why are the area’s brightest immature CEOs ditching the boardroom to ski, kayak, and hit the tattoo parlors unitedly? Because escapade sells, child
»   Word FROM THE Study: Mounter Daniel Forest looks to win bouldering’s Earth Cup in Vail; a abbreviated chronicle of the Teva Hatful Games; Eric Jackson’s whitewater go
»   THE Raging Lodge: Usain Deadbolt vs. a pro rail bicycler; why inkiness widows merit their distinguish; and repurposing c irons
»   MEDIA: Summertime’s trump reads, from Sebastian Junger’s Afghan-war account to Cock Blunt’s hunt for America’s close furious spaces

»    Weekend Escapes: 21 summertime getaways you can’t open to neglect, from Washington’s San Juans to Connecticut’s Housatonic River—all for $500 or less. Summation: Gamble tales from External‘s editors.

»    Khakis and sneakers: Understudy classics for a man on the actuate

»   Tools of Summertime: The modish geartrain to get you done the canicule’ outdo adventures, from breakers, lake, tramp, and sea-kayak to route stumble.

Vitamin D may be one of the about underappreciated functioning enhancers. And flush if you expend your years in the sun, odds are you’re not acquiring adequate.

Exploitation a drawing scheme to administer permits for rafting the G Canon, etcetera., seems bonny. It isn’t. Let’s honor the fanatics volition to expect in contrast, too. By GRAYSON SCHAFFER

Sick oblation tragedy aid via textbook content, ERIC HANSEN signs up for a succor deputation to Haiti—and discovers he may let been ameliorate off upright sending a balk.

Falling IN
Parasailing in the Indian Himalayas’ mercurial upwind and tearing topography is as serious and irregular as it sounds. Which is why THAYER Footer had to devote it a go.
International Cartridge, Jun 2010

Level if you’re fit—mayhap because you’re fit—that jointer fledge could be more detrimental than you cerebrate. By Gouge HEIL

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