GROUP Strategy.

Acting town mobile groups, having a reliable connection, together, you should take them house by house, the attic with attic, leaving the already occupied buildings heavies, snipers, so there is not dropped in the enemy and not hit back.

Covering fire — the law of war. Two groups, supporting each other by the fire, more reach and will have less loss than the group of a larger composition, but which nobody covers and nepodderghivaet.

A small unit you can never break away from its own can cut off to kill. In each group (platoon) to create subgroups ("deuces", "three").

• a) movement along the street on foot.

When moving the unit (group) along the street on foot machine moving on both sides, along the walls at a distance of 6-7 (in some cases 3-4) m from each other, throws from shelter to shelter.

Peripheral vision constantly locking the likely movement in the attics, Windows, balconies, also to be ready to jump into the shelter, which may be concrete curb, burnt machine, ditch, etc.

During their movement heavy (or heavy), remaining with the rear supports and covers the unit (group) fire, shooting to defeat or indirect fire small bursts, of all places, where seen by enemy fire. Grenade is next to the gunner and destroy fortified and unsafe tools enemy machine-gun nests and snipers.

When a unit (group) has moved forward at 60-70 m, took cover and opened fire, pulled the group cover.

Gunners firing at targets placed on the opposite side of the street, not separative to keep under control the situation behind him. Group cover also should not lose attentiveness — the enemy may seem in the rear.

• b) the movement on the street division with combat equipment.

The unit (group), moving through the streets under the guise of a specific sector, which is sent forward along the route to the removal of 100 — 200 m

Technology is moving stream along the walls, the fences, the Department at all it usually moves along one side of the street and platoon (company) — on both sides, through mutual support by fire on buildings placed on the reverse side streets.

Dependent on the situation, the personnel may act on foot, landing on the armor is in the troop compartment of military equipment.

When the action on foot personnel moves on the same level with the combat technique, using her armor from enemy fire. With all this personnel can move 2 methods:

on the sidewalks, clinging to the walls of the houses, fences (applies in cases where the movement is carried out along the streets with adjacent high-rise buildings);

on roadway (used when driving on population PT with low-rise buildings).

Observation when driving on the street organized by tier. All the opposite side of the street should be under observation and fire.

On the armor you need to have opened the boxes of ammunition and grenades for a quick recharge during combat.

On wide streets in armored vehicles moving in pairs on opposite sides of the street, and through the narrow streets — "snake" pressed against the walls of the buildings. The usual distance between brontobyte 50 — 70 m

If during the fight one of the machines fails, the other machine is stopped and the fire place provides its repair (evacuation).

Upon detection of enemy fire is for all floors, basements and roofs of buildings. In addition, the fire of the infantry guns, grenades destroyed the enemy in the basements of buildings located on "own" side of the street.

Immediately with the advancement of the main forces along the streets of the subdivision, not involved in the assault, produce "cleaning" adjacent blocks from the small groups of the enemy you need to follow the next rules:

1. The spies must properly install, do the right and left other units.

2. Strictly observe the front line, no one can keep up and not get ahead.

3. Not to keep an untested objects.

Cleared of enemy buildings fixed specially assigned units of the composition of the second echelons.

• in) acts in the capture structure.

When the assault capture some object to approach him should fire support group cover.

It is ideal for penetration into the building occupied by the enemy, to use the cracks in the walls, done in the process of fire storm. For these purposes need to be attracted tanks and guns, the leading direct fire, installation ATGM etc.

To break into the building, immediately behind the breaks own grenades, but you should keep in mind that this grenade, the enemy can manage to throw back.

At the time of the throw should give the command "Shards" to alert his comrades. If the grenade thrown by the enemy, the command "The pineapple".

1st of rushing into the room abruptly depart in the side of the entrance and firing on all darkened and unsafe places. The task is the first to burst into the room to give an opportunity to break the main forces of the unit (group), to clear a path of fire to cover them. Later, after cocking the gun they will move in the 2nd tier. Ammunition for a breakthrough in the building required much.

After capturing the location painstakingly examined. One of the soldiers at this moment provides covering fire, taking position near the doorway outside.

In the process of conducting similar actions are set in advance commands and signals that military personnel indicate their location and procedure.

After completing the inspection, the unit commander submits a command "Pure" and then "Go" informing the external cover on the output of the group of premises. Examined the location indicated by a sign installed. In the process of movement up and down the stairs command "Rise" or "Down".

More appropriate direction "Stripping" structure is the direction "from top to bottom" because in this case the enemy will be forced out of the building and destroyed. In the case of "Stripping" "bottom-up" the opponent may strengthen on the upper floors or to go on the roofs of buildings.

In the process of brainstorming for penetration in buildings can be used different tools at hand: portable ladders and "cats" water and drainage pipes, roofs and Windows of adjoining buildings, growing near the trees, and even helicopters. The capture must occur very rapidly, overwhelming pressure from the first test.

Storm conduct, not paying attention to the loss of every soldier assault groups should be used. Not a step back there is no way Back. Only forward. Head — fire It has on the enemy demoralizing effect.

When the failed assault on the 2nd attack will be ineffective. The enemy becomes possible to analyze the situation and get your bearings. The combat experience points — 2nd time in attack to climb harder.

Loss of personnel during the second storm will be more. The trouble will affect the fate of their own pokalecheni comrades, the remaining occupied by the enemy object.

In the room, just left by the enemy, be careful (can be "stretch marks'), doors of rooms try not to open hand (have the ability to stick or rope 10 meters).
The bodies can be mined, just like VCRs, tape recorders, mailboxes shivananju, curtains on the Windows (the explosive charge explodes when OTDELENIE) etc.

Very often the enemy closes the front door into the living quarters on the key inside. This is a dangerous technique. Inexperienced soldiers accumulate near the door, decide what to do next, trying butts to knock the door. And get through the door all at the level of the belly.

In the correct version of the castle fired off shots from a machine (when shooting from the AKS-74 be careful — there are unpredictable bounce). Attackers are on the edges of the door.

After shooting the lock the door opens a kick to the side, right into the open door thrown the grenade. After its explosion assault team conspicuous sharp bursts into the room, the soldiers immediately move away from the doorway, locking the peripheral vision of the situation, if necessary using the instrument. Again, the main problem of the first who broke into the room, to provide covering fire to other soldiers of the assault group.

To distract the enemy in the room, before you burst into the room, open the door, certainly not directly, but to the side, throws some big — cap, coat, overcoat and so on the 1st of
storming breaks into the room through the open door to the side, hunched over, to the side opposite of where he had thrown distracting the subject.

Don’t come close to Windows, better stay with the side open bays in the hallways and bathrooms overcome, crouching, running: there is no guarantee that with the adjacent building at this location does not watch the sniper.

For penetration into an adjoining room (apartment), do the cracks in the temporary construction wall panels (kitchens, toilets, bathrooms etc), also use the balconies and loggias.

For the destruction of the enemy flanking the entrance, use the cracks in the walls, through which you can seep into the space adjacent to the entrance, without going outside.

You should always strive to storm the enemy down, why through the cracks in the ceiling joists need to infiltrate the upper against the enemy floors, throw grenades and assault.

When the actions of the stairs to the upper floors of the structure to break follows, snuggling back against the wall, just right for breaks own grenades.

In the building, in the basement, in the attic don’t make a noise, what can not see the eyes, can hear the ear, moan, murmur, lazagne shutter and other relevant sounds.

The work of each member of the assault groups need to discuss in advance. The unit should constantly develop different options, so that each did their work without a team and was ready to change eliminated from the ranks of the companions.

If you took the building immediately sacredsites in it. Zabaikalye lower floors and basements. Determine the sector of fire.

The fire system determine so that you alternately shoot from different firing positions, do not allow the enemy to zero and make the wrong idea about your numerical advantage. Several buildings, overlapping sectors of fire to each other, form a truly impregnable fortress.

The reference point is the base for the upcoming coming, shelter for pokalecheni, the opportunity to defend themselves in case of aggravation of the situation.

Do not leave at the rear of uncontrolled objects — they can be re-occupied by the enemy.

Radio communication in preparation for the assault should be silent. During the storm it should work in all departments is true — is impossible without changing the situation.


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