FARM of the Future: the Japanese peasant by large technology made covered vegetable factory

Shimamura worked in a very affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 year Miyagi Prefecture in the East, the land of the rising sun. He transformed the last plant «Sony Corporation» for the production of semiconductors in the world’s largest illuminated by LEDs farm. Company General Electric has developed a new led lighting fixtures that exude light good for plant growth wavelengths.

The size of the farm with almost half a football field (above 2300 sq m). It opened in July, and already gives 10,000 heads of lettuce per day.

«I knew how to grow excellent based on the belief biology vegetables, and wanted to combine this knowledge with new technologies, so that everybody did it»knows Shimamura.

On the farm is used 17 500 led lamps that illuminate more than 18 cultivation racks for 15 levels in height

Base magic farm — LEDs. They allow Shimamura to control the cycles of day and night to accelerate plant growth.

«We need not just to make more changes of day and night, » explains the scientist. — We wish to achieve the best combination of photosynthesis during the day and plant respiration at night time by adjusting the criterion environment and lighting.

Shimamura says that the system allows you to raise full of vitamins and minerals salad in two and a half times faster than on a conventional farm outdoors. Can also be decreasing the number of defective products with 50% of the harvest to just 10% in comparison with the ordinary farm. In the end, according to Shimamura, the performance of such farms per square meter increases about 100 times.

When the control temperature, humidity and irrigation on the farm can also reduce the amount of applied water to just 1 percent of the need for the usual amount fields.

The thought came to Shimamura as a teenager, during a visit to the «vegetable factory» at the Global EXPO-85 in Tsukuba, Japan. Shimamura continued his studies of plant physiology at the Tokyo Institute of agriculture, and in 2004, the year he founded an agricultural company, manufacturing plants indoors titled «Mirai», which translated from Japanese means «Future».

In 2011 year, the company GE appealed to Shimamura with the idea to use for farm lighting modern led lamp. The LEDs are working longer and consume energy at 40% less than fluorescent lights. The company began testing the technology in the March 2012 year, and the final draft was developed after a year.

The farm grows 10,000 heads of lettuce per day

The GE engineers have used proprietary technology, to make the lamps are quite delicate. It was necessary to place them inside racks and how to ensure uniform light. In addition, it helped lamps tolerate higher humidity.

«So we can put lights in those racks where vegetables grow better, and dramatically increase productivity,» explains regional Manager, GE Lighting Japan» Tomoaki Kimura.

The Japanese team GE believes that such a farm in Miyagi Prefecture projects can be the key to solving food shortages in the world. «Mirai» and GE are already working on the «factories and plants in Hong Kong and in the Far East of the Russian Federation.

«We are going to organize a real agricultural industrialization,» he says Shimamura.

FARM of the Future: the Japanese peasant by large technology made covered vegetable factory
FARM of the Future: the Japanese peasant by large technology made covered vegetable factory
FARM of the Future: the Japanese peasant by large technology made covered vegetable factory
FARM of the Future: the Japanese peasant by large technology made covered vegetable factory

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