Spring came. The day becomes longer, the Sun is shining, but the Snow is still lying.. Oh, they are so beautiful Glow..
STOP IN this period, the us and corners very tricky risk of SNOW BLINDNESS.

Snow blindness or snow ophthalmia is a typical burns of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eyes to UV rays of the sun reflected from the snow crystals. Especially often it appears in the spring, in the period "Aurora snow" because the reflectivity of the snow cover increases many times.
Sun-top and bottom — everywhere. Eyes are not managed.

What are the symptoms : at First you fail to distinguish the difference between the levels of the surfaces, then in the sight of the feeling, as if under the eyelids got a little sand. By the evening the pain become unbearable. Eyes inflamed, swollen eyelids, and people really fades, becoming feeble mind-blowing.

Than only did not cure in the past ophthalmia: compresses, the alcoholic tincture of opium, even snuff. During high-latitude expeditions we successfully applied the 10 — 20%solution of sulfacetamide, burying it once a day for 1 to 2 drops in each eye. For healing OFTAL are also used as a mixture of 0.25%zinc sulfate, 1%-aqueous solution of protargol.

But the criteria for an Autonomous existence, when drugs are not available, the best tool is darkness. One or two days stay in a shelter or in a black, light-tight bandage is sufficient for complete healing. To ease the pain, you can use cool gadgets.

Very important to keep in mind that this disease does not give immunity and negligence may be repeated as many times as people would react derogatory to the rule to wear
snow goggles . After healing he still long remains predisposed to this disease.

It fenomenalno, but on a cloudy day the risk to fall ill snow ophthalmia significantly higher than in the sun. The answer is that on a cloudy day because of the confused light all around becomes identichno white and the sky and the snow and ice.
Hills and snow-covered ledges, even large, do not cast shadows and become indistinguishable. So as not to bump into an obstacle or not to fall into the pit, you have to max to strain your eyes. The eye is deprived of the natural protective mechanism, which in the brightest sunlight limits the ingress of the reflected ultraviolet light.

Northern peoples — Inuit, Nenets, Chukchi, and others — often used for this purpose wood or bone plates with slots.

But the most sure means of preventing the disease — sunglasses with UV filters.

However, the views of professionals about the color of the glasses crawl. Maybe this explains how the glass in any other color allowed to work, to move, to conduct surveillance.

Smoky glasses have a significant advantage: lowering the brightness of the lighting, they do not change the perception of surrounding objects


ATTENTION is Far not all glasses possess UV filters.. cheap glasses that do not have real-UV-filters-can do even worse : the pupil seems that around the dimming, and it expands, increasing the area for the defeat of UV rays, Be careful when selecting.

Vyryvalsya, if you find yourself in such criteria that you have no light points, use the experience of EXCIMAP and make for themselves such primitive glasses-holes, which will help your eyes. They can be made in the form of strips or point, of any opaque material tarpaulin shown the film , from bone and wood plates..


Helen Adeyewa

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