Let’s talk about the preparation of food for a long time. We live in uncertain times, what will happen tomorrow, annoying as it sounds, difficult to foresee, because hunt to protect yourself and stock up on everything you need (and first food) before you come the next crisis or in the worst case, PSU.

Supplies of food are formed on the supporting PT is based on 6 months of stay of the group, with the proviso «without receipt of goods from outside». Such term autonomy elected taking into account the subsequent reasons:

1. Values of the first time.

The judgments security, 1st undertaken acts on the supporting PT is better to dedicate to exploring the countryside, planning follow-up and other urgent purposes. Read more about the values of the first time — in a separate article.

2. The possibility of «pauses».

Possible period of passive eating supplies when you need to be patient and wait for a good time, without being constrained urgent need to act hastily.

3. The increase in the number group.

Saved food should be calculated taking into account the growth in the number of new people who can do without food.

4. Assess your capabilities to the storage of food properly.

Stock up on food for a period greater than 6 months will be difficult (expensive) to make and even harder to keep. The volume needed to store food for 6 months for 50 people is a very significant amount.

The table shows the standards bookmarks grocery supplies for 1 person [adult or kid, men or ladies — still] valid for 6 months.
» Canned

Stew Orsk: drawer (45 PCs), 3

Vegetable oil: l, 4

Bacon salt: l 18

Condensed milk: Bank 30

Saury oil, porridge with meat canned meat to taste: Bank 30

Corn, beans — canned vegetables taste: Bank 30

Olives, black olives, gherkins — salt canned taste: Bank 15

Pineapples, peaches — canned fruit taste: Bank 30

» Cereals and bulk products

Rice, buckwheat, millet — grits taste: kg, 30

Spaghetti, rigatoni — pasta taste: kg, 60

Peas, beans — taste: kg, 20

Sugar: kg, 10

Sol: kg, 15

Wheat: kg, 10

Egg powder: kg, 5

Starch: kg, 0,5

Bouillon cubes: a portion of, 20

The instant noodles: portion 30

» Spices, sauces and food additives

Tea, cranberry leaf — like kg, 1

Instant coffee : kg, of 0.1

Yeast: kg, of 0.1

Pepper dark polka dots: kg 0,2

Spices to taste: kg, of 0.1

Nitrate reagent-grade: kg, 0,5

Bay leaf: kg, of 0.1

Onions in a stocking: kg, 20

Garlic in a stocking: kg, 5

Soy sauce: l, 1

Dry cake mix tomato sauce: kg, 0,5

Tabasco, adjika — hot sauce to taste: l, 0.5

Lemon juice with sugar: l, 1

Vinegar: l 0,2

Mustard powder: kg, of 0.1

Soda: kg 1

» Other products long-term storage

Nuts in honey and lemon: kg, 2

Jam taste: l, 3

Dried fruits: kg, 1,2

The caramel taste: kg, 3

The chocolate taste: kg 1

Honey: kg, 2

Biscuits: kg 1

Crackers in a linen bag (to prepare before arrival): kg, 10

Just to see that the main content of food are cereals, spaghetti, meat and fat. All other positions — auxiliary products, flavorings, foods to make contrast in the diet, the ingredients used in preserving food or food-«C’s».

The following list is composed in practice of the stay 2 families in the criteria restrained diet in the past few months. The practice was not fully hard, the diet had and some everyday products (bread, eggs, milk). There were days of rest with one hundred percent normal diet, but this practice was formed formula of making dishes was determined preferences and consumption rates.

Physical activity and stress levels for the period of such sample-training corresponded to the daily life of the urban «middle Manager», because the need for food in the criteria of large loads it may be more than covered by the above standards of supply. Although we tried to take into account this fact, substantially increasing the number of the stored number.

In addition, take into account the need to get food on trips «Packed meal». In order to cover any necessary increased «base» number of supply and some of the items added to the list specifically for consumption in food on the trip outputs.



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