The difficulties of MASTERING Tools.

Guns in the postwar years it was possible to see different. In the main very broken, shattered, lost details. They specifically looked at individual nodes and mechanisms, in order not to surrender to police, as required during the war years. Had as much as to bring them to working condition.

It was then acquired experience in the repair and finishing tools. Jaunty was made from drills, screws and springs are found in a machine shop or made of spring traps, braids or semi wire. Had to pick a gun from a variety of suitable components and parts.

For example, a shutter and a box of bargany or from captured Mauser, and the shaft rod from artisanal rifle «Siberian». The bed was made of svilevatyh bars birch. Carpentry equipment I involuntarily worked with youth, so there are special problems was not. It was more difficult to agree to access the machines in the workshop…

It was hard from time to time to disassemble imported from other countries guns. Slots heads of small screws, the screws are rusted. Buried for several days kerosene and «on strike» was turned off. Already in town got lucky, met with weapon masters and many techniques for repair of instruments adopted from them. Acquired and special equipment: gravers, screwdrivers with adjustable tap wrenches, vise great long and small, clamps, keys, palnackie, hammers, drills, grit paper, etc.

Mastered the repair and finishing of self-loading rifles. In particular, there were many problems with MC 21-12 in the period from 1991 to 1996. Parts were factory defects, poorly treated. Automation would not work either constantly failed. Falling out of the cartridge under the tray, the failure to file the cartridge, proscaline shaft with the stopper, nevynashivanie sleeves were frequent.

At one point on goose hunting in companion after the first shots were raining down bullets to the ground. He was in despair. Because the gun he had established. He wrestled with him until the evening. All in vain. The gun wouldn’t work. And only in the evening, having taken the gun on the Cape, I was able to determine the cause of failure: under the right breakpoint was hit by a small anvil with the primer «Revelo». Agree, very rare case…

Had to increase the vitality of shotguns IZH 27. Establish a support insert in the jumper box, so he closed the gun rested against the front surface of the rear hook. Fitting is done by soot. The durability of the rifle with all this doubled — from 15 000 to 30 000 shots. Factory guns Magnum and sports (piece) also establish such reference liners. Such revision particularly desirable in those guns, where they begin to appear shat and the gap between the breech cut trunks and flap of the box.

Debugged and odnopoloi the gun IZH 27 M 1C. Have not run the 2nd shot. The reason is inertia disconnector not voracious after the first shot in its primary (rear) position. He hung onto the side surface of the groove for the translator. In addition, there was increased lateral freeplay trigger. So one time many of these devices had to be refined. Although this device is completely fast and I like it.

Easier to repair, TOZ BM. Had to change duperow the leaf spring lever lock, regulate the safety and combat platoons. Changed jaunty, fastened the hammers on ladygo, regulate the force of the descents were corrected dents trunks. And, of course, changed the axis of the hinge to eliminate the state of trunks.

The IZH 27 I delivered misfire bottom of the barrel. There are several circumstances: 1-x, at the lower firing the hammer strikes its own middle, 2nd, the trigger often touches the inner neckline of a head butt and this is retarded, and the third, not adjusted chipping action of the lower end of the plunger mainspring (rock action is great). Here it was necessary to gradually clean up the lower end of the pusher. For all this it is necessary to look, that the head was cut flap pads.

The TOZ 34 made combat spring from semi wire was corrected strain cocking levers. This defect in General was great neudachej this gun. If the lever is bent (when an unskillful disassembly of the gun, its the bottom end was shaped cutout clutch shafts and the gun did not understand.

A bent lever could not deploy the trigger, not put it in fighting trim. Changed and bent boxes. Delivered shat trunks and the clearance between the state cut trunks and box (putting foil under the flap).

Reshebnik of dostalek beat the axis of the hinge, deployed the hole and zapressovyvat latest axis of enlarged diameter. Then soot customized semi-cylindrical cutout front of the hook.

Customized supplementary stalks under the barrel. The main thing here is to Deposit the barrel is not «JLabel» in the barrel-carrier, and would be with the main trunk of the total weight. On the other vibrating barrel (for example, caliber 5.6 mm) will give unstable battle. The position of the barrel should be fixed in the bore.

With the liners actually experimenting categorically I do not advise. In the 1-x, you need to fulfill the letter of the Law», and 2, many guns spoiled by shooting from the stalks caliber 7.62 mm, the Friction of the bullet on the channel rifled barrel (often saravelos) is very large, and a rifled barrel can pull in the gun barrel. Either separates the trunk from the pads. In addition, the wall of the chamber after processing rifled barrel does not already correspond to the pressure that develops gunpowder. In any case, the gun is ruined…

From time to time, factory supply, coupled with smoothbore gun liner 28-32 calibers for hunting small furry animals. His number is written in the passport of the gun.

Had a chance to cool spices to produce duplicates of shotgun barrels hunting rifles. There I got the ability of processing channels trunks, soldering hooks, spikes trunks between them at a certain angle, oxidizable trunks. Unfortunately, with the collapse of the first 90s, many plants now these machines are dismantled…

If you do not have sustainable abilities tested devices rifles, not advised without the help of others something rasp, shorten, change in the gun. Most likely, you can spoil site or mechanism. Take the gun master. You should at least consult with him.

Anatoly Azarov


The difficulties of MASTERING Tools.

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