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The PARENTHESES. Connect the edges of the wound can not only needle and thread. we know how to use the stapler in life many things connect. here the principle is the same..
we will tell about the materials used in such surgery, which can be purchased at the equipment ( or to get in the clinic) save for myself..

* Brackets Michel

Brackets Michel (Fig. 1) represent a small Nickel plate with a width of 2.5 mm and a length of 1 cm at the ends tucked in and with a sharp thorn. Application and removal of the brackets is a special tweezers. The advantage of this method is the absence of suture material in the wound, thus reducing the risk of infection, and in the speed of wound closure, it is extensively used in the past decades. At the current time is used occasionally.

«Avtograf» Lenorman — iron bracket, larger than the bracket Michel. For its implementation do not need a special tool, it is applied manually by the method of bending in the center. May cause inconvenience when dressing and active movements of the patient.

The seam servename. Serpina represent a small wire brackets, allowing to flatten the edges of the wound due to its own spring parameters arising in the result of the twisting of the wire. Compression of serpina fingers causes the discrepancy in the parties exciting hooks. After applying to the wound serpina released, the ends of her approach, while all this adaptation of the edges of the skin. An example of brackets Herpa (Fig. 2).

Bracket Herpa (Fig. 2.)

To perform hardware staple suture used machines SB-2, act-2, etc. with a view of the forceps with a needle on the end. Needles are the matrix for the 0-shaped bend brackets. When applying seam edges of the skin puncture needle apparatus, the branches are flattened and stacked brackets. The apparatus STIM-27 in a single flashing allows you to put 8 brackets, which significantly reduces the time of suturing wounds. Removed brackets using ordinary tweezers.

Fig. 3. The Apparatus Izmailova
The Apparatus Izmailova

When vneochagovogo connection wound edges speciem adaptation repositioned device according to this YEAR Ismailova (Fig. 3) after the hand nearest to the guide spokes (4-5 cm from each other) the wound edges gradually converging rack screw drive, externally resembling the allow. The method can successfully be used in the closure of granulating wounds with a huge diastasis edges, as well as the primary seam infected wounds as needed the following revisions and planned bailouts.

The possibility of prevention of implant infection is another fundamental positive factor of this type of connection wounds. There is a fascinating parallel with the way Tire (Fig. 4), providing for the introduction of iron wire, which does not absorb infected wound and has a higher mechanical strength. The wire is twisted special equipment, then perekusyvaete.
( Fig. 4. Wire seam Tire )

Non-INVASIVE Methods of wound CLOSURE

Flatten the edges of the wound can be achieved by adhesive tape or other material with an adhesive coating. The wound edges for previously reduced arms and adapted strips of adhesive tape of a width of 1-2 cm is placed across the wound. The method is applicable for the healing of surface wounds.

* Adhesive bandage on the Shoe (Fig. 5)

Adhesive bandage on the hooks used later. With both sides parallel to the wound glued wide strips of adhesive tape or cloth from a previously attached to the hooks. The wound edges are longish elastic cord, hooked on the hooks on the type of lacing a Shoe. The method allows to audit and reorganization of the wound.

* ATRIP (Fig. 6)

For information wound edges in recent years are atresia — atraumatic wound tightening patch-zipper (Fig. 6). It is a 2 stripe hypoallergenic adhesive tissue, which are joined together by the fastener zip. These strips are glued to the wound after the preparatory information of its edges by hand. Fastening makes a good adaptation of the edges of the skin, which beneficially affect the cosmetic result and the finely porous surface of atresia provides good natural ventilation and drainage of the wound.

The way it is in the Arsenal of doctors there is a huge abundance of seams. The optimal choice of this or another of their kind is a necessary component of successful healing of wounds.

continue to teach surgery..
1. Brackets Michel
continue to teach surgery..
2. Bracket Herpa
continue to teach surgery..
3. The Apparatus Izmailova
continue to teach surgery..
4. Wire seam Tire
continue to teach surgery..
5. Adhesive bandage with laces
continue to teach surgery..
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