The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

It so happened that the right off-road vehicles for hunting are now preserved only in the region, referred to as the slang term «kommtrans.» It is to this type of machinery is GAS «Sobol» 4×4.

The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

2.8-liter under the hood polnoprivod Cammins­tion «Sable» firmly pulls in all road conditions.

This SUV with honest «Iron» four-wheel drive in Transmission is now a day not fire find. Everywhere look, but solid coupling an electronically independent suspension. Even in the legendary last turned into a UAZ «Yu-Hey-Z» — all of a «such as foreign» UAZ. FROM consequences for off-road abilities.

Absolutely kondovy Hunter did not even discuss I want to. His only advantage — patency. Comfort and ergonomics «fighters» arrange only the Afghan Taliban. And it is only when you do not have a pickup Toyota Hilux 15 years–20 years old … UAZ Patriot — better. Good for its time, of course, attempt to cross the APC «Lada». Even the air-conditioning and electric is! AND set design «sores»Not allowing owners UAZ bored in their spare time.

What remains thirsty for something really off-road, but not price Land Rover Defender (other day removed from production) or Mercedes Gelandewagen? But not «mutant» from Ulyanovsk? Answer: GAS «Sable 4×4» It fits perfectly. Not expected, huh? But it is a fact.

Hefty at passenger standards, the machine this all-wheel drive: rigidly connected «limber», Differential lock rear axle, and underdrive in transmission. AND from diesel. Cummins 2.8-liter under the hood produces a modest 120 hp But that our rogue (without the quotation marks!) is enough.

It so happened that the off-road test unit we had our winter in most frosts. For this technique does not particularly important. A at terms of comfort and ergonomics and driver passengers — very much.

The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

The design of the dashboard, «music» and the climate control unit foolish things, but for utilitarian SUV that is enough.

The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

Once we received «Sable 4×4» at dealership immediately began spontaneously in the urban part of the test style «hardcore» by New Year’s Eve at Moscow’s traffic jams in area –15 to Celsius. Immediately it became clear that the PCR machine to gazovskih man spoiled the quality of the German automobile transmissions, produce joyless experience.

Five-speed «mixer» not pets armory definition, but by the standards of commercial vehicles — it is currently. With a little practice, and all in order.

It’s nice that in Unlike ultramodern «Yu-Hey-Z», Then you can normally get behind the wheel. Not Only the chair moves forward and back, but and the steering wheel is capable of lifting and lowering. Settled — go. AT congestion. It soon became clear that in the winter diesel, multiplied by cabin volume, almost like Standard «minibus», But in many hours jam, — not the most comfortable thing. Yes, drawn from very low speed. But and almost never warm while!

Three hours «Crush» by the streets of Moscow in the 15-degree frost and motor I could not warm above 60 degrees. Only selected from «smoldering» TTR and hugs speeding up 60+ permissible 20 km / h, it was possible to feel the heat flow from «stoves»: Dizelek warmed up nearly 80 degrees, and and rear side windows began to get rid of the condensation of water.

The mirror showed the suffering of another is not very pleasant for the driver «Sable» thing. People sitting in surrounding the passenger car, are a priori you how to blunt and impudent «Tajiks «Gazelle». What There is not passed, «clamped» and «crop» at every opportunity, and an uncomfortable way. So what to do if our «Sable» so like «Gazelle»? Services that because of its all-wheel drive on its body bullied 205 mm from the crankcase to the rear axle differential asphalt.

Otherwise serious problems in city ​​traffic the car is not delivers. Judge for yourself: the length does not much different from any executive class sedan — a little more than 4.8 meters. Almost cargo width of almost 2.4 meters, are not bother — Thank latitude standards of our bands.

They are very pleased with the ride height. Roof Hummer us shoulder! «Sobol 4×4» not even parking sensors much needed. Over fences lawn of his passes in the rear bumper most cases. A massive obstacles perfectly visible in rear window. Parking backwards enough to slow down when the wall at home (for example) will be in 15–20 inches from the glass, and everything will be order.

Having crossed the concrete jungle on four-wheel drive «Sobolev»We have seen that buying it solely for city driving is no special meaning. To understand this machine, you need to break track, and then pull over some of the Russian «areas». And for the purity of the experiment is best — from now travel to board: after we got «Sable 4×4» from six passenger seats.

Three of them are sitting on the person direction of travel, substantially above the rear axle, and two — facing backwards, back to the back to driver. Sort of «Family bus».

Immerse yourself in the Salon his family to move in side of one of the suburban routes. My goal — spend a day on the hole in the Reservoir and households, meanwhile, stand on skiing. On first «recumbent police» It begins the first act of the drama under the title «Let me out of here». Oldest child choosing to personal occupation of the third-row seat, turned a deaf ear boring bubnezh «ancestor» about «and leaf spring suspension back light» cars.

On artificial pothole «Sable 4×4» joyful young body showed that a Senior murmur sometimes worth listening to. Suspension podkidyvayut unloaded the car considerably. A Near the driver of the oppressed motor front axle, this effect is almost imperceptible. Conclusion: you want to ride on the rogue, ship it most. The carcass in pig passenger compartment — exactly what is needed. Or You can throw for rear seats meat Losik.

Second, in addition to shaking claim accustomed to passenger car was the noise in the family salon. After 1500 rpm motor can talk only straining the vocal cords. When driving on on the road speeds above 90 km / h to tarahtenie front of Equal join rumbling howling below: gears «razdatki» claim its existence in full voice. All-wheel drive is gazovskih recalls currently the case.

Generally comfortable for the driver «trass» speed «Sable 4×4» It lies in the range of 80-90 km / h. If you go faster too loud tiring dependent front suspension makes permanent taxi.

Winter weather, in addition to a hard warm interior, revealed some more nuances of operation. At 20 degrees below zero diesel engine wound up like a clock. But Only when vyzhitom clutch! Slowly release it had to For about five minutes: to thickened in Gearbox oil does not It stops the engine crankshaft.

«Zhigulevsky» experience proved useful again when the washer jets «lobovuhi» refused to carry out its functions. Clean them with a toothpick and ice warming bare hands helped only slightly. While the residues «omyvayki» at canister, slept in salon, splashing as the summer sun, and I never thought to freeze.

The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

The farther into the forest, the closer got out!

On the ceiling of the three rear seats perched duct air conditioner. You can only install it for a fee.

The track on «Sobolev 4×4» It means: 80 km / h cruising speed, loud «music»To muffle the engine, and lack of communication with fellow travelers, so as not to hoarse from constant repetition of the question: «What you said?!»

But as soon as you get there, where there is no pavement, you — king! I confess that until «Sable 4×4» It has been me in disposal, I I discovered a list of the most picturesque towns and suburbs neighboring regions, where on and a normal car not be poked. Nor under any weather conditions. Is that ATV. But just on «quadric» before and hunting farm he- unlikely to get there, and alone transportation and related equipment Speech is nothing to maintain.

In winter conditions «Sable-raid» simply fantastic. Judge for yourself: the whole clay-bog neutralized frost, snow — fluff that you can move the bumper! Beauty! If only you could get between felled fir trees — other barriers to the machine is not! It was then, and reveal the true talent «Sable 4×4»He will travel literally anywhere, while allowing geometric cross. Consciously trying «vyvysit» he, with his wheel-Other air. Posted. Zadran. Then just moved and I went further. Still rigidly connected «front», Lock and cross-axle rear high clearance — this is power! While the diesel and then «ponizhaykoy» there!

Output as spirit: do not care what cool in This off-road-«minibus» at 20 degrees below zero! I do not care that it is not the city respect others! Spit. This unit — the main contender for title «the last of the Mohicans» true off-road race. Serial! AND by the price of less than one million — 926 000 rubles January 2015-ho! The latter circumstance of these days is becoming one of the defining, for Sorry.

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