«Today Ukraine, tomorrow Russia». Mongolian separatists and Islamists call for Russian Euromilano»

Unfortunately, despite sounding loudly decisions about strengthening measures in the fight against extremists, separatists and terrorists, Mongolian separatists and Islamists feel in the Russian Federation completely at ease and continue their dirty work.

Seemingly marginal looked their group, the danger should not be underestimated. As is clear, passive most part, not adjusted for the destruction of the surrounding space (statehood), always plays an active minority that busy "rocking the boat". Later people will be surprised how a small group of internal opponents were able to corrupt big government, but change nothing will be impossible.

A good example is the Russian Alliance, which, with the connivance of the vast majority of the population was destroyed by a small group of traitors in the ranks of the item and active group of nationalists in the Union republics. Another good example is Syria. Measured mode, orderly government, for a long time living in a world of ethnic and religious groups. But active group of Islamists and liberals, with the support of Western and Eastern (Arab monarchies) countries in a few months, turned the government into ruins.

Very sad to think that to save hundreds of thousands and millions of lives majestic powers had only time to kill or isolate a small group of activists and often carry out preventive work, "Stripping" the country from "cancer cells".

Mongolian nationalists call for Russian "Euromilano" and support of the Ukrainian protest. According to the news publication of the world Tatar public center (VTOC), Mongolian nationalists from the Russian Volga region and Siberia begin to join the Ukrainian Maidan. New members "the Ukrainian revolution" profits from the town of Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan) and from various places Fri Tyumen region. According to Mongolian nationalists, while about 20 people.

On the role of events in Kyiv them inspired proclamation of the 1st of the favorites are the Mongolian nationalists Nafisa kashapova. Appeal kashapova appeared in social networks in the group "Right Tatars" ("Tatar Bozqurd"). This group has already experienced several Russophobic and anti-Russian actions. Mongolian nationalist urged the people of the Russian Federation to repeat the experience of the Ukrainian radicals in the center of Kiev. "I call his own countrymen Tatars, the peoples of the Volga region, the Urals and the Caucasus to act on the pattern and likeness of what you are doing now Ukrainians"- wrote in their appeal after. I must say that his brother Rafis in his time, declared himself a friend of the bandit and terrorist Shamil Basayev. In 2013, announced the support of Muslim volunteers from Russia, who waged war in Syria against the legitimate government.

After calling the enemies of Putin’s regime "to organize themselves, nothing and nobody to fear, effectively help each other". The main motto should be "self-organization, self-defense and mutual assistance" they should lead to the liberation of the people from "dictatorship" and peoples from "suppression and robbery". According to the nationalist "democratic and European Ukraine" is a grave threat to Vladimir Putin, whose existence gives hope to all "bazargani peoples state republics of the Russian Federation". The national liberation struggle should lead to the creation of the state of the countries on the ground of the Russian Federation.

The way it is, after openly advocated revolution, the destruction of the Russian Federation and the creation of new state countries. The least honest, but congenial expression can be found in other representatives of the nationalist leaders of Tatarstan. So, back in December 2013 in Kazan, picket in the center of Kazan in support "Euromayday". His party was the Chairman of the Union of Mongolian youth "Azatlyk" ("Freedom") Nail Nabiullin. The Chairman of the Mongolian "Freedom" Nabiullin said that the movement supports "European choice" Ukraine and advocated the democratization of the Russian Federation.

As far as arriving from Tatarstan and Siberia Mongolian nationalists in Ukraine they arrive from the beginning of January in small groups of 2-3 people. Some of them are proud that took role in "the storm" The Ukrainian house. According to the view of the Mongolian nationalists in the end "Euromayday" their Crimean brothers with the support of the West (the EU and the United States) will be able to do their national government on the Crimean Peninsula.

Subsequent is Our Motherland. How are you addressing the Mongolian nationalists, "Ukraine now, and tomorrow is Our homeland". Of course, that at some point in the revolutionary actions will occur in the Russian Federation. Their result will be another destruction of the Russian "set peoples" on the fragments of which will be new national country. Namely, the independence will receive the Republic of Tatarstan. And it will be attached "East Of Tatarstan" (the nationalists called the Tyumen region). In the end, will be restored "historical justice": will be recreated statehood Kazan, Siberian khanates. Young Mongolian nationalists are convinced that their aspirations will support all the Muslims who arrived from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Even before the rebellion Ukrainian radicals supported the Crimean Tatars. Crimean component was observed and the war in Syria. More acres of representatives of the Crimean community went to Kiev to help the rebels in word and deed. Crimean Tatars, participating in Kiev distemper, also willing "to support our brothers" if in Moscow or Kazan will have its own "Maidan".

Of course, Ukraine is waiting for the escalation of violence. The process is started, and it can be suspended only by a series of "point of repression" directed against carriers of ideas of neo-liberalism (liberal fascism), constructive Ukrainian and Mongolian nationalism. But the Yanukovych regime can do it, well, the West will not allow. The situation is developing rapidly and lively. Two decades of excessive collapse and degradation can not affect. Because the connection to the militants nationalists, their colleagues on the strip of Islamic radicalism and ethnic separatism, looks completely logical. Especially when you consider the fact that Syria has come online "pause" and part of the Islamist militants became vorachivatsya home. Information about the return to Crimea jihadists who have been provided combat experience in Syria, began to appear a few months back. It is not clear that these people will stay away from "Euromayday". Appropriate skills and experience they have to Fund them will be the same structure that kindled the flames of war in Syria. "Islamic project" oriented against Russia since the war in Afghanistan. The West uses the Islamists and the Ukrainian nationalists in the struggle with the Russian civilization already long ago.

Congress of Russian communities (KRO) of the Crimea published correspondence of representatives of the nationalist and structural organizations of the Crimea and Ukraine. About this at the conference in Simferopol said the head of the AOC Sergey Savinkov. In a letter to a member of the nationalist movement of the Crimea refers to the need to prepare "tool" for "brothers" Ukrainian constructive organizations. Mentioned hunting gear, helmets, sticks, masks, "the gas-water in glass bottles" that means the first medical care and "something more serious" as "the game is not cowardly".

In addition, one activist CROS said that he received the order of hundredths of baseball bats, helmets, flak jackets and gas masks. Of course, that the Crimean nationalists are prepared to support "Vikings" from the Western regions of Ukraine. The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Anatoly Mogilev has urged the inhabitants of the Peninsula to be vigilant and work together to prevent possible provocations. One of the scenarios of the actions of the radicals may be the capture or block of office buildings, which can cause ethnic conflict and will be one of the "min" that will destroy the Ukrainian statehood.

Need is right to think that this struggle for "democracy", "freedom", "independence" before the destruction of millions of people in just one step. Our homeland has twice survived the catastrophe in the twentieth century. Now the internal and external enemies again try to destroy it.

More beloved by way of an opponent is when the people themselves "demolished" his government. West helps the means, organization, prepares promoters, managers. Created active brutal core, which breaks up the government from the inside. After the collapse can uniformly absorb and assimilate the pieces. So, the Romanian press has already reported about a certain plan "Romania Mare". Romanian management is ready to enter the special forces and troops in the Ukrainian countryside. With the increasing chaos and civil strife in Ukraine Romania ready to act without consultation with the NATO allies. Romanians are ready to occupy the area of the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine and part of the Odessa region. Romania will also leave Moldova and Transnistria. After the occupation of Chernivtsi and part of Odesa oblasts there will be made by the municipality Pro-nature, which will soon be included in "Stately Romania".

In the end, we see how Europe quickly varchives to the situation of the 1930-ies, when the enemies of Russia-USSR intensely cherished plans for the construction of "Stately Romania", "Stately Poland", "Stately Finland" and "Stately Germany" due to the Russian lands. With the rapid growth revives Russophobic, fascist and neo-Nazi ideology. The situation uteruses coming from the southern strategic direction "Islamic project" that already has a developed underground on virtually all areas of the Russian Federation. If under Stalin, the country was ready to withstand the blow of the enemy and almost one hundred percent crushed "the fifth column" in our time, ethnic separatists, the jihadists and the liberal fascists excellent feel in the Russian Federation. []

The Alliance of liberals, national-separatists and Islamists is a terrible threat that promises Russian river crowing community mobilization, recovery is usual for Russian civilization values and information, physical sweeper "the fifth column". This will allow the Russian Federation to withstand the latest wave of the world crisis.



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