now , when we disassembled the image quality improvement
(see part 1), will directly Disguise.

Masking is not just branches, inserted in clothing items. This multi-faceted events and acts that are performed with the purpose of introducing of the enemy in confusion.
Its task is to hide the real and show wrong.
Disguise is subject to all personnel, real part, trenches, tunnels messages, fences, signs of activity (motion, heat, sound, light, etc.).

Masking should be:
* Credible and Continuous
Disguise is meant to blend in with the terrain.


Methods personal masking are divided into :

Windrange masking settings area and local objects
2. Requirements for personal outfit.
3. Methods and ways of using the tools at hand to disguise. Masking persons and equipment.
4. Hiding in the winter criteria


5. Hiding on the March.
6. Silent movement
7. Hiding places ( 5.6.7 paragraphs will explain in part 3)


1. MASKING characteristics of a particular AREA

Effective natural masks are: forests, solid bushes, gardens, forests, residential areas, and industrial enterprises. And the deepest folds of the terrain (the hollows, ravines, hills, ditches, pits, craters).

Effective implementation of the mask options area may be
when Troubleshooting unmasking symptoms:

— the corresponding silhouette of a man;
— the cut and color of clothing;
— the availability of tools and equipment items;
— traces of a specific activity;
-thermal radiation, reflection of radio waves;

Also unmasking signs include color, shape, shadow, movement, footsteps, sounds.

The introduction of local items for masking is to select the location of where masquerading did not differ from the local objects or was similar to them, i.e. blended with the surrounding terrain to do this well imagine how it looks local object side.

The BACKGROUND is referred to as the area surrounding the subject of concealment in the field of view of the observer. The background is: plains, mountains, hilly, open, closed and rugged.

The best camouflage has hilly, indoor and crossed the background because they have very many natural masks and harder to study with the method of land and air surveillance

The FORM of objects and structures made by man, often have the exact contours of unmasking them. In nature across prevail fluff indefinite form. The bushes, the crowns of trees, rocks, hills, mountains each subject characteristic only of its own silhouette, which is not dramatically different from the other.

You need to Keep in mind :

— the greater the effect of masking out when in areas with higher vegetation cover;

— to smooth the contours of the body need to take a stand in the supposed center of elected local subject, not speaking for the top or side boundaries;

— if necessary, the position on the corners or protruding edges of the object you want to select the item as low as possible to strip the surface of the earth;

more correctly show the contours of the man against the strip of horizon upper bounds of the object;

— try to avoid their own silhouettes against the sky or sharply distinguished background (at the exit of the ravine, gorge not get up immediately in full growth does not move along the ridge height, the motion along the river, the edge of the forest is better to go a bit deep in the forest);

— try to hide the contours own figures, particularly the shoulders and head. The elbows and hands should tightly pressed to the body.

— be able to take advantage of the weather criterion (winter in a Blizzard or heavy snow rapidly swept footprints on a rainy and windy autumn weather observers more rapidly dissipates the attention, in the fog reduced visibility);

the radio should use occasionally, and the radio communication must be very small, it is better to use private communication channels;

commands are only gestures (it is necessary that everyone knew the alphabet of these gestures and knew how to use it in practice), in a whisper chain.

— the terrain is not found completely unadulterated color.

— beware of excess masking

— hide items with perfectly reflecting surface (clock, compass, points, badges etc)
You must consider the flare optics is more for snipers and observers


Unmasking sign are artificial scents:
— do not use scented items of the toilet;
— remember that most of the funds to scare away insects possess strong smell;
— do not smoke;
— do not eat garlic, onions, fragrant sweets, after using chewing gum proprose mouth;
— cigarette smoke can be felt over 100m, the smell of food and the pot still further, if the wind is blowing to the side watching. Unwashed human body, ammunition and explosives, small arms, equipment, fuel, lubricants — all this scent, at once very strong.


Camouflage clothes is a personal camouflage
means and is intended to hide personnel from visual
observation of the enemy

The challenge kamuflirovannaja uniforms (not camouflage
a suit) is very difficult to detect a cursory examination of the area and hinder the defeat of shooting guns, i.e. make it very difficult for quick aiming.

To do so the color of the uniforms are not sharply stand out from the surrounding background when this condition is a major factor will be the stillness.

When the action on different areas for masking selected more appropriate for the area, time of year color palette (camouflage) uniforms need to keep in mind about changing the color ratios, changing light and weather during the day

For Midland preferably monochromatic coloring
olive drab (khaki) or small spots. Sketch of small spots perfectly hides near as made like small leaves, and remove forms a solid big spots, scour silhouette.

Group of flowers placed asymmetrically out, e.g. on the back (to the lower half of the left shoulder and shoulder blade lighter, the rest of the mantle is more black — silhouette blurred.

CAMOUFLAGE Sketch works at distances of up to 30-50m. Then all the colors together in solid color silhouette
Renesmee in the spring, when the young greens good painting «birch» on the jumpsuit are sewed ribbons that are tied, braided twigs of herbs and surrounding vegetation.

In such a way that covered the entire rear half of the body.
It is better to use clothing made of natural or mixed fabrics as synthetic soars, rustling, and shines in the NVD.

The choice of the place of performance of the tasks is carried out only after the verification of the color ratios of areas and uniforms.


You should not use headgear with precise contour, for example, having a visor and a stiff sidewall. Ideal suited Panama with a small network for fastening parts of vegetation and scraps of fabric.

— Solitaire.
It is better that the scarf was olive green. On top of the scarves you can wear fishnet for fastening parts of vegetation and scraps of fabric.
When using scarves to keep in mind that the head remains «ball».

— Camouflage army helmet.

On top of the cover fabric can be fixed grid, as with small and large cells for fastening parts of the vegetation.
Also on the fabric of the cover sew around the circle, circles, stripes matter, having pulled out from them to rahmatali the last thread. On top of fix folded twice scraps. When the head turns, this typical «Bush» always acquires a different shape. The main thing that patches did not interfere with the review and peripheral vision. Flaps should not be much — the helmet is very heavy, especially after rain. Back patches can hang down, covering the neck and shoulders.

Shoes thou shalt not scratchy, it unmasks. The shoes fabric covers suitable color polite for this area.

The satchel is possible to sew a case , the introduction of the case will help to blur the usual paths.


— clothes and equipment should be adjusted not to have flaws;
— check the gear on the lack of fragrance washing powder;
— it is better to avoid the introduction of zippers and Velcro (because their implementation is sound), preference is given to buttons and buttons;
— zakres all shiny iron clasps and buttons;
the pockets must be fastened in the pockets must be anything superfluous.


In forest areas, natural light growth figure of a soldier in good camouflage suit stands out to be the first open skin areas.

For masking exposed skin (face, neck, hands) use of camouflage makeup.
Makeup can be changed by the introduction of screens or masks with slits for eyes, mouth, and gloves and scarf.

The challenge battle of makeup is eye strain relief face and the convergence of the complexion with the surrounding background. And, in providing demoralizing, demoralizing effect on the enemy.

When applying camouflage make-up, you should keep in mind about the necessity of coloring the eye and eyelids, ears, chin, neck (a little below the collar of clothes). Hands to blend impractical, because the sweat makeup with hand washes in fact, after the first hundred meters of the road, better gloves greenish.

Deforming the coloring is applied, so that "blur" the symmetry of the face. The protruding part of the face (nose, cheeks, chin, forehead) are painted in black color, depression in green.

Dependent on the nature of vegetation: reed, grass vertical stripes (fundamentally not forget about the tilt of the head when aiming), broad-leaved vegetation horizontal or diagonal

In the absence of make-up use silt, Mus and other improvised materials charcoal, soot Mus juice of berries and plants.
The most common method of masking person improvised materials is a covering of the face with the consistency of gratisi and ash (a mixture of fly ash with the juice of herbs), previously causing the face soap solution, such make-up is not glows.

Shortcomings in the application of funds under the arm: the impossibility of providing camouflage pattern in several colors, toxic and irritating to the skin, the inability to protect against blood-sucking insects, lack of camouflage effect in the near-infrared spectrum.


Masking of the face can be different colors. Usually it is done in three steps:

1) First put a thin layer of cream, diluted with water (or saliva), which cover all exposed skin. Versprochenen error in all of this is that some fighters do not apply paint to the back of hands, neck and ears. Therefore, we need to work in pairs to inspect masking each other.

2) After the face and hands were Merkle (not to reflect light), lubricate features and face shape. This can be applied to the skin surface at least a sketch, but the most usual is the diagonal stripes on the face.

3) the Last phase of the masking of the face is darkening those areas that are usually more lit on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. At the same time, areas that are usually dark, left lighter.

Mosquito net can also be used to smooth out facial features.

* Methods And How to USE Tools at hand TO DISGUISE

1. The type of material used: Branches of trees, shrubs
Tufts of grass, leaves.
Method of implementation: to Wear in the loop, be filed with the uniforms of thread to Use for fixing the elastic net bandage.
Method of manufacturing a mask material:
Time acts: 2 -3 hours

2 Bandage honey.
Rags to camouflage suit, ready masking tape for masking tools and individual pieces of equipment
Bandage areas painted in natural coloring (soot, soil and the like) or chemical material (Zelenka iodine). In winter, the bandage is not painted
In the summer when using natural colors 4 — 6 hours when using
chem paints to always perform puzzles

3. Bandage elastic mesh
Used as a fixative for vegetation and patches of color matter
Bandage areas painted in natural coloring (soot, soil and the like) or chemical material (Zelenka iodine). In the winter it is used for fixation ordinary bandage and not painted.
In the summer when using natural colors 4 — 6 hours when using
chem paints to always perform puzzles

4. The charcoal. Burnt cork from wine bottles
Applied to clothing and exposed areas of the body shading or
an asymmetrically spots
Applies the criteria of limited visibility — Constantly

5 make-up camouflage
Is applied to exposed areas of the body — Constantly


Winter camouflage easier, because the main color in winter white, and extra dark.

Winter camouflage suit shall be as white as snow surely the presence of the hood, snow-white mittens, better implementation of the covers backpacks and shoes.

You need to keep in mind that white camouflage suit loses its camouflage characteristics for pollution, because in the process of operation necessary to preserve the white color at night around the campfire and under cover to take it off because almost after the first night he becomes grayish or yellowish.

When daily (overnight) in camouflage suits are all who are in the care and secrets. Other closed canopy.

In winter, the exposed areas of the body (face, hands) are more unmasking signs, to disguise the face you want to use white Mac or cheesecloth.

For masking tools use regular honey bandages, they Obrucheva all immovable part of the machine and the belt, sniper rifles wrapped sight. Also for masking use honey adhesive tape.
You need to keep in mind about disguise breath (cold breath). If fixed, do a very slow exhalation through the compressed sponge. / /

When this stream of exhalation send down under the chin. This narrow stream will rapidly cool, not actually giving condensate. On the March, you can use wool scarf, dense cap of the mask, sweater with longish collar. To use the trunk, which is pressurised by the collar.

Snow smooths the terrain and makes the monotonous terrain. On snow-covered terrain, shadows, and black objects appear darker than usual when driving on snow-covered terrain, you need to use the shadow sides and very use of the folds of the terrain and the snow.

In a white camouflage suit don’t stop on a black background.
In the frosty night, the propagation of sound increases. To reduce the sound of the creaking snow shoes wrapped soft material.

( to be PART 3 we will talk about the disguise on the March, etc..)
( part 1, see

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