Foppish prichindaly

Read review Vitaly Chuvalova «Sunglasses hunting» and was glad even for one hunter poborovshis confusion and draw correct conclusions from a single, randomly stacked hunting. I have many years in sunny weather hunt in sunglasses, leather gloves and on some hunts smear protective face makeup. Now it is not so, and a few years ago, virtually all counter hunters accompanied me catty smile.

Foppish prichindaly

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Twenty years ago, in the suburban Zabolotsky hunting economy was simply Homeric laughter, the night when I was going to ambush goose with a painted face and a commando leather gloves without fingers.

While not sold special pencils for drawing stripes on the face, makeup and had to steal my wife. Granted, it did look funny. Worst Local Gusyatnikov heartily competed in wit. That’s just all stopped laughing, when I brought in the morning, seven geese (game was divided at all), and the whole team has remained completely without extraction (a fact known to many hunters Moscow). And a significant role in the successful hunting played a successful camouflage and dark glasses, because all the geese came out of the sun.

Well, everything is clear with glasses – they allow a sunny day to shoot in any direction. Only need to pick them up in the degree of shading (I have several pairs for different weather and different hunts). In sunny weather, the arrow with the naked eye have to cut off the sun visor headdress, and it impairs visibility. I can move back and visor caps peripheral vision to watch the horizon and almost half the sky.

Gloves help me in any weather in shooting, and in the hands of white masking. Especially in hot weather, the hands sweat a lot and slip on the rifle tree. Shooting is a serious obstacle, but thin leather gloves (no matter with or without fingers) provide a tight grip and even give some confidence. Do not be afraid that the goggles and gloves at first the habit will interfere.

Some hunters are not aware that the weakest link in the hunter disguise his face. Camouflage, khaki hat, tent, camouflage hiding net figure hunter, and his bare face, usually sticking out and sparkles in the sun like a pancake pancake. This is easily seen, moving away from a hunter hiding in a hut or a goose pit some distance, not even necessarily against the sun. Sunglasses in the case, along with darkening face special paste, or a piece of coal, are more camouflage.

Judging by the landscape film, sunglasses and camouflage faces are a fixture of American hunters geese. We must learn from all that is best from foreign colleagues. Pizhonstvo may be different. Some novice hunters wear very fashionable police blue and white camouflage, it is not suited to the summer and autumn the surrounding landscape. The color of the clothes must be chosen strictly on the season, if only for the hunting of this there is a need in disguise. Sometimes it is advantageous to clearly designate itself.

So, equip, respectively, and do not be afraid of ridicule. Dude just someone who says, throwing in his pocket a handful of bullets and a gun hanging on his shoulder that he had no longer necessary, and so he will stuff game. I myself was so young to know so.

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Sergei LOSEV1 August 2013 at 00:00

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