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Top collection of recipes extreme cooking consider the dish under the title «quality» or «Koch».

QUALITY is the most undemanding of ancient Slavic dish.
Great — little — Belarusian people ate it in years of famine, which happened quite often. For cooking Kacha not need any kind of goods, salt and sugar.
Porridge «axe» is not a parable, it is the quality, which for some reason all of a sudden, about two or three hundred years ago was forgotten.

Quality is not just simple, but it can be done everywhere and, in particular, fundamentally, any time of the year. We don’t know where and when we are overtaken adversity.

So, if completely cornered, grab your axe, come to the forest, remembering the saying «clean as sticky».

Yes, we are going to tear Linden. We need lime bark, which will rescue us from starvation, scurvy, beriberi, colds and other ills and ailments.


Polosa lime bark to clean from the top layer.
It is possible and even necessary to always try cleaned the crust taste:
the inner layer is white and sweet, and the outer, brown-green, bitter. The more accurate will be cleared bark, the better will be the quality.
Quality brew. Better strip to strike the stone, then they have cooked.

In General, the task of the first step is to cleanse, to crush, grind, cut lengthwise and crosswise as finely as possible, although with a knife you want to use for all this very moderately: juices do not love metal, and the meal without juice will lose the taste.

HOW to get lime bark?

While in Russia, even in the most extremely hungry year, despite the lack of «environmental problems», there were certain rules.

They can be walked is not so much from the love of the Linden tree, but from bitter experience that will have even worse, and so even the LIME Need to be BEATEN WITH Brains , That SHE had NOT DIED and for the next year-adored again could we be with bark.

Linden in town, in the country, take care of the house at a more languid times. In addition, it snagging on city Avenue without special need now is fraught with some consequences.


The savory lime naturally young. But she has a very narrow layer over a rich white inner bark. In order to feed their families, they would have to tear half the forest, and later the week the bark to clean and chop.
So took the Linden MIDDLE aged or thin branches Old. That tree is rapidly returned to the bark, it cut thin strips, alternating them untouched.


If you’re a researcher, after reading this book, from the «purely sporting interest»will be able to experiment with drugs as long as you like, for the image quality — only the initial atom second of all, maybe the first dishes. What would you as a researcher nor said, » everything will be fine, hearty and delicious. But to decorate in this case, the image quality in any way necessary, as brown with blue-green tides concoction looks on the table is kind of creepy.


The barn — dish as bespretsedentno as a researcher. But it is the least relish, and looks even worse than the first. Worse it is digested, but the reward of the barn in its perfect simplicity of manufacture and often the only ability subsistence fierce winter.

Undertakes regular hay. Better to find or prepare in advance forest. In second place on the nutritional value and taste of floodplain meadow.

Exactly how and quality, the barn must be very long to cook better in a pressure cooker, Russian oven or large saucepan. Early hay need to grind, and it is ideal to pound into flour.

In order not to get used to the salt and sugar, which in languid times tend to disappear first try from the outset not to salt and not to lastit the barn.

It has its own rather unique taste. It is not and cannot be garcini, as the bitterness of certain herbs disappears as drying.

Even wormwood and celandine dried after cooking will be felt only if their concentration will be very high. Harm the health neither from that nor from the other not, and the decoction of the herb cleanse the liver.

That bitterness still all the same did not happen in her free time, you just need to iterate over the hay before chopping, leaving for cooking only familiar type «clover clover», neutral, tasteless and sweet herbs.

from books Ciplea Century. P /


extreme cooking..
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extreme cooking..
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extreme cooking..
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