The orientation of the stars

Orienteering during extreme survival in the wild – it is extremely important. Must use all possible ways and signs to navigate in unfamiliar terrain and choose the right path to salvation.

In many areas of extreme travel at night is extremely dangerous. This has to be resorted only when it is impossible to go during the day because of the heat or other reasons. But clear, starry night – the perfect time to to navigate by the stars and to chart the route the next day. Of course, orienteering at night is quite limited, since it is not always the sky is clear and the stars are clearly visible, and in the afternoon they simply do not. But when there is the opportunity to enjoy the stars.

Of course, the main nightlife landmark in the Northern hemisphere – North star, pointing to the North. On a clear starry sky is easy to find the constellations: Large and Small bears. Of course, our ancestors had a very rich imagination. Bear these constellations do not look like a drop. It is rather two «bucket». Outermost star in the handle of the little dipper – this is North star. If directly the little dipper is hard to see, but big is better (it is often the case), we take the distance formed by the two extreme stars of the Big dipper and plotted on the same straight five times – there will be the North star.

Why are we so fixated on finding exactly the North star? The reason is simple: the celestial sphere not static, constellations and stars always on the move and at different times of the year to Orient them extremely difficult. Only North star is almost immobile, always located in the polar sector of the sky and points due North. It is in this particular its value for those who want to navigate in unfamiliar terrain.

So, we found Polaris and now know where the North. How do you determine the rest of the world? Well, it’s all just. We become the face of the North – behind us is the South, on the right hand the East, to the left – West (Photos).

The orientation of the starsThe orientation of the stars

In the southern hemisphere the basic guideline is the constellation of the southern cross (Photo). Be careful, as the sky in the southern hemisphere and has a so-called False cross, but the real southern cross is much brighter than the False and its stars are closer together, more compact. The orientation of the southern cross more fooled than the North star. To determine the direction of the South (South celestial pole), use the star pointers to the left of the cross. Between them spend a speculative line b-B and construct a perpendicular. The intersection of the perpendicular with the axis of the southern cross gives the direction to the South.

You can also successfully navigate on the moon, when it is well visible (especially in full moon). By and large, the Moon is moving as well as the daylight shone – Sun. And guided by her as well. About the orientation of the Sun we’ll cover in a separate article.

At night, being in the makeshift camp, you are guided by the stars, choose the direction of movement on the following day. To avoid losing the selected direction in the morning is to lay on the ground the arrow-pointer from stones or branches. And when the time comes to leave the camp and move out – keep the chosen direction at night. Here’s a little secret.

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