Tuna-fount of protein (or whether the fish, or meat)

Tuna-fount of protein (or whether the fish, or meat)

Tunas? (Latin: Thunnus) — genus of fish of the family Perciformes (Scombridae). They are perfectly adapted to their way of life, is the continuous movement. Body fusiform, elongate. On each side of the caudal peduncle has a large leathery keel. The dorsal fin is sickle-shaped and is ideal for rapid and prolonged swimming.

Many still can not decide on what is all the same — tuna. The shape of the fish, and the content is not inferior meat. Regular consumption of tuna has a positive effect on the body, because it contains a lot of vitamin D, omega-3 (which 50% reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve brain function, and promote weight loss) and selenium at the optimum ratio of sodium and potassium. Also tuna rich in vitamins and phosphorus.
Furthermore, tuna a huge amount of protein, which unlike meat sucked and ustaivaet 95%. In its composition has all 8 essential amino acids for humans.

Leading U.S. universities (Berkeley and Harvard) introduced dishes tuna mandatory menu students during the session and diet researchers solving problems of national importance

All these facts are interested in me and I decided to spend, so to speak, test purchases and virtually check the value of this product.

The purpose of the experiment-check the taste and evaluate the manufacturer and therefore determine whether acquisition of PM and PCP this type of provisions. (Podnabrat theoretical knowledge, I defined myself for the benefit of this type of fish left to spend the practical test).

Recommended to buy canned tuna in its own juice. Tuna in oil contains too much fat, but it is not omega-3 fats. Most often it is refined olive oil or any other vegetable oil is cheaper.
Unfortunately, a large assortment of canned tuna in the nearby store I discovered (although the shop itself belongs to one of the supermarket chain advertised enough, but in order to avoid advertising, call it I will not).
So, there showed only canned tuna from the same manufacturer, but lumpy and in its own juice, as read package.
Tuna-fount of protein (or whether the fish, or meat)

Shelf life this product — 4 years. That, in principle, not so little.
Production«Fish House», Mytischi.
Net mass-185 gr (Weight of the main product, I mean tuna — 130 gr.)
Cost-44 rubles. (Relative value to note that data network canned certain supermarket so that the price may be different).
Composition-tuna, water, salt (all very natural and looks not so far).
Nutrition Facts: 100 gr. product contains 23 g. protein, 0.5 g. fat and 100 calories. (Also all decent rate).
On opening the jar, I saw the following:
Tuna-fount of protein (or whether the fish, or meat)
Is not yet clear what’s inside is visible liquid and pieces of fish that first alerted me greatly was not integrity, such as in «sardines.» Laying out the contents into a bowl, I still managed to find a few solid, more or less large pieces, but overall everything looked not so appetizing:
Tuna-fount of protein (or whether the fish, or meat)

I decided to continue the experiment. Yes, and where to go for all uplocheno :))
So trying a couple of pieces, I thought that would be delicious with a side dish and cooked rice.
Tuna-fount of protein (or whether the fish, or meat)

That looked so final dish, tuna turned out quite a lot, caught big whole pieces, but still there were a lot smaller.
Regarding this particular brand of tuna Bottom line:
Composition-tuna, water, salt.
Consistency dryish; smell — typical, fish; taste — pleasant, without foreign flavor and bitterness, slightly salty with a slight acidity.
The amount of fish in relation to the weight of the net — 66, 3%

Rating — Good.
Conclusion:The goal is achieved, decision about acquisition suhpaya tuna positive. Teoretieskie knowledge about the usefulness of the product refreshed practical knowledge of his incredible satiety. The bank will throw in suhpay PM for dietary diversity as a source of protein, vitamins and amino acids. At acquisition of the nutrition unit HSC canned data have the right to be there.

You’re experimenting with manufacturers in the future will complement the report.
My opinion is purely personal and do not necessarily true, but for fish lovers will suit best.

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