MEMO Spy. ( to help survivalist)

To exit :

1. Check your gear and ammunition. Look for signs of repair, damascenone. Dress him up, jump up and down, poetisa on earth, nothing should lesgate and ring — gear should not give you sound.

2. Look at yourself critically, you must connect with the area in which you have to act.
Daub it with the person, don’t forget the ears, neck, eyelids makeup. don’t forget about the hands — wear gloves.

Any parts of the equipment must not glancing , put them glow, apply to disguise the winding cloth , tape or paint.
Ask your friend to check your disguise. Check it out.
In the group were all masked .

3.. Check not lost if the sight on the weapon.

4. Regarding the weight of equipment:
it is considered, should carry less than 1/3 of its own weight, so as not to reincarnate in a pack-ass, but the reality
can dictate and other conditions.

Recommended not to load languid satchels fighters in the forward, side, and rear guard .
The brunt of pulling the core group, then a chance of change.

5. To exit learn a map of the area in which you will likely orientatie need to know the neighborhood adjacent to the area of concrete actions .
During the release of don’t go at random, remember how much you are going, in what direction, passed landmarks.


1. Remember about the sentries. Even if you only have three people, should provide the best protection.

2. When driving, the trunks should keep the tree — each holds its own sector. Closely watch the actions of protection.

3. Not to speak. Not to smoke. Do not litter. To use recycled gestures.
In the forest, especially in the mountains , a voice is heard far away, and the hiss of the radio even further. Why should the ability to use the headset, and talk only in those instances when it is really needed.
The ability, when using the radio use conditional signals, which are discussed in advance. ( by pressing — releasing targety )

4. Due to the threat of possible stretch marks and min,
try to go in the tracks, closely watch your feet, do not touch the branches, bushes. Learn and try to notice something in the woods shouldn’t be, it can save lives.

5. Go evenly, not making any sudden movements. From time to time stop body consider opening your mouth (so hear me better), maybe you’ll hear a third sound, unusual woods,or notice what is not witnessed in the movement.

If there is an unconscious feeling of threat, do not wait when it will Express itself, give the signal group for defense and Peremogi in the lower level, the ability for the shelter. Can you appeared, and you’re wrong, maybe even more than once, but it’s better than death and your friends due to the fact that you saw something, but didn’t realize that you are facing.

To develop the acuity of senses can preparatory training, showing relevant sounds (crackling twigs under my feet, crawling man, joining store, the sound equipment and the like);
exercise determine the appropriate silhouettes of objects (movement,human body parts, artificial structures, and the like).

6. The walk mode.
Rest should not when tired and not tired. Go 50 minutes rest 5 to 10, 8-10 hours, it is necessary to arrange a holiday for more than an hour.

7. To stay on vacation in places hidden from observation, not defined on the map as a potentially comfortable for Parking, having the ability secretive departure, and with excellent viewing approaches. You should not constantly occupy the same Parking lot, the victim can lead to death.

Be placed in the Parking lot, take into account lessons radial defense group. You should also expose the secrets for observation. The men in the secret must be well disguised, to have a radio with a headset, the ability noiseless gun.

If Parking for more than an hour, you should not be lazy and to equip the trench to fire.
You should also use mines, alarm system to cover more than likely routes of approach to the camp, better around the perimeter.

In the camp — not to loaf around aimlessly, not to talk idly, not
make noise.

It is better not to use the fire for the manufacture of food,
and to use tourism burner. If the burner does not, and the fire is still needed, make a secret fire in the pit with smoke removal
( makotsi hearth), by the ability to use dry wood.

Not rozvody "pioneer fire". The fire should give as much heat and burn as much as is needed to produce food.

Don’t gather around the fire the whole group, you also cannot eat the whole group together, first eats the core group, split into groups, one by one, each in his place, then the people of the Outpost, with the change thereof.

Cleaning tools should also be engaged alternately.

Once asleep, less than half of the group later changed . Need to sleep without closing the bag and gun, better in open trench for prone shooting, direction, according to the plan of defense of the camp.

If you plan the greatest secrecy and secrecy group, then you need to look for so as not to leave any traces of its presence, and all waste (including shit) gets carried away with itself.

8. For the surveillance of the enemy and the terrain, you should use a tube spy(manual periscope) TR-4 or TR-8. Using it while watching, you don’t put your head under the enemy’s bullet.
Its price in the stores of military equipment 40-50 $.

9. Have 1-2 flue checkers, it can be used as a smokescreen when departure , when injected into an ambush, for the evacuation of the wounded, when the storming of buildings.
Consider the wind direction.

10. Have ballistic glasses, they will protect your eyes from branches in the forest, and from small fragments. For example goggles Bolle Nylson, cost in the region of 10-15$ and maintain shot little shot from a shotgun.

11. Have knee pads or knee on the right leg. In particular, the knee pads are required when working in urban criteria. The patella should not be pinching the vessels, so as not to interfere with the blood supply, and should not slip when crawling.

That knee did not slip from a knee sewn on a lump in the area of the knee harness in and put a rubber band-fastening knee.

12. Watches have not shiny, better black or olive green, with fosforitsirujushchie arrows. For hours you can knit cover fabric. Accustom to wearing them on the inside of the wrist, so less chance that you will give yourself the brilliance of the dial.

13. It is useful to have a small mirror for review, if podabayuschee skill you will not be able postalease to distinguish because of the asylum where is the enemy,to examine the room in which you are going to go.

14. Have one hundred percent silent haversack for shop AK. May be necessary for example when a tactical reload of the night in the forest or in the building, given the probable presence of the enemy is near.

14.1 to the barrel of the AK did not get dust, debris, ncepi him a condom. When shot it will just break without any consequences for guns.

14.2 Not Szalai shops Jack, when firing lying down becomes clogged neck store. If you want to wear 2 store, pick up a box of audio cassettes or a plate and scrapie 2 store together (neck
shop oriented in one hand).

14.3 Fuse you can wrap a thick fishing line around to the beginning end of the fuse from the receiver. Will be removed/replaced without noise.

15. It is better to have secretly located 2nd weapon (knife,gun).

16. Should be able to render first honey Polosin know how to ask for a show, read a book on first aid in different situations.

You should have a group of doctors with madamme.
In his medicine chest, above all, must be drip system and 9% sodium chloride solution

Personally, everyone is obliged to have analgesic, anti-shock, antibiotic,
1-2 personal dressing packet(IPP), harness, and preferably 2.
You can tie a bundle of PPIS, placed in the middle of the framework butt on AK. Version 2 of the IPP bound with duct tape on the butt to do something like improvised cheeks .
Wear indicator kit should be in a certain place so as not to waste time looking in the event of injury.
You should also be able to get and stabbing into the vein, and to connect the system.
It is not difficult, but very principled, depends on whether you live to your friend
providing skilled care or die in the field from shock and
blood loss.

17. You should be vaccinated against hepatitis B, tetanus, and from those diseases which are more often found in the region in which you will have to act.

Bet to have a sufficient supply of pills for purifying water (antacid, aquatabs, or others), excellent personal to have a filter for the purification of water by type of mouthpiece.

19. It should be Portable Emergency Supply(NAB).

Which includes:

1. 2-3 condom (placed in a sock, holds about a liter of water),
2. pills for purifying water
3. catalysts (sidnokarb, if not, pills, caffeine benzoate)
4. analgesic, antibiotic
5. boxes of matches (lighter)
6. in the box not counting matches, magnetized needle (implementation as
the compass), a razor blade
7. boxes wrapped with fishing line

All this must be hermetically fastened in the condom or in
sealed plastic bag.

NAE much space does not take, is not asking, but can greatly assist
under certain situations.

20. Have a small repair kit (pair of needle, strong thread, tape,
spare laces).

20. Have a woolen socks in a sealed package (or at least fastened in the package)
close the bags. Will need when feet are wet.

21. If you are going to work in the cool time of year, pricopi chemical thermosteric-diploidy. In the end, chemical reactions, depending on the model, they give off heat for 2 to 8 hours.

22. Have "pathtocheck" (podgornik). it can do itself, from a piece of Mat and
the gum. With it you will be able long to lie, sits on the cool earth.

23. Thou shalt put in the breast pocket a piece of sugar, if you are very tired or hungry-it will help for you. but not grisi and not Krusty them , and ressesive. Glucose is the brain helps..

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Mar 18, 2006, the Creator of Strelok /


MEMO Spy. ( to help survivalist)
Helen Adeyewa

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