At least some people must have a supply of strength of the body. Disease and depression, lethargy and weak reaction, poor coordination, poor stamina and inability to exercise is a result of low personal physical fitness.

Your physical conditioning leaves covet the best. Do not despair, all is not lost, if you want to improve health, improve it, to keep in shape, learn and make it a lifestyle system total physical quenching (SOPS).

That still includes SOFT? It is the personal physical exercises;

» running (Jogging, racing, hurdles);

» passing exercise (at home, on the way to work, at work, on the way from work);

» the hardening of the body;

» the system of personal physical control.

The story will focus on the last section SOPS.

1. The system of personal physical control (SIFC). Contains tests and immediately complexes of physical exercises that success can be used as a daily. To agitate for health does not come in my puzzles. The system was successfully applied in practice with young people between 18-25 years old and older, and it has stood the test. Tests and exercises prepared by scientists and specialists in physical training, including professional army NATO.

More than the necessary physical properties are General strength and endurance. Offer For you to test yourself.


The level of development of such qualities as endurance, you can find test K. Cooper (12-minute continuous run). It need to have a stable (or marked in kilometres and metres) distance, stopwatch and subjects.

Acquired results in kilometers in 12 minutes of running should be compared with data proposed tables and to find an estimate of the level of development of endurance (excellent, good, satisfactory). When running clothes should be sporty. On bad weather amendments not done.

Testing is best done on the stadium, but in the woods, on the roads and in any other comfortable place. By the time this test is not very long, is quite simple and comfortable.

Scheme assessment test K. Cooper presented in table 1.
This method allows you to test yourself with a stopwatch in hand, without the help of others.


A more informative test of the level of development of strength endurance guys to 36 years is a complex consisting of 4 types of General developmental exercises.

Each exercise I do 10 times with higher technical quality of performance under the account of the teacher (instructor) without a break for rest (10+10+10 + 10 times). The pace of calculating the average. The initial position of the beginning of the test — stop squatting.

SIMP. 1. Push-UPS in a lying position on the floor 10 times.

SIMP. 2. Transitions from stop sitting in a push-up position and back 10 times. At the end of the exercise, lie on your back.

SIMP. 3. The translation of the legs between the arms forward and back in the position of the stop squatting to 10 times.
After the 10th of the exercise — stop squatting.

SIMP. 4. Jump up from the initial position sitting on his haunches, hands behind his head, one foot a little in front of the other. Jump low, but to complete the straightening of the legs and body. Landing, to change the position of the feet. Hands — all 10 jumps per head.

The methodology of the test should run for re-execution of the same complex, also starting with the first exercise. And the way to perform multiple episodes ordered. For training young men can one instructor to calculate the results for the whole group. The test should be assigned to 1 meter for 2 subjects.


Using this test we can accurately find the level of development of the power properties of guys ages to 31 and 36 years.

The trial consists of 5 strength exercises. Test condition: all the exercises needed to make the most amount of time with the highest level of technical execution.

The content of test No. 3 and the methodology:

SIMP. 1. Pulling up on the bar grip to the top.

SIMP. 2. Jumping up from a sitting position on his heels, hands behind his head, one foot ahead; the jump is not very high, but until the full straightening of the legs and body. After each jump, the position of the legs to change.

SIMP. 3. The push-in push-up position on the floor, touching the chest floor, arms bending deepest, full, and torso straight.

After completing these exercises, the subjects were given the rest 5-10 minutes

SIMP. 4. Lifting the body from a position lying on back, hands behind his head in a sitting position; when stooping should alternately elbows touch the knees: left elbow to right knee and Vice versa. The number of repetitions of the greatest within 2 minutes of Foot holds and presses to the floor partner.

SIMP. 5. The last exercise is the transition from the stop squatting position stop lying and back — is also the greatest amount of time for 60 sec.
Characteristics test determines through arithmetic calculation, evaluating each exercise separately and summing 5 ratings tab. 3.

As the table shows, for example, «excellent» can be equated to the standard 500 points (upper limit) and 375 points (lower limit).

As the primary methodology for determining the fat or weight in the human body without it in certain Western countries adopted caliberate — the fat content is calculated by the thickness of the skin-fat folds, measured using a device (caliper) over the biceps and triceps muscles of the right shoulder, over the angle of the right scapula and right in the middle of the inguinal region.

The calculation of the fat content in the body of a man regardless of his age is in table 4. This is determined by the sum of the measured values of the folds.

This methodical approach, but with proper tables, is used to assess the physical condition of the dam. Not counting the instrumental method, requiring the presence of caliper, used and common calculation methods.

So, in the Navy the fat content in the body (W) is determined by way of measuring circles on the subsequent formulas (in cm): u guys W = 0,74 coolant — 1,249 OSH + 0,528; dam W = 1,6051 ABOUT — 1,522 OP 0,879 OSH 4-0,326 EXP +0,597 HBS + 0,707 — where ABOUT the circumference of the biceps when bent arm; OP — arm circumference; OSH —
— circumference of the neck, coolant — tummy circumference; HBS — circle legs.

From time to time used the formula to determine body mass without regard to adipose tissue (table 4).
Where TMT — lean body mass, kg; R — growth, cm; ABOUT the circumference of the biceps when flexed his hand, cm; OP — arm circumference, cm; W — fat content, %; body mass, kg
The survey showed that the average content of fat guys 21%, with the ladies — 30%, with an average age of those and other 27-28 years. With regard to age were assigned a standard fat content:

Creator: C. C. Braslavsky, major special forces of the Russian Federation



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