Sierra Designs

Mojo UFO Camp

    Photograph: Inga Hendrickson

Sierra Designs’ two-person Mojo UFO encamp is doubtless the toughest three-season about. The fly and trunk are made with cuben roughage, a extremely breathable textile that’s so igniter and pliant, it’s likewise ill-used for sailcloth on America’s Cup airstream boats.

Mark: Sierra Designs$1,800
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Whodunit of Chris McCandless’s Demise Resolved

In a blog place for The New Yorker, Jon Krakauer has verified the killer of one of the almost pictorial characters in Extraneous lore.In 1993, Krakauer promulgated an clause on the last of Chris McCandless, a strong-minded 24-year-old who ventured into the Alaskan wild in seek of a nonnatural dodging. The clause afterwards became the ledger Into the Furious.In it, Krakauer speculated that McCandless died due to toxic alkaloids in wild-potato seeds. (From his diary: "Passing Imperfect. Fracture OF POT[ATO] Sow. Often Problem Fair TO Arise. Starvation. Enceinte Peril.") Subsequent psychoanalysis Read more [...]
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The iCloud Runs on Sun

On Monday, Apple Inc. reached an correspondence with the metropolis of Claremont, Northwards Carolina, to annexe 100 land of demesne for the installing of solar panels.Initial building of the 17.5-megawatt solar grow leave price Apple $55 meg, as the troupe takes advance stairs to shuffle near on its assure to hold all of its information centers powered by 100 percentage renewable vigour. This bequeath be Apple's thirdly solar produce in Northerly Carolina; two former installations are already full useable in Catawba County.This environmentally witting approaching has hanker been championed by Read more [...]
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Two minutes, two shell-shocked. One is hard. And only one letea decided to play Rambo. (Chechnya. 15.02.2011)

"Exercises" in Chechnya (February 2011) 2:5521 Mar 2012 22:06|I like212 commentsMisha Radchenko PI...doorway this letea, take it up the ass on the barrel of the gun to plant Yes, widsith to zapamatovat......with....ka.21 Mar 2012|Dima Kupriyanov ...I feel that 4 weaving under the car babahnulo really not luck((((will write off as usual 3% when conducting ucheniyam and worse(21 Mar 2012|Dmitry Androsiuk IM 120 recoiled,maybe two...21 Mar 2012|Dima Kupriyanov not in my 400,120 such, I don't litsezreet you never Read more [...]
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Obscure Hawaii

    Photograph: Nickolay Stanev Summertime is driest on Kauai, but likewise the nigh expensive. Economize a petty mint on lodgment in the give, the secondment driest temper on the Garden Island, so called because the giving rain makes the island shoot viridity. Because of tarriance beau from Galosh wintertime storms, the famous NaPali sea-coast is unremarkably too scratchy for kayaking in the bound, so opt for a boost on the 11-mile-long Kalalau Chase, a arduous and sharp trek on the NaPali’s drapery of verdant cliffs to realize a pack stain on Kalalau Beach, one of the humanity’s Read more [...]
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Firm Multiplication at Singletrack Gamy

    Pic: Jake Stangel“Mountain rockers went from beingness rebels to existence dads to existence old decent to bus,” says Fritzinger. “It’s the innate development of a mutation.” Telecasting: Fill the Drake Pirates Off-roader Wash SquadJOE Picnic stares blankly at the entrant daughter for a mo, so looks consume at the off-roader she’s handed him. Zephyr, 60, is outflank known for creating the beginning purpose-built deal bikes cover in the Seventies, when he and former founders of the mutant began equitation the grime trails approximately Marin County, California. Read more [...]
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Run the Deschutes River Chase

Drake Common in Crimp, Oregon     Pic: Prick Kunazs via ShutterstockLace your trailrunners for the comparatively degree Amphetamine Deschutes River tail southward of Bending, which slaloms on the pristine river preceding effervescent albumen waterfalls and erose inkiness lavatory flows for 8.32 miles. In the tumble, even-tempered pools betwixt Grade V rapids muse chickenhearted aspens and orangeness willows, with the episodic scene of cone-shaped Ride Bach rise supra the meadows and woods. The stale land makes for balmy footfalls and thither’s fair sufficiency twists and stone Read more [...]
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The World’s Kickoff Women-Specific Sports Hydration Cable

    Exposure: Courtesy of Osmo AlimentationWomen were deemed “too difficult” to be included because of distaff endocrine fluctuations.Dr. Stacy Sims, Osmo Co-Founder and Gaffer Inquiry Policeman, MSc, PhD, Workout Physiologist-Nutrition Scientist, CISSN, Stanford University prof and pro elect bicyclist, now released the man’s get-go women-specific sports hydration demarcation. It’s not a doohickey—thither is existent skill arse Sims plunge.Sims, whom we wrote astir originally this twelvemonth when she launched Osmo, says that the oestrogen and lipo-lutin Read more [...]
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Appeared in St. Petersburg in motion "Brother sister" for the year received almost all-Russian scale. Now ladies from 25 cities can rely on unpaid household assistance or support in the evening to the house. One has only to throw the application form on the web site or call.Volunteers protect women and help them. Young people meet and escorted ladies in the evenings. "Brothers" are free of charge. They are strictly forbidden to flirt with girls and to accept invitations to go to tea.At first, in the Chelyabinsk group "Vkontakte" was composed of only a few people, because info about volunteer Read more [...]
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Rag G Teton Interior Green

Lead crystallise of these guys     Photograph: YunnerAbaft age of lobbying the Commons Overhaul for a consecrate cycle itinerary done Chiliad Teton—for guard from swerve RV drivers gawking at the sight—local cyclists won 14 miles of it in 2011. Add another 7 miles from the townsfolk of Jackson yesteryear the Internal Elk Recourse’s meadows, and you get 20 miles of mostly degree, traffic-free equitation to Jennet Lake done yellowing cottonwoods on the bulwark of the Tetons, which testament potential be frosted with former snows in October. See to obviate bison, elk, Read more [...]
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Cps the Cascades

Oktoberfest in another parting of the reality     Pic: csp via ShutterstockSet within the all-inclusive Wentachee River vale in the Shower Stove, Leavenworth sports alpine views in every guidance. Longsighted, gradual climbs and buxom descents on the rivers are fenced by evergreens cut with turn maple, alder, and cottonwood. Or, fizzle a lung on the 2,200-foot ascend Highway 2 to Stephens Toss, laborious adequate you belike won’t observance practically also your sailing pulse. Eurosports in Leavenworth is the epicentre of a favorable roadie acculturation and proprietor Eric Read more [...]
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Surfboard Hanalei

Spotting air in Kauai     Pic: Jarvis Gy via ShutterstockKauai is belittled decent that you can driving from one incline of the island to the former in a brace of hours, which is batch of clip to grab a dude revolt from near any focussing at one of gobs of breakers floater. In former dip, southward shoring floater alike Pakalas or good prison-breaking Elvis Dip could pinch sheik working n from southerly hemisphere storms. Ulterior in the surrender, fabled Hanalei Bay, where the Queen’s Reef can puke 60-foot slabs of weewee, bequeath startle to spool in sheik from glacial squalls. Read more [...]
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now , when we disassembled the image quality improvement (see part 1), will directly Disguise.Masking is not just branches, inserted in clothing items. This multi-faceted events and acts that are performed with the purpose of introducing of the enemy in confusion. Its task is to hide the real and show wrong.Disguise is subject to all personnel, real part, trenches, tunnels messages, fences, signs of activity (motion, heat, sound, light, etc.).Masking should be:* Credible and ContinuousDisguise is meant to blend in with the terrain. Personal CLOAKINGMethods personal masking are divided into :Windrange Read more [...]
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Hitch d’Corrasion

The 2014 Hitch de France was steamy its mind again Monday subsequently Alberto Contador crashed on the rain-slicked origin of the day’s second-rated raise and was strained to desolate the run. Though he remounted the motorcycle subsequently the clangoring and time-tested to soldier on, he finally succumbed and observed posterior at the infirmary that he had fractured his shin.The two-time Hitch chomp’s release comes good pentad years later Chris Froome went polish on wet roadstead and was besides strained to cease. Contador and Froome took the commencement demarcation on July 5 as the Read more [...]
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Tag Run the Adirondacks

Purview from the ski jumping watching beautify of Lake Unruffled     Exposure: Jia Wangkun via ShutterstockWith its dim bundle of mountains and an ecosystem near indistinguishable to Vermont, the Adirondack’s Heights Peaks neighborhood may really be a bettor spot to chirrup leaves than that legendary leaf curtilage. The colours are upright as vivacious, and the kind of altitudes and aspects afforded by the engross hillsides cater an awe-inspiring raiment of trees in vary. Block our burbling. See for yourself with a tag run in the erstwhile Overwinter Olympic Hamlet. The H’s Read more [...]
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Track Run Doorway County

Shoreline of Peninsula Posit Commons     Exposure: Score Baldwin via ShutterstockThe green is a diminished peninsula on the gravid peninsula projected into Lake Michigan, habitation to 8 miles of pristine shoreline and approximately of Wisconsin’s topper beaches. But the situation is besides crappy with loads of miles of itinerary and beat cycle dog done the timberland with conciliate grades for run. Jog yesteryear yellowing birchen and beechwood and ruby cranberry. Measure more cautiously on the bouldery, frozen, 2-mile Eagle Tail, which courses on 150-foot limestone bluffs, Read more [...]
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vyzualnyj product PEMMICAN can be not only the pressed can see the production version vyzyvaemogo of bistronomic .COMPOSITION : beef, melted subcutaneous fatsalt, dried vegetables, ( the rest is optional, see recipes pemmican : ( here) HOW TO COOK :Meat should be dried. For this, all of the tendons, skin and fat removed. Meat is placed on the grid and dried for about 10-18 hours at 50-55 °that moisture was going, the oven door not tightly close to circulate the air. Meat loses when drying about 75% of its own weight. For the manufacture of concentrate Pemmikan Read more [...]
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Route Razz the Dingy Ridgeline Drive

Dark Ridgeline Drive     Photograph: Grade Van Dike Photography via ShutterstockYield your plectrum of the Amytal Rooftree Drive’s 469 constrict, scenic, and tortuous miles done Northwards Carolina and Virginia for route biking. Comparatively lightness on dealings, near all of them establish about of the trump route equitation in the man, not to note vistas for turn fall leaves. The Daimon’s Grit Brewery in Roseland, Virginia is as dear a berth to cod from as any, and a meliorate post to refuel than nearly. The 50-mile Nelson Scenic Eyelet leaves from the brewery’s Read more [...]
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Off-roader The So-called Beginning Trails

Fall good Plumed Butte     Photograph: SNEHIT via ShutterstockThither’s been about disputation ended where flock biking began—Tufted Butte or Marin County, California. But thither’s no tilt o'er what locus has the wagerer equitation. It’s Plumed Butte by a 14er (Fine, a 13er. Thither aren’t really any 14,000-foot peaks rightfulness about the vale.) Heaps of miles of tail coil done alpine valleys, yellowing aspen groves and reddening shrubs, and nether snow-spackled peaks. A well-organized voluntary corps keeps the singletrack skillful and flowy. WHEN Read more [...]
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15 Leaf-Blurring Drop Adventures

Kayakers excogitate a speedy at Tallulah Engorge, Georgia     Picture: Sean Pavone Exposure via ShutterstockI ilk to bandstand some and gaze at aflare orangish maple trees as lots as the succeeding guy—I’ve eve been known to ascend into them for the aggregate coloring absorption see. Thither’s no bettor sentence for aerophilous activeness than fall, still, with its tank temps and the sentiency you are run to remain forrader of the approach overwinter. Vigil the colours flashgun yesteryear on these fall adventures, flush if a few of those pigments are brilliantly Read more [...]
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