Dangers of autonomous navigation

If you are drifting in the middle of the ocean, then get ready to confront a number of threats and dangers. In this article we analyze the main risks faced by a person in distress in the waters of the high seas.

The danger of drowning. If there is a shipwreck or other accident, as a result of which a person is left alone with the waves, then there is a risk of drowning. Even a professional swimmer, sooner or later, will be beaten out of the forces. Even in order to keep afloat need to expend energy. And it’s still in good conditions, when the water is quite a comfortable temperature. To make a long stay afloat, you need a raft, buoy or some floating chip.

Dehydration. Though literally around the whole sea water – it is salty and not suitable for drinking. Prepare fresh water from salt can be, but it is not just unproductive and even if you collect solar still. And of course if you are drifting, clinging to a piece of the ship – desalinate the water, you can not because of the lack of basic foundations for any desalination plants.

Solar and heat stroke It poses a threat in the equatorial and tropical, warm seas. Fight possible, protected from the sun under clothing, a tent on the raft.

Hypothermia – This danger is characteristic of the northern seas.

Motion sickness or seasickness. Many people with a weak vestibular system are affected by pitching into the sea. Can blur consciousness and vomiting due to dehydration occurs and the general weakening of the body.

Toxic fish and marine animals also represent a serious threat to survive in the open sea. The sea is really, along with edible, frequent and poisonous species of fish, shellfish.

Predatory fish and animals, especially sharks, killer whales – may pose a threat to humans, drifting in the open sea. Especially if the watercraft is not reliable and the man was bleeding…

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