Eliminating the String with Belt-Driven Bikes

    Photograph: Courtesy of Gates

If you bought a cycle ‘tween say 1893 and 2007, chances are you recognize what a cycle strand tattoo (alias "greenhorn grade") is—the sebaceous impression of your wheel range on your leg or puff whomp. Cycle irons, sebaceous and nettlesome as they can be, are a decisive parting of two-wheel procession. Though your concatenation volition sporadically drop, rust-brown afterward a shower, and mostly shuffle a pain of itself, if you’re passing to wheel, you motive a strand.

Or you did. In 2007, to battle the sometimes hoary, prehension, calf-printing, mis-shifting range, Gates invented the C Rap Cause.

It’s not so unlike from a range and chainrings/cassette, but rather of a metallic strand, the organisation uses a half-inch full bash made from c roughage and polyurethan that couple dead as you treadle with what looks care a fatheaded chainring. The rap is ace potent, rusty imperviable—flush afterward beingness sprayed for 192 hours with saltiness irrigate—and it won’t bequeath a impress on your bloomers. It likewise won’t stretchiness concluded meter ilk a string. Because thither is no metal-to-metal middleman, smash drives don’t want the lubricant that finally turns into oily soil. And, no alloy on alloy not solitary agency cypher alimony, but a sander tantalise. It’s about understood—no clacking. And the determiner: it’s igniter than a banner drivetrain.

The approximation for a smash ride motorcycle came from otc industries. Gates had highly-developed high-performance bang drives for everything from dragster blowers to snowmobiles, but they had ne’er applied the mind to bikes.

When they did, a few brands were concerned and the scheme debuted on 5 bikes aggregate in 2008. Now, thither are more 200 cycle models from 80 brands victimization Gates smash drives on every panache of pedal-powered fomite, from urban bikes to lot bikes to e-bikes. Mated with internally geared hubs, gearboxes, and multi-speed merchantman brackets, it’s not but for i  speeders.

The just bummer: you can’t retrofit your bicycle with the organisation. A whang thrust requires a burst bod that can be unsecured in the dorsum in ordering to slew the unbreakable whang terminated the battlefront and arse cogs. A whack can’t be impoverished and reconnected alike a traditional range, and it doesn’t shifting gears in the like way—an intimate shifty hub is needful. (Uncommitted now.)

To spotlight the advantages of belt-drive bikes, especially that you won’t get your dress unclean, Gates fair re-launched their site. Don’t be alarmed—though at offset you mightiness cogitate you’ve clicked onto roughly rather spiritual website or yoga crawfish centre where everyone is compulsory to wearable albumen. It’s fair Gates fashioning a head—you’ll ne’er bear to vex astir dirt on your leg again.

“We lack to expand mass’s notions of what bicycling can be,” says Todd Sellden, manager of Gates C Cause Systems. “The end is to make bombilate and ebullience for C Thrust as a life-style betterment that makes bicycling easier by eliminating approximately of the stain.”

End summertime, we had the probability to essay Redline’s Monobelt 29er which features Gates C Crusade. A single-speed double-butted chromoly underframe whang effort pedal, it lived capable all of Gates’ promises—strip, tranquility, tranquil and hassle-free. The Rockshox Reba forking took up bumps in the dog, and for this passenger, pedaling a 1 hurrying made me a ameliorate biker—it trained me to superpower up hills, and to use my consistence spot more efficaciously. Summation, it gave me quads of brand. The wheel: useable now, $1700.

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