Search for water in the desert

In today’s article we will talk about a very difficult subject. As always, when it comes to survival in extreme conditions, We have to solve the challenges. Get water in the desert – is the most important task, the solution of which depends – you will live until tomorrow, or not…

So, where is get water in the desert? In fact, a few options, but all of them are, frankly not one hundred percent.

The beds are old and dried up rivers, lowlands. To identify areas where the water is as close to the surface, you should try to get up on some hill. Where to be able to detect pockets of vegetation, greenery – there and the water closest. Finding a valley or dry river channel should try to dig in the most low-lying areas. If you can get to the wet sand, you even deeper, hoping that the hole will begin to fill with water. Water can be pumped by means of a hollow tube, a straw.

Search for water in the desert

Mountainous areas in the deserts. If there is a rocky hill that is a shadow, and therefore more likely that the water is retained longer. Often water can trickle down the steep slopes or shady roots of rare plants, climbing the hill.

Plants. Rare plants of the desert can be an alternative source to replenish body fluids. But we must be vigilant, many desert plants are poisonous.

Collect dew. Although hard to believe that in the desert dew drops – This is true. Low moisture and temperature changes between night and day, enough for the appearance of dew. Under normal circumstances, once the dew soaks into the sand. You can make a trap for the dew, working on the principle of the solar capacitor. Only need to have in place a piece of film or canvas. Dig a hole impressive depth of one meter and a diameter of 1-1.5m. At the bottom is placed dishes for collection of water, strictly at the center. The area of ​​the film and closes the hole in the center of the stone is laid, so that it was directly over the pot. As a result of condensation in a bowl will collect water.

Oasis – the most amazing option to get water in the desert. Let’s face it, if you got in the way of an oasis, then you’re lucky. Stupidly lucky. :)

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