First, let us consider that at least some tactical action consists of malehankih tactics. Appropriate here the analogy with the seven musical notes — only seven notes, and how much invented music as well and in the work of the assault groups, mechanically performing a certain number of tactics, of which in the course of special operations picture. The question is only what picture «draw» capture group, it is depending on the level of mind of the employees and their training.

Preparation assault groups on this, one of the main qualities of the combat is done constantly, and we will consider methods permitting to perform coordinated, quick and well-coordinated breakthrough inside the room, very reduces time sighting in the possession of criminals to defeat the members of the group capture.

Action assault groups of four can be seen as a step 2 twos, which are the focus of first practice with the upcoming transition to the four, «from ordinary to complex.»

• Methods «hook» and «the cross»

«Hook» is used in this case, if the employees are armed with a short-barreled weapon and allows the width of the doors. Austrian "Cobra" German police use exactly this method when working with guns.

The staff at the door, after her break soon be on his knee, one hand held over the jamb of the door, the other hand with the gun take forward in the direction of the room, then immediately enter the room, Crouch and keep under control every direction or detain suspects.

The drawback of this method is that you enter the room it will be possible only over a fairly wide door, because two employees in the narrow doors to enter immediately fail. Also, the input can be carried out serially, one by one, that, at a certain time, may well get.

«Cross» or "crosswise" applied in this case, when the width of the doors does not matter, because employees are members one by one. The nomination through the plane of the opening starts No. 1. No. 2 coordinate their actions with the actions of No. 1. The latest in the low rack into the room, moving through the lumen of ECOSOC, and immediately inspects a dead zone directly in the course of its own motion. No. 2 on ECOSOC crosses the lumen almost immediately with No. 1 and moves in the direction reverse dead zone. In contrast to No. 1, he kept straight, and therefore seeps into the room, practically hanging over No. 1. Eventually both dead zones are stripped almost immediately. Any of these two first looks into the far corner along the near wall, and then holds a gun and look over the adjoining wall to the zone located along the axis of the aperture.

• Methods of «angle» and «diagonal»

«Angle» is particularly appropriate when the door is placed near a wall and the fighters have to start the movement with the opposite wall of the door, but likely to apply in other situations. When performing this technique likely two options and which of them to choose decides No. 1 because part of the premises first, and No. 2 adjusts the acts of the guide.

«Diagonal» is taken from the strategy of the divisions of the FBI and, in General, similar to the method «angle», but # 1 and # 2 are back to one of the walls, controlling all the premises of each sector. This technique can be applied when we clean the room last and the group does not have to move next.


The strategy of assault groups may be identified by the acronym, repeating the abbreviated name of the Special airborne services in England (SAS):

» Speed

» Anger

» "Surprise"

This strategy is used when any storm, when the main task is to neutralize criminals by surprise, agility and firepower.

In General, it is more preferable for the busy storming the strategy of «massive attack», when the acquisition of control over an object it breaks as much as possible of the attackers. But four people is considered a balanced option, because a larger number of attackers in the same room can make noise for themselves.

Again pay attention to the fact that with the rapid penetration of 4 fighters in space fundamentally true to organize a «sector of fire», as it was already told in previous articles.

From the drawings it is seen that # 1 and # 2 come into the room, using the methods of penetration for twos, and # 3 and # 4 go to the center in the direction of No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

In certain teams sweep of the premises is made with the introduction of a variant of the so-called «spreading on the walls». 1st two burst into the room, still «smooth out» the corners, right behind them in the room there are two soldiers, and established control over the entire premises.

• Sign-in option four people in two rooms

If the assault to capture the room with adjacent bathroom, it may be the application of the subsequent strategies. The assault group occupies the initial position in front of the door leading to the first interconnecting rooms. After the “Storm” capture group, and specifically # 1 and # 2, bursts through the door and hits nearby enemies. The last burst into the room, members of the group capture the No. 3 and No. 4, throw stun grenades adjacent room, and immediately after the explosion capture group rushes into the room with offenders.

Again you can see that entering the room use different variants of the method of «angle». []

In this paper considered only the base of the technical operations of the entire group, but most importantly, as usual, lies in the details, and specifically in the intricacies of personal work: the position of the guns, silent movement, personal technology penetration, communication in the group. All this will be revealed later, and the next article will be devoted to the action of the group of employees of law enforcement bodies, the so-called methodical sweep, which is slower, but safer for ordinary employees, not officers in special units.



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