SOAP AND SHAMPOO OUR Protcol ( or thoughts about ash )

and again ash.. it Seems all of us have been fooled by a fixed 10s of years ago, chemistry, instead of real soap, which was washed Suzuka our forefathers , and were beautiful and healthy.

On ash, we have already read and know that it can be used to wash and clean tableware , and now we will talk about how to make soap and shampoo from ash, which you can use myself.
First, we need liquor.. Remember how to cook it:

Lye — solution of the ash in the water. Use wood ash only deciduous trees.

To obtain liquor can 2 methods : cool and hot.

Frogley : ash screened in order to release her from Graziosi, large pieces of debris and unwanted impurities.

Pour it in a bucket and fill with water.
The proportion will be this 2/3 ash+1/3 part water.
This mixture should not be touched (disturb) 3 days. During this period of time the mixture will exfoliate and the top will be liquor and ash will settle to the bottom.

2. Hot :

Hot method, a mixture of water and ash boil for 2-3 hours, and later defend and also strain.

The resulting almost clear gel is ash soap
but it is very concentrated. And use it in this form it cannot

For use in aqueous form in the wash-we breed liquor 1 to 10

and to wash? AND SHAMPOO ?

Curious to experience dobavlenie in our purchased ash lye herbal decoctions.

If in place of water when diluting or cooking use decoctions of herbs? can you imagine ? nettle, chamomile, sage, rosemary, thyme , yarrow, etc… and maybe birch tar, Shamrock..
in General the imagination and desires of the end result.

Logically, adding broth of herbs , diluting our liquor , and we will get herbal super-shampoo )

It is clear why our protcol until deep old age were beautiful and thick hair , and dandruff no generally no 1 mentioned in the Chronicles.

* If we wish to obtain from the ash of the hard soap, the recipe is as follows:


take 2 liters of liquor per 1 kg of pork fat
(you can use another fat).

All this mix and cook for more than 8 hours, stirring constantly. At first, appears liquid soap "potash".

And that came out normal us hard soap, add salt, a good handful.
On the surface you will handle all Mus, and the soap will separate. The so-called sound soap.

It should be caught and put into the form. If nothing to add , when cured, cut it into pieces and get the Laundry soap.

And If before the layout in forms, add useful components: caring oils, glycerol esters, etc. will be specifically soap .

You can go in the bath 😉

It’s time to break out of the ambush scientific delirium at will to almost forgotten natural nezapyatannoy and healthy life, created : so that ennoble her — only to spoil.

If you tried to get to cook this is the magic of nature, be sure to write in the comments


SOAP AND SHAMPOO OUR Protcol ( or thoughts about ash )
Helen Adeyewa

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