Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.

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Stage Beavers. (Objective: to climb a tower window to set jumpers down the tower, remove from the tower through the window of the victim is unconscious, back)
Scraps of radio with the base of random short conversations with other teams of judges replicas gradually, like an iceberg out of the fog loomed a terrible and difficult stage of «The Tower», which have not been many teams, and those that have passed, barely managed.

Therefore, at the end of «Behemoth» we were rather tense than relaxed. And on arrival at the base of the second car we almost immediately went on stage «Beavers». Path to the «beaver» ran past «Koloboks» passing that we saw in the forest break dark and really nemerjannyh size tower. Tower suppressed.

Nevertheless, we were not going to retreat, and soon, beating slope, almost spiral came to the foot of the tower. At the foot of hospitable and we waited a few tired judge, who pointed out the window through which we had to climb to get out of the tower of the victim.

I must say that nothing horribly complicated at first glance, the task is not represented. We pretty quickly organized insurance, Roman and Alexei Muratov very briskly climbed onto the window and then I became a skid.

Skid expressed in the abundance of questions and suggestions addressed to colleagues sitting on the window. Degree skid (and the total inadequacy of his), I only realized after the third notes Alexei on insurance. The first question is «what’s with insurance?» I took for granted, the second «with insurance what» as reexamination, and only on the phrase «I need from you, to keep you insurance» it became clear that all three questions were deployed synonymous with simple the words «shut up.» Then I understood it all, and made efforts for the most part, shut up. True lower part of my activity is fully plug failed, but became a bit bearable.

Climbing up to the window and a foothold on it, pulled the bottom stretcher with which Alex hid behind a wall. While there, he fastens the victim and thought Duma Anton tied burton. I must say that he tackles knits are almost professionally. There was only one error — burton fastened too high and its efficiency was low. Had during the move.

Stretcher with a sufferer clung to the walls, making it difficult to work. The hardest part, as always happens with a stretcher, moving through the opening. Here Roman and Alex did not lose face and, using blocks from a carbine and stapes own weight stretcher positioned so that they are able to hold through the window. Further their descent, as well as high altitude descent was a technical matter, and relatively simple technology.

Really worked on stage two people they helped others. As I understand it, the main challenge was turning the stretcher that was pure power to perform if possible, it is very difficult. Therefore, even without experience skilled climbers PROMALP could not with this task normally handle.

Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.

Tier Trail. (Problem: without leaving the trail to find the greatest number of items scattered around the trails and to describe them.)
On stage trail we went after a break during which I took a nap. All have been Kweli Mariana limping, others were quite sluggish. By this time it got warm, so all the real razvezlo. Came to the top step, explain why not take a dog, and did not take because the beam at this point has been no trouble. Received instructions and couples went to look out for items marked path.

Attention had to be maintained by efforts, because as soon as the force was reduced, advancing nirvana. Somewhere in the middle of the trail is very much out of the woods and stop finally fuss and throwing. But a sense of duty prevailed and we honestly have noted all that was found. Reached the end, where I licked with various dogs and then slowly, but without sadness, moved to the finish line.

The exercise was completed.

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