HOW to MAKE the Right And Fragrant TEA BERENDEY

Plants, from which you can cook savory and need tea, it is clear a huge amount. In most cases this is used fresh or dried leaves, flowers, berries and roots. If you let the leaves and flowers to soak up the warmth of human hands, the tea will get much more fragrant and delicious.

Usually the collection of leaves and plants, applicable for tea, not a difficulty. This approach leaves of currant, raspberry, Apple, strawberry, willow-herb, mint, blackberries, cherries, cherry, Heather, St. John’s wort, meadowsweet, tansy, oregano, wood sorrel, etc. in fact, you can actually brew tea from all the leaves and flowers. If you are intrigued by the plant, try it for taste: felt sourness, tartness, unique odor, can easily use it for tea.

[] The only advice: if the plant is for you it is unclear, try to find its description in the directory — if it is poisonous or has some characteristics that you personally undesirable.

Processing of leaves and plants for ordinary tea and asks a lot of time. This fermentation (fermentation), giving the forest a unique smell. Collected leaves and flowers need a little probality. Rather, if they will lie down in the shade on the breeze 5-8 hours, depending on the thickness of the leaves. It is necessary that the leaves have lost some water but do not dry, but soft and not brittle.

Large sheets one at a time, and small — for a few pieces immediately begin to twist and roll (twist) in the palms. The leaves should be covered by the juice and become a little sticky. In this case, their collapse intercellular communication and exposed to air will begin the fermentation process. Twist you into tubes or beads as you like. Can be combined: for example, in the mashed piece of Apple to put a small leaf tansy, wormwood or a few plants of Hypericum. The scope for experimentation wide, it all depends on your imagination.

Curled sheets are folded into tight, but not compacted together, and covered with a damp cloth. In this position they stand 8-12 hours, giving juice to wander. Then the leaves should be dry, with rapidly so that they do not zachys. This can be done on the baking sheet in the oven at a temperature of 70-90 degrees either in the sun for repeated mixing. If the leaves are folded into a longish tube, before drying them can be cut or break into several pieces.

With this method of processing the leaves and flowers lose grassy smell, but have a unique smell which is not present in raw materials, past the ordinary drying in the shade. Interestingly, and color of tea in this case will be more intense.

There is another unique method of manufacture of leaves and plants for welding. According to the view of the experienced herbalists in this case, the result will be even better. My grandmother, preparing saved welding tea Berendey (as it was called), the dried leaves were placed in a metal pot (the pot) and put in hot Russian oven 10-12 hours. For lack of a Russian furnace and chugunka I similar did in the electric furnace, using a huge clay utyatnitsu. The temperature was kept 60 degrees.

After the raw material is thoroughly will prophetsa, it is poured out on a baking sheet or a huge cutting Board and allow to cool. Then follows the process of twisting in his hands and drying, as in the last method. By the way, about this method of fireweed (fireweed) in his time made a pretense of real Chinese tea.

Cooked leaves for tea Berendey keep it in a tightly sealed container, in a cool, dry area away from very smelling products in cans or boxes. With all this in advance, you can mix the various sheets or store them on a separate and connect, if there is such a desire, already before brewing. Unique taste goes, if you brew together with the leaves of wild strawberry, BlackBerry, raspberry, currant properly dried berries.

Leaves for drying and fermentation can provide all summer, until they begin to turn yellow, but it is better to consider the characteristics of plants. The leaves of raspberry, currant, BlackBerry, fireweed is better to take in the first half of summer, when they are more fragrant. And wild strawberry leaves, on the contrary, it is better to collect first enlighten when they «have» the greatest number of desired substances.

In Russia have always loved to oceanicity and knew a lot of recipes fragrant and need teas. Recipes tea from nature’s gifts can be found in reference books, but a lot more fun to think of them without the help of others, experimenting with different plants. By the way, the leaves of birch and Rowan, young (fluff) needles Christmas trees, pine, juniper or fir when used in small quantities, will give the tea a typical smell.

Do not be lazy to spend a few hours on the collection and processing of leaves and plants, and in winter you will have the opportunity to enjoy tea Berendey, the smell of which will remind you about the summer.
* * *

To tea herbs include: Ivan-tea (Koporye tea, strawberry, raspberry (leaf), black currant (leaf), Apple (leaf), BlackBerry (sheet), bilberry (leaf), cherry (sheet), lime, cranberry kidney, oregano, Heather (shoots), thyme, meadowsweet, bergenia, rose petals or rose hips, peppermint, Woodruff, yarrow, Jasmine — drinks of these herbs in different combinations and separately for centuries drank in Russia. They tested for centuries.

The tea leaves are used fresh and dried leaves.

Leaves cranberries and blueberries are harvested in may-July, blackberries in June-July, fireweed — all summer, apples and cherries in August-September, wild raspberries all summer.

The teas Berendey are also drink of the fruit of the mountain ash, wild rose, blackthorn, hawthorn, wild Apple trees.

Beautiful tea comes from the roots of dandelion and chicory. Roots dig ranessa spring or late autumn. During the period of rest in their more nutrients. Substitute tea can be a conventional carrots grown in the garden. Dug roots are washed, peeled, cut into small pieces, dried and roasted.

Leaf collection are in clear dry weather. Leaves not connect. The sun does not leave.

The 1st method of manufacturing:

Dried leaves cut into tea leaves and a little roasted in the oven. When roasting sheet loses its natural color, dark and welding gives a pleasant brew.

Beautiful color have kipany, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant and Apple teas.

The 2nd method of manufacturing:

Fermentation is a more difficult method of processing a new leaf. This method of preparing the leaves of fireweed, strawberry, raspberry, BlackBerry, cherry, Apple.

The collected leaves initially podvalivaet, that they have lost a part of water (put them in shade for 3 to 5 hours). Then the dried leaves are rolled in the palms and rolled on the table until such time as they become sticky and wettish. Speaking of green juice — a sign that the air will begin oxidation processes.

Twisted sheets put in a box, top cover natural moist cloth and leave to ferment for 7 to 9 hours. Then the leaves are spread on a baking sheet and dry in the oven).

Welding of leaves that have undergone fermentation, gives a savory, perfectly painted infusion, without herbal aroma and flavor.


HOW to MAKE the Right And Fragrant TEA BERENDEY

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