The opportunity to get ambushed while respecting the rules of movement is very little. The template acts, the traffic on the roads, the neglect of discipline and disguise are more versprochenen reasons for falling into an ambush. When getting ambushed more essential factors are the speed, firepower and determination. You should pay same attention to the development antiacademic action, like any other.
Ambushes on the roads. Your deeds will be determined by the subsequent factors:

A. The numbers of the enemy and the military order of the ambush.
B. Destruction of enemy positions.
century, the Time of day.
, the Character of the terrain (slope of the terrain, a street in the city PT and so on).

You need to follow the next rules:

A. You are very close to the location of the ambush, the only chance is the breakthrough in the order of battle of the enemy with fire in his probable positions.
B. At a greater distance (200 meters and more) is applied everyday actions to take when dealing with the enemy.
century of the Night need to rapidly adopt the prone position and crawl out of the affected area.
, Use every opportunity, for example thick bushes, to exit the affected area.
D. Remember Your life is depending on the speed and decisiveness of action.

Ambush in open areas. Ambushes are usually organized to nearby water sources, while the pursuit of the enemy, when crossing borders, and in cases where the opponent has found you first and organized the ambush on the move. The procedure is usually the same as with ordinary meeting with the enemy. Usually in the affected area is only part of the group. With all of this, the rest of the group decides to counter-attack the flank of the enemy, to give his friends an opportunity to exit the affected area.


It is not that other, as a sudden attack of the enemy. The enemy is seen first, given the set signal and the group organizes an ambush on the move.

The order of actions. Personal composition of the group should be faster to deploy in a line without excessive noise and nenadovich movements. For ability, the enemy must be attacked in the flank. The group commander waits until the enemy is in a certain position. Upon detection by the enemy someone from the group opens fire immediately. If enemy forces are significantly superior forces group, it is necessary to put a massive fire attack and retreat until the moment when the opponent will obamacrats and will undertake response actions.

EVACUATION Pokalecheni

The order of actions.

A. The ability wounded must say own partner about their condition. This message must be sent to the commander of the group as faster.
B. If the situation is going well, the group continues to perform the tasks and varchives for the wounded after its execution. When a sufficient number of its members is allocated reserve, one of the obligations which is to care for the wounded.
C. If the victim able to provide for themselves first aid without the help of others, he must do it. Very many people the way it has saved their lives.
, If the victim is armed group tool, which is necessary for execution of tasks, it should be taken by his companion.
D. Companion wounded should keep in mind where he had left his own comrade.
that is, If the situation is in vain and waste are inevitable, you need to follow the next rules:

Informyou commander about the presence of the wounded immediately. The word "wounded" when departure means that the whole group should finish the movement, again to take order of battle in a line and open fire on the enemy.
Naiblezhayshie to the wounded man to the left and right fighters should immediately be nominated to it, while others continue to be intense enemy fire.
The order to evacuate the wounded from under enemy fire, subsequent:
Flip it on its back.
Two soldiers, holding the wounded man for his equipment and shoulders, pull him out of the fire.
Do not leave the property injured.
As "deuce" with the wounded ready to go, the group resumes waste.
W. After exiting under enemy fire one fighter takes the wounded shoulder, and the other his weapon and equipment.
C. When waste must always keep in mind the subsequent:

The wounded never leave.
Try to take all the property.

Flushing rigs during the collision with the enemy has a lot of both benefits and drawbacks, but, still, you need to follow the next rules.

The General rule.

A. The bag is not removed until such time as you will not take his place in the band together with his friends. He was only at the command of the commander, after he decided to attack the enemy. The duty of each soldier is remembering where he left his own satchel.
B. With the attack on the move all the bags are left in one place.
century Satchel throws only in exceptional cases.

The Loss Of A Fighter

If all the rules of negotiation in battle are, no one will ever be lost. Below is some background leading to the loss of fighters.

A. Both companion was lost.
B. Failure to comply with the rules of negotiation in battle.
C. the Missing control over the people.
was Wounded was not seen (wine companion).

The General rule. Tactical situation and in this case will determine the course of action. The following are General rules:

A. If OU wins the clash, immediately call mate lost soldier:

Find out where he saw him last.
Send him and another 1st fighter back to search for the missing.
If the search was not a success, organize a thorough combing the area.
If in this case, the search did not yield any result, informyou superior officer and go to the collection point.
B. If the unit is forced to retreat and someone went to the collection point, you need to follow the subsequent procedure:

Proynformyruet higher commander.
Try to find where he witnessed in recent times.
Went out a few "twos" to search a specific vicinity.
Cause the disposition of enemy action method reconnaissance:
If the opponent is left — organize the search.
If the opponent is still in a particular vicinity, decide incorrect attack part of the forces, the other part of the lead search.
If there is an assumption that the lost and captured by the opponent:
preprime attack on the enemy, if he’s still in the area;
call air strike on the enemy in order to give the prisoner the opportunity to escape.
C. Remember: everyone has to return to job, living or dead, but everyone. Never leave.


Due to the fact that upon failure to comply with the above rules, you may receive the chaos and confusion, this issue should be given special attention in the course of employment. Moreover, the unit can envelop panic due to the forced departure.

The order of actions. Access to the collection point is used when imposed departure.

A. Move away to a collection point, which should be placed at the distance of 500 meters a day and 300 meters night in the direction from the collision with the enemy.
B. Lead: requirements.

Do not drift into a heap.
Do not perform the movement without own companion or property.
Don’t panic.
century After the publication of the collection point near the place of meeting with the enemy go to the collection point assigned to the case of threats.
he 1st arrived at the collection point takes over command until the arrival of the commander of the group.
D. Upon arrival of other members of the group organized radial defense.
that is, the Wounded are in the center and they are provided with medical assistance.
W. Upon arrival, the group commander, performs his duties shall report to him the number of arrivals and other available information.
C. Contact headquarters and report the situation.
I. collection Point is open until the arrival of all members of the group or within 15 minutes after the arrival of the first fighter.

Acts WHEN dealing WITH the ENEMY by Night

Due to a number of problems arising in the conduct of the coming of the night, it is not necessary. These dilemmas include:

A. An unfamiliar area.
B. The inability to find the numbers of the enemy.
C. the Impossibility of effective management of the group.

In certain situations the soldiers can be placed in positions with good sectors of fire and fire on the enemy. If you have the lighting tools, the attacks can be, but with all of this must be cooperated reliable control.

Usually, if the enemy didn’t see you and their number is unknown, the group should not open fire, should lay low and wait until the enemy will not go away or quietly retreat.

If the enemy saw you, opens fire, the whole group is reconstructed in line and firing with the greatest intensity. After that is a waste. Usually after several small dashes contact with the enemy is interrupted.

The waste is in the collection point located 300 meters back in the direction of the group. With the loss of someone searching is available with dawn. With all of this, you need to beware of an ambush at the meeting with the enemy.


This issue medavakkam the past have not paid much attention, but, due to the increased abilities of the enemy aircraft, the development of anti-aircraft need to take quite a time. Air RAID carried out by helicopters or aircraft.

When the air RAID is very important not to panic, not to run and not to shoot at the planes. Procedure subsequent:

A. If you are in an open area, lie face down and not look up.
B. Perpoli in the shelter, if it is near.
C. don’t run — the movement will surely attract attention.
was a Helicopter at first, makes a turn, then opens fire.
D. If you are exposed to an air RAID, do the following:

Keep a fire all of your guns and try to make the area of defensive fire straight ahead of the aircraft.
Try to take shelter in the funnel or behind a tree.
Do not drift in the pile is spread out.
If you have to run — do not run straight ahead of the aircraft, run at an angle.

The larger the group, the more difficult it is to manage it and the less should be the role of commander in the shootout. He will fire only on the fundamental order. To complete the puzzles he must anticipate the subsequent:

A. Painstaking assessment of the terrain and the enemy before making a decision.
B. A clear designation.
century Padavi enemy fire before driving.
he Fit give commands.
D. Finish the movement, with the loss of control.
that is, Constantly know where everyone is.
W. Manage the fire support group.
C. Watch the movement of the opponent.
I. Decisions must be made rapidly and implemented decisively.
K. do Not risk unnecessarily.

The success of the group in a shootout depends not only on the commander. He is depending on personal combat skills of each fighter, its ability to act as part of the group and the availability of strong and competent commander, able to control the actions of the group more effectively.



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