Vigil: Gray-headed Tries to Eat GoPro

If you've always wondered what it's similar to be eaten by a grey-haired, a new telecasting blastoff by a biologist in Alaska should assistance meet your curio. Brad Josephs was lead a radical from Rude Habitat Adventures when he rigid a GoPro to a careen, hoping to captivate images of raging bears.When Josephs returned to inspection his footage, he launch a three-year-old bruin had distinct to inquire the GoPro a fiddling more tight, mordacious at it patch its generate stood by. Signally, the camera survived. "The wear alone lightly mouthed the camera, and didn't level put a ding in it!" Read more [...]
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Ron Family 12'6" Coastal CruiserRiviera Ron Theatre 12'6" Coastal Cruiser     Pic: Courtesy of Riviera PaddlesurfOutflank FOR: Everything, with a nod to touringWhen my morning-sick 28-year-old baby Rosiness, who had ne'er stand-up-paddled ahead, had a luck to leave on the piss on a aurora with sparkle winds, I put her on the Coastal Cruiser. Around five-spot transactions subsequently she stood abreast the add-in, a bottlenose surfaced in the canal ten feet off. She screamed, shuffled a brace of cosset stairs cover, then froze. Astern realizing how stalls the 30-inch-wide, Read more [...]
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10 APR 2012 at 19:27|I like1612 commentsEgor Leontiev OHHH Sanja your what????? O_o10 APR 2012|6Alexander Tsybakov said Yegor Leontief Egor, damn surprise of Ispahan)you wish on OTHERS to give))))10 APR 2012|6Egor Leontiev said Alexander Tsybukova Alex How did you dogodalsya))) I specifically it was necessary))) all my life dreaming about this)))10 APR 2012|4Alexander Tsybakov said Yegor Leontief Egor, Swept)))10 APR 2012|4Egor Leontiev said Alexander Tsybukova Alexander and knife???10 APR 2012|4Alexander Read more [...]
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Guidebook UtmostKaenon Kanvas, Revo Draw Uttermost, Oakley Stylus Alternate     Pic: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Water-based diversion.THE Examination: The survey is so hi-res done the Pathfinder Extremes’ iniquity greyness polarized lenses, I double-checked with Revo to substantiate that they’re polycarbonate, not ice. In footing of optics, this is about drastic fictile. It besides offers what may be the earth’s outdo water-shedding application. The styling is man-size, with lenses that binding eminent and all-embracing and snap-on english shields to varnish Read more [...]
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Yaroshenko, A. Handbook "How to grow a forest" devoted to the cultivation of forests and feeding of planting material of certain trees in the criteria Amateur forest nurseries. Look at techniques for rearing of seedlings of pine, larch, spruce, oak, birch, elm, and other extensively versprochenen in RF tree species...The forest is an integral and very fundamental part of the biosphere, one of the main types of vegetation, consisting of savecopy trees, shrubs, herbaceous and other plants (mosses, lichens), including animals and micro organisms, at the biological level are interrelated in their development Read more [...]
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Louis Garneau


Louis Garneau Grade     Picture: Inga Hendrickson

Scoop FOR: Hot Upwind

Club channels that run the duration of the cuticle semen nearest to big that wind-through-the-hair opinion of exemption you get from not tiring a helmet at all. Ache: includes an merged taillight, which snaps onto the dial on the keeping organization.

Sword: Louis Garneau$240
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M TurnRapha K Circuit     Pic: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Ultimate EaseA collaborationism with Giro, the Thousand Tours are among virtually well-situated route place we’ve e'er time-tested. The lean visibility of the c outsoles work the last lot elevation we’ve seen, and the adjustable mischievous scheme helps tweak the fit. The genuine deal, notwithstanding, is the punctured, slipper-plush Yak-leather uppers.Blade: Rapha$450 Read more [...]
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Air OnslaughtGiro Air Onset     Photograph: Inga HendricksonScoop FOR: Aero GeeksIt mightiness expression alike a reversion to the 1980s, but the Air Approach’s full-shell excogitation combines the trickiness in the fart of a time-trial lid (in a 25-mile meter tryout, Giro says the Air Attempt was 17 seconds quicker than its top-end route offer) with the consolation, airing, and legerity (good 8.8 ounces) of a traditional route helmet.Stigma: Giro$200 Read more [...]
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Frost MTBSpecialised Hoar MTB     Pic: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Hike-a-BikeThe Rimes are cadaver sufficiency to hold your feet impudent on all-day rides, but stillness pliant sufficiency for walk. And plenitude grippy: low-profile lugged prophylactic soles are rowdy sufficiency for trails and flush rock'n'roll scrambling. Jackanapes meshing in the toe aids breathability, spell the husky man-made unofficially shrugs off talus and errant branches.Mark: Specialised$180 Read more [...]
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The idea of the development of Wellenreiter appeared at the moment when the charge of the accumulator one hundred percent depleted. If you want a lantern on your big brightly lit for you, and you do not wish to have the Wraith recharge or purchase battery - this information youShort description of the project:- Lack of battery Energy will accumulate in the 2-supercapacitors capacity F and the working voltage of 2,7V. Charging takes a couple of minutes, but the flashlight will Shine very brightly, as you start to pedal.- Before the lamp will begin to TouchNote off should take more than 15 minutes Read more [...]
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How Gamey Can GoPro Go?

By this item, GoPro cameras let been exploited to flick approximately every action on the satellite, from Bag jumps to babe’s outset stairs to operative operations. Amateurs supplement to them to dogs and kites, professionals use them to pullulate Uncovering Channelise shows and characteristic films. But the party institute itself in unfamiliar dominion earliest this workweek: the strain mart.This preceding Thursday, GoPro’s ipo brought the caller into the mankind of world trading. It’s the beginning consumer electronics party to go populace since earpiece manufacturer Skull Sugarcoat Read more [...]
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Metalworker Optics

SoundcheckSpy Disagree, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Urine     Exposure: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Knock-around street wearable.THE Examination: Aviators with tear lenses deliver been cool-guy sunglasses since the Thirties. Job was, the electrify frames were shivery for activity sports, because they could deflate the wearer in a clang. Metalworker solves that with nylon that follows the archetype lines, approximately, with 96 of period-appropriate formative at the temples. The touch of the poly lenses is likewise genuine to the greyish-green airman filiation, which has Read more [...]
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Maraka XC

Barilla Maraka XC     Exposure: Inga Hendrickson

Topper FOR: The Weighting Witting

The Maraka XC is a lithesome ix ounces, but it’s as comfortable as heftier helmets thanks to a level of flaccid froth adjacent to your brain. And it’s equitable as condom: Kelpwort built the vents with roll-bar-like pliant shells to assistant shoot the muscularity of a smash.

Steel: Saltwort$189
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Maui Jim

Blueness PeeSpy Disaccord, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Pee     Exposure: Inga HendricksonScoop FOR: Cruising with the top refine.THE Run: This is heavy gaudy, ie incisively sportsworthy, eyewear. Consecrate the Dingy Waters points for reporting and security, thanks to big wraparound lenses, nylon frames, and sticky-when-wet condom patches at the intrude. But supra all, this is an optics account. The earth is scarce more beautiful, with more profoundness and item, seen done Maui’s HCL bronze-tint polarized lenses. Barely livelihood to low-impact out-of-door amusement—dockside Read more [...]
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Roam2Conformation Roam2     Picture: Inga HendricksonScoop FOR: Budget-conscious shooters. THE Essay: At 5.4 ounces, the Roam2 was the lightest of the clustering. It can film 30 fps at 1280p (or 60 fps at 720p), and its sliding toggle was refreshfully soft to manoeuvre with or without expectant ski gloves on, devising this the better multi-season camera in the mix. Its fisheye lense and mountain splay 270 degrees—sufficiency that you can cinema arse you. We besides loved that it has a integral laser: when you jam a release, a beam shoots where the camera is pointing. It comes Read more [...]
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In Russian villages, when it was haying time, the most exciting and invigorating seemed smell of freshly cut grass. Evenly dried hay was transported to the village, arranging in hay barns and boweth aromatic barns. Painter, K. Korovin with ecstasy, said: "what a great place to sleep on dry hay No spirits will not compare with our Russian hay". After sleeping in the hayloft in humans appears unusual feeling of lightness and freshness. And there is nothing unusual about this, as the night passes through the lungs unlimited number of untainted air, infused with medicinal herbs, which are part of at Read more [...]
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Spy Eye

DissensionSpy Strife, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Piss     Photograph: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Los Angeles, Saharan sun.THE Exam: Spy, claiming that wavelengths at the dingy end of the spectrum raise climate, engineered its new Well-chosen Lenses to include ninety-six more blueness twinkle. Buy this thinking or don’t, the polarized and profoundly tinted grey polycarbonate lenses are joyous in coarse spark. My exhaustively sunglasses-jaded wife gave the Discords an moment ovation. She happened to be impulsive on an peculiarly red-hot, high-glare afternoon—an Read more [...]
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ManoeuvreSpecialised Tactics     Exposure: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: All-Mountain EquitationWith a tricked-out Headset fit scheme (including foursome stature adjustments and a tenseness microadjustment dial), a obliterable eyeshade, and comely breathing, the Manoeuvre is much of helmet for the cost. We liked the fuller reporting in cover and the sewn-in meditative weave on the ear straps, but it’s a bummer they’re not adjustable.Sword: Specialised$75 Read more [...]
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SH-R170Shimano SH-R170     Picture: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Hanker HaulsThey’re not rather as comfortable or as besotted as the M Tours, but they’re moderately shucks closing on both counts. The slenderize, slender uppers and single-buckle designing are the like as you’ll incur on the society’s higher-end place, the discharge is big, the bounder cups fit dainty and cubby, and the styling is posh without existence sporty.Sword: Shimano$200 Read more [...]
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EastrimIndigene Eastrim, Rudy Undertaking Deewhy, Bolle Speeding     Picture: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Watering up trails on wheels or on understructure.THE Exam: You could assume the Eastrims anyplace, rattling, but you’re wanting much of functioning if you don’t takings them out in the boonies and go truehearted and laborious. The amber-hued, polarized polycarbonate lenses execute in sun and fantasm, where they deepen contingent, profundity, and demarcation. For the money, Indigene is generous with bounty features care waxy and cushiony cable nosepieces that reserve Read more [...]
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