As spring hunt was closed 100 years ago

Editor’s note: the closure of the spring hunt in the history of the Russian hunting arose a long time and with a certain periodicity. After the ban very soon she was again allowed. Years passed, and again raised the voices of its opponents. Prohibitions, restrictions and permits followed throughout the 20th century. This trend continues today. In the editorial office has a unique transcript of the debate on the spring hunting of the Second All-Russian Congress of hunters, held in Tsarist Russia in November 1909. The document sent ornithologist Maxim Korolkov (Ulyanovsk).

As spring hunt was closed 100 years ago

That’s more than 100 years ago discussed the issue of spring hunting on the 2nd All-Russian Congress of hunters in Moscow …

Transcript Zoological Congress of subsection (20 November 1909).

(Published: Proceedings of the 2nd All-Russian Congress of hunters in Moscow

(17-25 November 1909), M., 1911, p. 255 – 259


GA Kozhevnikov He said that His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich expressed hope that the works were presented to the Congress, in addition to the State Duma, even in the four ministries.

At the suggestion of prof. GA Kozhevnikova persons elected by a simple proposal of the Commission for the following divisions of Russia in the hunting areas: S.A.Buturlin, BV Vysotsky, IP Gudim, VG Durov, BM Zhitkov, prof. G.A.Kozhevnikov, Mr. Levitsky, NA Lialin, NA Moskalev, GI Polyakov, VA Razevig, D.M.Rossinsky, KA Satunin, NV Turkin, AK Engelmeyer, PA Yaryshkin.


VA Razevig reads the report «About spring hunting».


SA Buturlin. The issue of spring hunting is very complicated. No resolution will be known whether a particular hunt that door through which enters the violation of the law. On the average the Volga region in the spring, I noticed an assumption in intellectual circles hunt «Prunes» (usually illegal), as from 1st March 1902 rose uderzhki without shooting at everything that was not previously. Resolution firing spring is not allowed.


 AI Mikhailov. Act 1902 allowed the hunting of swans. I fought every game – illegally. It is necessary to completely prohibit spring hunting; the main motive here is the illicit transportation of poultry.


IN AND. Shuetsky. Harm spring hunting is in doubt. In the game in the valleys of the Urals and in the Turgay region and adjacent areas it is desirable to completely stop spring hunting. Valdshnepinaya hunting is not important, hunting grouse on a lek does not matter. It is advisable to completely close the spring hunting.


VR Dietz. Spring hunting is certainly desirable to close, except for hunting grouse in the currents, grouse. For grouse, reluctantly, can be allowed to hunt only in a properly organized hunting areas, but there are not enough. Available can only speak for capercaillie hunting. Capercaillie can be beaten on the currents. But to ban spring hunting was valid, it is necessary to protect from trafficking banned poultry. All the birds in the spring should be withdrawn from the market. Then it can only occur in small amounts in societies.


As spring hunt was closed 100 years ago


AI Grushko.  From the zoological point of view, as we have heard, the spring hunting is not allowed. There are however exceptions. So hunting for grouse and grouse in the spring would not bring great harm to the well-organized right of hunting. Here and could solve it, to the advantage of this economy. But where, I ask, a criterion of good management? Check this is not possible, on the contrary, there is a possibility of abuse, it is very dangerous as cause ill side. Therefore, I am opposed to spring hunting and grouse and capercaillie, and in general for the complete prohibition of spring hunting.


G. Medovschikov. A total ban would deprive the spring hunting in some places (Kirsanov, for example.) Have the hunt for geese, as geese may only shoot on spring migration. Woodcock not  reduced, but only evades its course. I would suggest to allow spring hunting in two years on the third, limiting hunting drakes month upon arrival, and valdshnepinuyu hunting, as well as the goose, to allow vysypkah and traction with a dog, one dog per hunter.


NI Rashevsky. I’m for a complete prohibition of spring hunting. Now I have received a telegram from Kiev Society proper hunting request «to achieve a total ban on spring hunting». Harm spring hunting is not only poachers, but also intelligent hunters. Example – Our model hunter AK Stolyarov, who can speak with permission, was shot accidentally in the current 5 queens. I know another case where hunting teachers, District Commander and Chief of the station was taken up to 600 woodcock (in the spring with vysypkah legavoy- Ed.). Due to the spring hunting bird paruetsya, late broods, where the need for extension of deadlines. It would be quite right to ban spring hunting.


AN Lialin. That law is good, which it was executed. For Siberia, as the fishing area, hunting – only help the population. Gilyaki, Tungus, and so on. industrialists Siberia – best defender game. Living this, they realize that the game and the beast killed out of time, do not have price. Security we need only hoofed animal. Great damage in this regard applied only immigrants who do not know and are not interested in hunting it. It is necessary to call for the protection of the population itself, at least half of the issuance of a fine dokazchiku.


VV Stolbovsky. According to the resolution Borisoglebskii the Society, spring hunting is necessary to prohibit all unconditionally. No shots should not be in the field hunting.


SA Shcherbakov. It is wrong to generalize. Spring hunting on the flight shall be forbidden, but hunting currents, capercaillie and black grouse may be admitted without a noticeable effect on the reduction of game.


IA Lavrov. The Novgorod-hunting in favor of the complete prohibition of spring hunting.


YE Doublet. Spring hunting should be prohibited unconditionally. According to the report the chairman of the Society of Vilna hunting capercaillie must be taken under protection. Since it is impossible to fight poachers. I am in favor of a total ban.


ON. Moskalev. On behalf of the Department of Rostov-on-Don Imp. Tot. Hunting and from the Don region intercede total ban on spring hunting.


AA Leult. On behalf of the Company Tsaritsyno proper hunting in favor of the complete prohibition of spring hunting.


BV Vysotsky. The prohibition of spring hunting – it’s not all it is a palliative. It is necessary to prohibit the sale, you must remove the bird from the market in the spring. In some places in the name of protection is necessary to prohibit the hunting of black grouse summer and especially prohibit destroy broods.


VA Lebedev. Kostroma I am a hunter. Since then, as permitted spring hunting, plenty of game, snipe, such as hunting and exterminated Silkova nakryshkoy networks. Each spring shot will let us according to SA Buturlin, tocsin about the crime.


As spring hunt was closed 100 years ago


PF Odarchenko. Some hunting is certainly unacceptable, but there is hunting, which, if decent respect are acceptable, such as hunting for grouse and ducks. The case resulted NI Rashevsky — an exceptional case. I stand for the capercaillie and black grouse hunting in mating, but against the rest of the hunting. After all, this game is not all year round.


LA Tsurikov. In Kirsanovsky county marvelous summer hunting writers to snipe, snipe. Wildlife weight. In the spring hunting dog can be replaced with the convenience of an electric lamp.


AV Stolyarov. With proper hunting grouse not exterminated. I stand for the capercaillie and black grouse spring hunting. Prohibition of hunting will contribute to the destruction of wood grouse and grouse. Proper hunting guards from poaching as hunting have an interest to monitor the protection of sites. But you need to reduce the period of hunting. I suggest that for the average Russian to resolve this hunt since April 15.


ON. Mel’nitskii. I’m against hunting in the spring. But in the Novgorod province fowl destroyed. The population is not shy by any laws. Guards are not very reliable. I saw the whole kadushka nasolennyh grouse. Correct spring hunting is needed as protection from destruction game. When the prohibition of any type of hunting is necessary to increase the penalty for violating the ban.


Bar. NK Stackelberg. First of all it is necessary to withdraw the game from the market. But how to deal with poaching of passion? Such poaching can only stop ourselves. Without us, our guards will poacher, she would not follow, but will lihoimstvovat. So I am in favor of certain types of spring hunting. Shooting old male grouse, smashing the current needs in the spring. Without this there is reproduction, as older males mate bothering the young in the early currents. I agree to prohibit hunting, but not all, and in the proper hunting grounds allow shooting grouse, black grouse and woodcock. Woodcocks struggling to thrust a little, their main extermination raid in the southern strip. When properly can allow hunting and shooting geese on the flight, as the geese fly in a small number of places, and in the north, in addition, it is terrible harm bread.


VN Basnin. No alarm spring shot and no one will run on this alarm. Spring shot can not prohibit. Do not gun the same to read and print or break it time. Poachers we learn not Nabatiyeh. In the first place it is important to the appearance of wild game on the market. Are there many shoots out under woodcock? Are there many beats grouse? It is not mass. In societies like little beat woodcock and grouse. It is necessary to pursue the bidders illegal game, and the game illegally killed. You can in fact be easily distinguished from the spent-pressure game. I firmly believe that the ban on spring hunting development poaching destroy game, just the right spring hunting preserve it to us.


SA Buturlin 7 reads the proposed thesis, which voted with the following result:


1. As an exemption from the general prohibition to allow spring hunting grouse shooting and Kosachev on a current in a properly organized hunting society.

Rejected – 56 against 40 votes

2. As an exemption from the general prohibition to allow spring hunting woodcock shooting in the drawn game in a properly organized society.

Rejected by 70 against 21 votes.


3. Absolutely prohibit delivering to the markets in the spring game.

It approved unanimously.

4. It is spring prohibit shooting and catching birds.

Adopted by 61 votes to 29.


5. To allow spring shooting geese.

Rejected by 87 votes to 4.


6. To allow spring hunting in 2 years for the third.

Rejected by 89 votes to 2.

7. Allow the spring hunt in those fishing areas where the required conditions for personal sustenance, but without the right of sale.


Adopted by 88 votes to 3.

The meeting closed at 2am.


As spring hunt was closed 100 years ago


Afterword edition

As you can see, most of the speakers advocated a total ban on spring hunting. However, we must remember that in those days, in addition to the amateur hunting, hunting played a huge role fishing. Even in Moscow, and neighboring provinces conducted the mass production of game birds for sale.

Hunters industrialists earning game sales were almost in every village. Markets are not only capital, but also in Moscow and most county-level cities were filled with bat bird. There is information that even snipe brought to Moscow in the summer of whole carts. Birds are not only shooting, but also caught snares, onion and network-edge.

Summer hunting open in Petrov day- June 29 (July 12 The prohibition of spring hunting has been directed primarily at preserving and increasing the game to a season of summer and autumn hunting. The number of black grouse and capercaillie is not serious reduction, which is why a number of speakers suggested not to prohibit hunting currents. But, of course, widespread poaching and shooting during the spring season were common. Again, shot mainly for sale.

It was therefore unanimously adopted a ban on the sale of venison spring rynkah- it was the most effective deterrent. Spring hunting was banned, but soon by popular demand and insistence of the hunters she was again allowed.

The editors will be grateful readers «HORN» and visitors for information on the history of spring hunting in Russia.

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