Grouping Clan Allies

Survive one tough. But if it is not just about survival, and the conquest of domination in the new world, after the end of civilization, you can’t do without your faction, clan, or even the army if you want. In this article we will talk about the allies and your faithful comrades, brothers in arms and goals. Let’s talk about how to find and recruit new group members how to create from these people a cohesive team, able to solve any problem: from a more efficient accommodation to the conduct of hostilities.

During global catastrophe or war many will die. With rare exceptions, to survive one more difficult. For that reason, many people will try to gather in groups, communities to facilitate and increase their chances of survival. If you do not fit the way a lone warrior, you should do the same. Better yet, put together a group with the head, his own clan. In this case, we should start to recruit people into your clan now.

First, your group will include those whom you call friends, neighbors, associates, good friends. You need to find people close to you in their outlooks on life, political and religious ideologies (that in these soils there was no conflict within the clan). Try to have in their environment people with different skills: strong athletes, strong people; ex-military, well-versed in the conduct of hostilities, use of weapons and explosives; computer geeks and techies that are able to handle complex equipment; good drivers of vehicles; the medic, preferably a surgeon.

The clan will be the allocation of responsibilities. Someone will lead a life, to protect base camp; someone to coordinate the actions of the group on the spot and with support from the communications center on the base, if any; strike team will go to raids, collect resources, conduct combat operations.

Women – a special story. The fact is that during the war or global catastrophe will be a lot of women without men. This happens for several reasons: many men will die in battle; many men are just not worthy of this status, and the presence of member does not raises them to the rank – they’re just weak; women are more sustainable and resilient. So there will be many women, even very suitable in all respects, without shelter, counsel and the means and forces of existence.

Very reasonable to take in the community especially cool women. Let lead management, organize life in the camp, pleasuring men. It is important that women not become the cause of fornication in the group, so you should ensure that women were assigned to specific men, that they were a sort of wives and concubines. Alignment will probably be such that for every man, a warrior will be two, three or even more women. In extreme survival and the fall of the old civilization – this will be the norm, and Muslims are not used to. You, as the leader of the clan must have some of the best of wives and concubines. If conditions permit, it is necessary that women give birth to children. Also need to populate a new World.

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