Belkovanie on chernotropu

As long stays snow, and frost already come with hounds to hunt for chernotropu plohoStoit only hare or other gonnomu beast bring his pursuer on the land or on the bad zaskorozhennye winter, the dog immediately knocks the legs and permanently fails. I’m in such times to hunt squirrel podsluh or go to uzerku by Belyakov.

Belkovanie on chernotropu

Typically, a successful hunt for protein in absolutely quiet days. The main thing you need to get up early to a sunrise be chose the place. The best places for hunting Squirrel on podsluh where there is relatively low among the pines and spruce old pine-giants with crown development, with a good harvest — cones. Such visits do not pine one protein.

AND by possible need to choose a place where the roads and more glades. Thus it is better to under it is less people and there were a machines. By easy paths to walk, not creating noise, therefore less you say you are, and forest dwellers their very better to hear. When high-density protein may be a good hunt and watch Forest residents yes sometimes do not get Only a dozen protein, and close podsevshih Kosach or knock-aimed shot to scour nearby moth.

On fine frosty November and December days when there is no or very little snow squirrel on utility bills very much. Particularly pleased with the picture when going to a few squirrels in one tree. It often can be seen on the big pines that stand out from the rest of the trees. Then it turns out the competition for food or just a game among themselves. The animals, chasing one another, quite noisy in the cortex and publish gurgling sounds.

With normal hearing, with a little bit of experience, you can hear in calm weather this fuss over eighty meters, and with a good, trained hearing may be different among the forest to catch votes fattening protein for 100 and 120 meters. Catching the ear fuss protein, you need to immediately rush to the side, where they were heard, and as you get closer to determine exactly in what tree zhiruyut animals. Naturally, you need to go as quietly as possible, to have a few meters to see the animals on the tree, that’s when you can have, do not hesitate to approach the tree.

First, you need to shoot a squirrel sitting on a branch on that with which it can easily jump to another tree. If this risk is not, then you need to shoot the animal or lower which is away to his fall, he did not disturb the other. One or two such approaches — and you have a wealth of trophies, and it seems to you a beautiful morning, cold and not so hands and pinches his nose, and the forest becomes more beautiful.

That is one fine morning I went out to hunt squirrel on podsluh. Snow did not exist. Frost was something about twenty degrees, and when I was standing at the intersection of two roads, the sun had just rolled out over the horizon. I listened carefully, waiting zhirovki proteins. To my left, at the bottom of the tree trunks, the forest has moved «militia» of tits and nuthatches. They carefully examined all the cracks and hollow tree trunks, pulled out all kinds of forest pests and ate them with gusto, maintaining its existence in this difficult time for them.

Here tapped arrived in his «smithy» great spotted woodpecker; about ten years he arrives to one poluzasohshemu tree beside the road. Woodpeckers drag bumps and dragged them there for a few thousand, it is one of the most enormous forges woodpeckers in the forest quarter. Tapped several bursts, woodpecker started evil hush. This is a sure sign of the emergence of another woodpecker or squirrel appeared near.

Waiting is about to hear the commotion protein or see how they perebegut road. Somewhere down the stream on rotten stumps, drawling complaining shouted black woodpecker. We hear almost all the birds, leading the daily way of life, who began his work with the first rays of the sun. Frost tingling face and fingers of his right hand. Even the glove can not warm them. I start rubbing your hands, rub the face, and — Stop! I think I hear something waiting for a good fifteen minutes. I listen with bated breath, and here they are, just audible rustle of pine bark. Quickly I walk twenty paces on the road and listen, Now hear very well back from the road, very close.

Stepping cautiously and avoiding the trees still move forward ten steps and can already hear the protein breaks flakes lumps. A few steps away and, behold, she is sitting on the end of a knot and fly down the scales of cones. I make loud steps toward pine, animal froze. I put a gun against a tree trunk, shoot from behind the small-bore rifle, choose the position of the back and shoot. A shot cracked like a dry branch under foot, and protein, pure beaten, falls to the ground. Look around the tree, other animals do not have. Taking the production of the hind legs and tail, I shake much blood. Ranka immediately begins to become cold from the cold, the blood is not flowing, and trophy hanging from his belt.

I pass on to another track and immediately hear the gurgle of the protein. I hasten to. Yes, it is, again, this a multilateral pine

I discover chasing one after another protein. At the last hunt, there were three, but now I see the last four, bypass around — another he remarked. I take the lower, four animal were taken, but somewhere there is a fifth. Bypass around, because he could not run away, do not close the tree to go riding. Inspects it again, yeah, here it is, another click — and fifth animal falls down, but then firmly stuck in the fork knots. I take the pole and climb on the pine to clear the jammed squirrel. Suddenly I flashed on bitch gray lump. Jumps down, take a rifle and a single shot is extracted sixth animal. That such an unprecedented event. Six protein fattening on the same tree, and at the waist seven furry animals. It’s great for belchatnika without a dog!

I pass on the road four meters and stop. That flock of grouse vygar reached across the nearby field of buckwheat. They all take off this fall to feed there. I am standing for a bit, listen to another squirrel that is too soon hanging on my belt. On the way to the forty-two shots and one shot reached the goal, it destroyed another mischievous bird. The sun was quite high, and the most effective while hunting podsluh squirrel over. In the daytime, the squirrel is behaving more cautiously and quietly, and in this kind of hunting fur-bearing animals are not so fortunate.

You can return to the house to await the hot sweet tea, flavored with a sprig of blackberry, mint and lime color. What could be nicer after a frosty air and walk through the pine forest …

Then it is necessary to remove the skin, shake them, hang on hooks near the furnace, gutted carcass, washed and stored in a polumorozhenom. This is a great nutritious food for all dogs.

Material: Pavel Nikitin

October 31, 2011 at 23:58

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