Goodbye, Indian summer!

Goodbye, Indian summer!

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It may well be that such a warm windless sunny day fall this autumn again, but the second week I remember that day, and I want to experience it again. I have already described our method of fishing alloy and the way we fought the good pike, trying to take her without a landing net. But that was only the beginning of a wonderful and bright day.

Predator in snags

After catching ide, pike and chub in us a desire to further expand awakened species composition of fish caught by us. Prior to the full «gentleman» autumn set we lacked zander and asp. Well, you need to try! We oplyvaya Skrynnikov largest island (which is located between Stone and ravine Stupino), looking for a comfortable place to become attached to the hanging over the water or the trees sticking out of it. Tied, I tried to catch on a jig. But Sasha did not even try to do that. To catch in such a remote snags, need special uncoupled bait. I am well prepared for this fishing. The sliding form a lead weight «bullet» I had a lead of threaded steel guitar string №2. By such «tenacious» design I cling foam fish, which hooks are well pressed against the foam rubber. Of course, there are a bait and single bite, but I go on a fishing trip not only for fish, but that’s for such daring bite! Well, if the predator will close the jaw, then at least I’m not hooking late!

Load-bullet I had two weights, 25 and ’30, but even in my weakened flow barely enough 30-gram bullets. Sasha just sat and watched the tip of my spinning. And I kept waiting for long periods of falling bait. Sometimes you did not wait. The current was pushing the bait on the main stream, and she was not drowning. But most of all, I threw to the shore, that is the most that neither is driftwood. Waddling through their nezaplyayku another tree trunk or branch, every time expecting a bite. At such moments, when I listened to the form of spinning, trying to understand the lure hanging at the next obstacle, or continues to rapprochement with the bottom, and the case audacious bite. Spinning abruptly jerks, giving hand like electric shock, and immediately bent almost to the water. Fighting perch is short-circuited. It should certainly not let him into snags. It is necessary to keep him where he dared to attack the bait and try until he came to, bring it to clean water.

On that day, the large pike I have not heard, for a maximum of one and a half kilograms. But the struggle with already dark, handsome in snags – it is a long time memorable fishing. Sasha, watching a fishing promised myself that that autumn is sure to be prepared for such fishing. Of course, I’ll help him in this, but for now you need to complete the journey around the island Skrynnikov.

Autumn asp

Asp we discovered by accident, when he rounded the big island, and moved toward the base. They wanted to check one more place where a week ago were caught good ides on wobblers, but suddenly saw the characteristic slaps on the water. They could be seen from far away, even though there were no seagulls. What is it? Herring? Major sabrefish? Need to check. We decided to go rafting habitually tied kastmastery. To check if this is really sabrefish spoiled, I tied the smallest spoon kastmaster, which they found in his box. We swam in the 200 meters above the bursts seen, killed the engine and began to approach the river to the coveted spot. First asp does not manifest itself. I was prepared to wait. Easy to throw the bait is not feasible so hard spinning, so it is assumed to throw once, but just to the side of the fish. Sasha had a bullet kastmaster left and right, and I stood and waited. After two minutes around the boat all boiled. Here and there were heard harrowing bursts, jumps some fish, like a small herring, but at the same time, we clearly heard and seen it zherehovye bursts. That aside it was this apparent spike I threw my blesenku. Naturally, not dokinul and hoping that my shining piece of metal will be found those I’m trying to catch, confidently began to rotate the reel. I managed to make five revolutions before spinning convulsed and doubled, continuing to nod toward the water. Is sitting! I immediately remembered the clutch. After all, the little baubles and small hooks! Asp can easily straighten them if they want. I frantically clutch loosened, and he began little by little to take the braided line when the fish jerks. Well, now the order! Now you can enjoy the struggle. I dragged him to him, and he is torn away. It will run along the side of the boat, then dive deeper… A chub is not small! More kilogram – that’s for sure!

Here Sasha bite. He put the spoon larger metal and its far enough. Here somewhere on her and coveted asp. We pull the two fish. Doublet! Sasha asp larger. On the scales drew 2.5 kg. And my did not weigh.

We have 4 times floated in a strange place. Asp hit it along the low coast yaristogo over 100 meters. I noticed that my small spoon was more bites. I caught a 4 asp, and Sasha, though, and threw twice as far, only one, though the largest.

Caught asp, as it turned out, had already ceased to fit in a bag from under the sugar that we systematically filled all day. First yazyami then five-kilo pike crushed, then mixed with pike perch, and, behold, the curtain fell, good chub! The sun goes down, the water surface – as a mirror… Sadly the weather forecast to believe that tomorrow will begin incessant rains. But still, this last day of Indian summer, we will remember for a long time with my friend from Moscow.

Alex Kolomiets13 October 2015 at 17:27

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