The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.

The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.June 1-2 this year near Kingissepp held military exercises voluntary rescuers Extremum 2013. I took part in them in the lineup, perhaps the best team MOE-16, and I’m going to try to talk about how it was. Just want to say that as a participant, not a bystander, I could not capture the whole picture, and I will describe what is happening with their subjective point of view. Quite naturally, I saw only what was happening right beside me.
We are engaged in similar exercises for the second time. About how it was in the last year can be found here. Compared with last year, many of the team members have stepped far forward in medical training and exploration, but many high-altitude training has been virtually forgotten. In general, we felt that the team is fully prepared to participate, confirmed very worthy results.
Exercise was held as follows. Radioed the team received coordinates and short introductory stages, then went on stage and started working. Control time phases was limited and almost always starts with the receipt of the coordinates. That is, the arrival time on stage came in the standings. Coordinates can be obtained at any time, but it turned out that in most cases we get them immediately after the filing of the report on the completion of the previous stage. The result is that we have throughout all exercises almost never been able to return to base camp. By the middle of the race the group ran out of drinking water. Later acutely became scarce bandages, medical gloves, batteries and other consumables. This greatly complicates our lives and made the conditions of participation more close to reality. Upon arrival at the stage crew received a detailed introduction and proceeded to the task. During this process, the team was gaining bonus and penalty points on the amount of which was formed result. That is the doctrine can be regarded as and competition. Methods for solving problems not regulated and remained at the discretion of the teams. Interfered with the judges only in case of real danger to participants or victims (extras) or obvious failure in the task team. After completion of the work at each stage there was a «debriefing», during which the participants pointed out the error, how to avoid them, and explains the most effective ways of working on the stage. Exercises lasted little more than a day in a non-stop, without the possibility of rest. In this lengthy introduction ends and begins the actual report.

Step 1. AKP.

The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.After the construction and opening of the exercises we went to the base camp, where waited coordinate the first phase. The call does not take long and, at the opening, it became clear that we were going to the SEP (search and rescue). That is, we had to find a man lost in the woods. Immersed in command vehicles which this yearWe had a loaf, we went to the start. I must say that loaf — the car, though passable, but is designed to transport people poorly. On individual potholes we felt like the balls in a lottery drum television. Saved only stuffed to the ceiling rail. On arrival, our captain, is an experienced RPFS (AKP leader), took the questionnaire and proceeded to survey the applicant. As a result, literacy survey found that healthy elderly man went into the woods to look for a lost goat and now he lost. We learned how long gone man, his physical and The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.psychological state, learned what he was wearing and that he had with him, how well he knows the area and how it can behave in this situation. Contacting the lost phone we figured out how long and on what relief he walked, he saw on the road, as well as the fact that it was nine years old grandson, who was offended by something, ran into the woods and never returned. Thus the two became lost. In a real situation, we would call in reinforcements, but now had to solve the problem on their own. In search of us was given for six hours. After analyzing the information and comparing it with maps and satellite images, we have outlined the search area.
The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.We were divided into three groups. I went as part of the one that was the shortest way to the most probable place of stay lost. Two others avoid the areas of the two sides. Since we know that losing is healthy and able to scream for help was conducted «on the response,» that is, we periodically prokrikivali forest on our way and listened response. We must pay tribute to the organizers, the search area was very inhumane. We hopped over bumps in the swamps, waded through willows and pine underbrush fed mosquitoes and give other fun. That is, it was not a forest park with a few tall pines and a real rugged taiga. It is in these places are often the most real and the AKP in that forest can be a few days to wander through the territory of one square kilometer. Suffice it to say that one of our groups literally stuck in a swamp and was moving at a speed of three meters per hour. A few hours later we heard of such a movement response for the lost and found it exactly where and thought. Actually, it was not necessarily shared, but since there was such a possibility, then it would be foolish to go all together. After all, absolute certainty in this case can not be missing and could be anywhere. At the dead end road overgrown with a small fire sat a lost (aka judge), who said that his grandson ran into the woods, and now, apparently for fear of being punished, not out there. The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.Search «on response» in such circumstances would not give results, and specifying the search direction and color of the boy’s clothing, we began to comb the forest. Visibility in the forest does not exceed ten meters, and given that we scoured the land of a thousand square meters, the task was not easy. However, with the second call boy who appeared dummy was found. Returning to the judges’ fire with a report on the completion of the search, we received a message that one of the team members during the search bitten by a snake and requires evacuation on a stretcher. During the time that were cut and knit stretcher to us came the second group. Became better as the victim bear on difficult woods couple enjoy below average. We had to carry a stretcher about five meters. After that, we were contacted by a judge and said that the job is done and further evacuation canceled. The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.Could disassemble stretcher and back to the car. Returning to the car and waiting for the third group, which still pulled out of the swamp, the team returned to base camp. The first and longest stage was completed in about five hours.

Step 2. Tower.

After returning to camp, we had a drink of tea, then got the coordinates of the next stage. It was the only returning to the base camp for all the exercises. Then we knew nothing about it.The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One. The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.Stage was a tower height of about fifteen feet. Inside were rotten wooden beams and a decent metal ladder to the top. According to legend, he worked in the tower industry climber, but some time ago he trailed off, not down and refer to it not responding. Bottom climber could not see because of the hardwood floors in the tower. We quickly got the ropes and gear. I put on the harness and verify the readiness of insurance, began to climb the stairs to see what happened there and make a plan of action. Immediately we caught the first penalty points for his work on high-rise buildings without goggles. I was raised to face the wall and the first person he saw was a judge. Mistaking him for a victim, I asked if I could help him. Puzzled, the judge smiled and explained that judges usually do not require assistance. Then I looked postradaltsa outside the tube, and after turned around and found a customer behind him The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.. Victim was an industrial climber unconscious, but without visible damage. Problem descent at first sight was quite simple and requesting radioed the team required amount of equipment and ropes, I started proveshivajut main and belay lines for himself and the victim.
The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.Unexpectedly tricky, but always right judge foot traffic threw me a bunch of some chips and other debris. Then he said that I had not checked the dangerous designs over my head, causing me a broken left hand, and the victim collarbone. Frankly, I was very confused and thought that the work on the stage for us on this end. I am in charge of the team for the high-altitude work, we can say miserably failed its core stage. It seemed to me that having a healthy climber and two victims, our team will be unable to perform the task and the most reasonable thing we can do is get together and wasted no time to go further. Silly chatted a few minutes on a rope and a few restoring clarity of mind, I decided that I could go down well, using only one hand. That I am not easily done and, yielding its place Coast, our second steeplejack. I myself continued to work at the bottom, but mostly as a consultant. However, one arm was still working, and occasionally I helped her colleagues pull rope.
The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part One.Kostya climbed up and continued the case to me. Was hung the rope by which we lowered the victim through the block, the rope by which the rescuer down and the total harness line. Basically a simple task complicated descent lots of wooden beams and floors with narrow aisles inside the pipe. Therefore, the descent was very slow. Halfway we ended monitoring time and the work was stopped. During our work we grabbed a couple of penalties for slack insurance and careless handling of the victims, which perforce had to beat on the narrow beams and walls.
According to the judge to «debriefing» that on the whole we did everything right, and that by and large has no team to step failed, it has not raised the mood. Our first job was high-rise is not satisfied. Very upset, the team collected the rope and went to the already obtained the coordinates for the next stage of the competition.

Continued here.

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