The list of ADVERSE HEALTH Products

1. Monosodium glutamate (E621). Products containing the additive E621, cause the body dependence. Mice in certain doses causes blindness. Is the mass addition. Glutamate sodium accumulate in the body, can cause severe seizures.

2. TRANS-fats. The butter fat content of less than 72% not to be used, it is usual TRANS-fat.

3. Salted fish in plastic containers. Real salted fish is kept short and exclusively in oil.

4. The peanuts. It is a genetically modified product. It is implanted gene of Petunia that he was not stormed by insects. Because peanuts are almost always fresh and presentable look.

5. Crab sticks. This is the usual soy, mixed with crab essence. Almost 95% of soy is GMO (genetically modified product)

6. Cereals and cereal frisky manufacturing flakes. Contain fragrances and dyes similar natural, but not natural.

7. Fizzy drinks. These drinks first called thirst and, in addition, contain much sugar, or even worse a sugar substitute. Phosphoric acid kills the smallest organisms. In addition, sodium benzoate (E211), which is used as a preservative that inhibits the enzymes that leads to metabolic disorders and obesity.

8. Sausages contain up to 40% concealed fats and weight of the flavoring. Some sausages, sausages, wieners, 80% consist of transgenic soybeans.

9. Chicken. That meat "pump" in fact innocuous fillers — many people know this, but especially the men can not eat chicken, because it adds a huge amount of hormones causing hormonal imbalance.

10. Flavored teas. Their added exorbitant amount of dyes and acids.

11. Mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces. Mayonnaise is full of TRANS fats, which are carcinogenic and primavar cause an increase in cholesterol. You can’t eat mayonnaise, particularly in plastic packaging. Vinegar highlights of plastic the same carcinogenic substances Mayonnaise contains an unlimited number of preservatives and stabilizers.

12. Potato chips, crackers. Because of the nature of manufacturing in the chips you receive a lot of carcinogens — substances that provoke cancer.

13. The juices in the package. No natural juices we can not go In the Russian Federation, these juices are made from Chinese raw materials 50% chemistry and 50% whey fruit or canned fruit.

14. Chewing candy, candy in flashy packaging, Chupa-Chups. Contain an unlimited amount of sugar, chemical additives, colorants, substitutes.

15. Dried fruit. Nutritionists do not recommend dry fruits, processed substance sulfurous acid or sulfurous gas. And technology similar processing is subjected to apples, pears and a huge part of apricots. Dried apricots without sulfur dioxide has more black to brown color. Processed dried fruits better to soak for a few minutes in a little warm water, then a large part of the sulfur dioxide goes into solution.

16. Bouillon cubes. Ready-made soups. The main ingredient in the composition of the cubes is salt (50-60%). Another third of their composition is a glutamate (flavor enhancers), the main danger which is that they are strong carcinogens.

17. The cheese in "bags". It contains milk powder and vegetable fat in almost all of their cheese is NOT at all.

18. Noodles frisky manufacturing. If you want to eat simply do not add seasonings (even dry). 95% or more of all the spices, sauces, dry goods contain glutamate sodium. Itself noodles are usually made from natural products (water, flour, egg powder).

19. Products for kids from the big manufacturers contain GMOs. Companies offenders were Nestle, Gerber, Semper, Kolinska, Friesland Nutrition.

20. Sour cream. Many "sour cream" in plastic glasses this vegetable fats and "product cream".


The list of ADVERSE HEALTH Products

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