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The division of the KGB-FSB against terrorism, better known under the title Group "Alpha" . created in HAB.

In private practice, she uses a unique Russian and zabugornyh experience, using new standards, tools and special equipment.

Equipped with only the officers. Increased emphasis on moral and volitional qualities, and ability to work in a team.

EVERY WORD WRITTEN IN the Theorem WITH the BLOOD of warriors:

1. Sweat saves blood.

2. The volume of the biceps at the speed of a bullet impact.

3. The gun is only a working tool — the tool yourself.

4. To result in a normal battle, do not need gun, and the head of the employee.

5. The main value of the anti-terror unit is instructors.

6. If the step of selecting a mistake, no sense in training.

7. Equipment, as well as life — no price.

8. Overcomes not one who shoots first and who hits first.

9. For gaps in fire training evaluation."bad" in battle puts a bullet of the enemy.

10. A weapon is not the source of exaggerated threats and your friend and a working tool.

11. The best gun is the one you use.

12. Your ability is the best fuse.

13. Level arrow is his worst shot.

14. The best gun is the machine.

15. The gun is needed in order to reach your own machine, which didn’t have anywhere to leave

16. The basic means of training the anti-terror unit is close to reality prof training.

17. The darkness — one prepared employee.

18. Afraid to use the weapon in mass? Get up on skis

19. Errors in the strategy can be corrected fast and accurate shooting; errors in shooting can improve anything.

20. Be a specialist in the battle, let the enemy will die a hero.

21. The power of the spetsnaz in the muscles and in the brain.

22. Kill the enemy craft, and be forced to shoot himself — art.

23. All of the commandos were killed in a fire contact, and not in close combat.

24. If fire contact you came to change the store means, the earlier you are very much missed.

25. No one can miss so rapidly, so that someone can overcome.

26. The main means of combating terrorists is the instrument, the rest is secondary.

27. Effective fire clear fire.

28. Nothing will change quick and accurate shot.

29. TEST:
Night, a distance of 15 meters
Purpose — the head of a terrorist.
Hostage — your child.
Answer: Yes — worker; No — sportsman-discharger

30. The employee of the Department of anti-terrorism — the owner of each own shot.

31. Treat every shot as if it were unique.

32. You missed? Welcome to the Military Prosecutor’s office

33. A good combination of events reinforce bad strategy.

34. The main quality of the employee — the ability to rapidly make an informed decision and make quick and accurate shot, all the criteria and all distances to conduct a real fire.

35. What is your shot is worth re-shot.

36. The anti-terror unit — higher prof specialization and special squads.

37. It is not necessary to rapidly disassemble the instrument, it is necessary to rapidly shoot it.

38. Mental clock — balance accuracy and speed.

39. Worse penalties can only be a slow bloomer.

40. It makes no sense to shoot faster than they can get.

41. Nothing motivates like what you shot and missed.

42. It is better to get from PM than twice miss from Glock.

43. The rate of firing to the tomb of the employee will not be beat.

44. Tools, disk imaging and ammo is never too much.

45. If the terrorist is at a distance of 100 m immediately to get to one knee by a bullet 5.45 mm, and in another — 7.62 mm, the differences he sees.

46. To overcome and survive to defeat again

47. Spetsnaz — quality, not quantity.

48. Effective anti-terror unit cannot be done by command — needed decades.

49. People are more important than technology.

50. Officer, instrument, equipment, tools, personal protection and communication are equal elements of the military complex.

51. In close combat overcomes one who has more ammo.

52. You above all the uninitiated — improve, to be the first in the middle of knowledgeable

53. Sending soldiers to war unprepared, we commit them.

54. Military science asks the courage and presence of mind, competence, undying genius, tireless research and absorbed the experience of all areas of military Affairs.

think of these axioms the survivalist is that the gather / /


29 July 1974 YU.V. Andropov signed a decree on the development of the Group "And" The 5th division of the 7th management. The first commander was appointed Vitaly Learnt, Hero of the Russian Union. Group "And" the first consisted of 30 people. The main task of the group — localization and suppression of acts of terror and other especially criminal attacks.

27 December 1979 together with fighters from the group "Zenith" with the support of Marines and soldiers "Muslim battalion" officers Group "And" 40 three moments captured perfectly fortified Palace amine in Afghanistan. This military operation, in which the Group "And" lost 2 fighters, has no analogues.

August 19, 1991, the Group "And" by refusing role in the storming of the White house, warned the death of thousand of people and likely the beginning of a civilian war.

October 4, 1993 criteria acute political crisis Group "And" on its own initiative, began negotiations and executed the output from the White house of deputies of the Supreme Council and defenders of the Russian Parliament, preventing the development of the conflict in a more bloody drama.

Group "And" spent 10s of combat operations to liberate the hostages. Passed all "hot" point in the area of the former Russian Union and the Russian Federation. During this period of time the unit has few generations, continuing the military tradition "Alpha".

With the 2nd half of the 90th division "Alpha" intensively involved in counterterrorist operations in the North Caucasus.

October 26, 2002 "Nord-OST". Management "And" and Management "In" CTS FSB freed the hostages captured by a gang of Movsar Barayev. All the bandits destroyed. This event marked the final failure of the policy of military pressure on Russia and its management by international terrorism.
In September 2004, the special operation to free hostages in a school in the North Ossetian town of Beslan.

Group "And" at different times were in structure:

1974-1991 years of the 7th Directorate of the KGB under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.
August-November 1991 — safety and health Administration in the Executive office of the President of the USSR.
November 1991-1995 — Head of Department of protection of the Russian Federation (GUO).


In the status Management "And" was composed of:

1995-1997 — Protivoaritmicheskih center of the FSB.
1997-1998 — the Department for the protection of the constitutional system and the fight against terrorism FSB.
Since 1998 — Management "And" comes in a special purpose FSB.

Commanders group "And":

The learnt by Vitaly Dmitrievich 05.09.1974-29.04.1977
Yvon Robert p. 29.04.1977-10.11.1977
Zaitsev Gennady 10.11.1977-04.11.1988
Karpukhin Viktor 04.11.1988-23.08.1991
Golovatov Misha V. 23.08.1991-26.06.1992
Zaitsev Gennady 04.07.1992-31.12.1995
Gusev Alexander Vladimirovich 31.12.1995-08.10.1998
Miroshnichenko Alexander 08.10.1998-18.12.1999
Andreev, Valentin Grigoryevich 18.12.1999-19.06.2003
Vinokurov Vladimir Nikolaevich 19.06.2003 — 19.03.2014
Kanakin Valery Vladimirovich. 19.03.2014 — till present.


Armed groups is a tool in the main Russian production: Kalashnikov AK-74, AEK-971, an-94 «Abakan», compact machines 9A-91, submachine guns AEK-C «Chestnut», PP-91 Kedr PP-19 «Bizon», pistols PMM, GSH-18, MP-443 «Grach», Czech CZ75 pistols, machine guns RPK-74, RPG-7, AGS-30, GP-25, RG-630, sniper rifles WWS-96 and SVD, special carbines KS-23M «Blackbird» and more.


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