Appeared in St. Petersburg in motion "Brother sister" for the year received almost all-Russian scale.
Now ladies from 25 cities can rely on unpaid household assistance or support in the evening to the house. One has only to throw the application form on the web site or call.

Volunteers protect women and help them. Young people meet and escorted ladies in the evenings. «Brothers» are free of charge. They are strictly forbidden to flirt with girls and to accept invitations to go to tea.

At first, in the Chelyabinsk group «Vkontakte» was composed of only a few people, because info about volunteer movement was not enough, well and girls «brothers» did not trust.

Activists have decided to go to sports clubs. They came to soldiers in training and knew about your own group. All who were willing to volunteer was invited for an interview. At the current time in the organization «works» from 15 to 20 people. They get about 10 applications a day.

Applications becomes more. The guys from motion, «Brother sister» treated moms and single old ladies. There were even asked to sit with the child.

Volunteers talk among themselves, together treatsa. The boys have their own coach hand-to-hand combat and self-defense. They on their own initiative patrol particularly unsafe areas of town.
Plans activists in the opening heat of the phone band. They are ready to assist to make the branches of its own motion in the other towns of the Russian Federation.

"Tomorrow will be too late to vorachivatsya from a friend. She asked me to look after the kid. Must be from the Eighth Russian metro" so began my application, left the group in the social network. Two hours later the answer came from the volunteer. Open the application: Alex, 40 years, a geologist, a lot of photo, no weirdness. Agree to meet and exchange phone numbers.

— In motion I already half a year, a friend invited,awkwardly, knowing Alex as we walk to the metro. But this is my 1st job.

Together we go down to the station. In metro companion knows me safety rules for women: you see an unusual company pass on the opposite side of the house keys ready in advance, so as not to dig in the bag for about a Grand. But the main thing — do not go one evening. So useful conversation we come to the front.

— Need to call said his farewell Alex.

"To meet, to spend at a later time, to assist in resolving any issues — problems of our group, says on the page "Brother sister". Movement shall not be political and religious disposition, and made only in connection with the relevance of the difficulties in society".

Here you can get an idea of how it works. "I am a single mother of two children, I have a problem with electrics, and there are no funds in the wizard. Already two weeks live without light in the bathroom (the wiring in the wall flew). If anyone can assist that would be great"- writes a lady by the name of Yuksam. Soon there’s an obvious message about who is connected to the job, and after a couple of days a new record: "Guys, thank you, now everything is in order. Thanks to Dmitry and Alexander"

— In a group of many to come, is within the competence of the founder of the movement Denis Kotikov, » there are young people, but most of the active adult men. At the moment we are in St. Petersburg, about 20 people in all areas.

Denis is working not only on Verbania volunteers (with each of them he meets personally inspects the documents and verifies the reliability of the new activist), and in search of women and ladies who need help. While the proposal is obviously superior demand.

— A week goes two or three applications, and in the summer and less, » he sighs. With this influx and one I would be able to cope. People became suspicious: forgot that man friend or brother or sister.

Every weekend activists are going to put up flyers with announcements of grant aid and public patrol squads.

— Creating teams is another one of our thoughts, — says Denis. The basic principle of their operation should be humanity. In town many troubled areas, where such prevention of street crime would have just by the way. By the way, to patrol we are ready to entice and migrants from Central Asia. Playing the nationalist card is a terrible way. Even better to remember "the brotherhood of Nations".

At the moment activists volunteer project "Brother sister" think about the expansion and creation of so-called "Union public movements". In the work involved "Headhunters" (participants focus on the fight against pedophiles) "The Alliance of concerned people", "Peter. Search" and "Petersburg ancestors".

«Our goal is to protect the ladies in the dark, says the coordinator of the movement Andrey Balushkin. — At the moment, unfortunately, this problem has become topical. Because at any hour of day or night we are ready to escort the ladies to a designated place».

The service can use no matter what kind of lady. For this it is necessary to join the society on the web and fill out a form in which you specify the time and place of the meeting. Then the group members find the man responsible for the appropriate district. Services companion absolutely free. The only thing that men are willing to accept from the ladies — everyday gratitude and friendship on the web.

Now to the guys often turn and the ancestors of the kids coming home in the evenings after clubs and sports sections.

The project "Brother sister"

In the Contact group on the towns:
St. Petersburg
Moscow —
Volgodonsk —
Chelyabinsk —
Tobolsk —
Tomsk —
Lipetsk. Graziosi. Dace. Lebedyan. The Zadonsk. Usman —
Nizhny Novgorod. Kstovo —
Tyumen —
Tver —
Smolensk —
Krasnoyarsk —
Nazyvaevsk. Omsk —
Novosibirsk —
Voronezh —
Tambov —
Irkutsk —
Mezhdurechensk —
Kemerovo —
Novokuznetsk —
Novosibirsk — there is another group


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