Rybachy much, but fishing with an overnight get us wrong. Perhaps that is why it rarely happens. Just can not remember the last exit. And then suddenly decided to change tactics and go on a schedule «evening—morning». And no need to hurry in the morning, and get bogged down with a good cool. In the closet were not put off and eventually started with bream and ide.

Bream us this season is still not happy, and impressive catches did not succeed. And then suddenly I found a place, and bream, ide and almost shaft. And the weather with a view to tempt us all made the jump from 7 to 20 degrees.

We left in the afternoon. On the Kama was added water, and on our way on the high bank had a lot of people. Fishing is not the most comfortable, but since then many competitors, in our place they simply do not count. Location is not quite ours, or rather we are going there for the first time — on a tip.

We arrived. The gently sloping beach by tall trees. Take at least 10 people can be, and there was not a soul! Joy and alertness appeared simultaneously. But before we uncover gear as the car around Zaro and the entire coast suddenly came to life. We were late by 15 minutes and did not get to us tasty piece of sand.

Collected tackle abandoned. Five minutes later I had someone knocked on kvivertip, but, you see, flat wrong. All the same, the beginning of recognized good. Current decent, throwing 40 meters but less than 100 grams carries. We decided not to use feeders and do banal lead.

After the first and the next bite. Bream. 800 grams of a good start! Here are a couple of pacifiers Volodya. Neighbors pulled a white bream. But in general, I start to hang pause. Then Volodya got a decent bream, but jumped at the coast. He scored again and almost immediately pulled ide 600 grams and acknowledges that bite began after began throwing further.

I also zhahnul from the shoulder. And sure enough, as soon as bite and pull out blue bream, and after him more and white bream. A brief pause and powerful vole, struggle and ide 800 grams per cage.
The mood is excellent! The fish is caught, there is no trivia, Volodya big win. But the most important thing is that we are looking forward to a night of fishing, for it is not just read and heard that night active and large bream. It was dark after 7pm. Sheds fireflies and continued to look forward to. About 21 children arrived, we passed the position. Their arrival was in the script, and a place for them, we staked out immediately.

In general picture remained part is not entirely clear. For two we have 5 fish, two neighbors, the rest of neighbors or anything. The nearest neighbors — the youth. They do some vinaigrette. A pile of gear from the feeders to some Sudakova. How it got dark, they also brought the boat pumped and gum. Terry infringers. Looking ahead, I will say that the gum was the network and track it, they at least something caught.

Here, perhaps, we can finish the fun part of fishing. No, I completed after the arrival of colleagues and campfire dinner. The boys arrived, slowly put together tackle and campfire waited. Here and complete.

Negative Poper just with the twilight. Not a single bite the whole coast up to 22 hours did not happen, and then also turn off the current. A long time we all know that as soon as the craving disappears, it stops every bite. And this despite the fact that he stopped for another 3 hours earlier.

No bream night we did not see, and compare sizes with daytime, of course, could not. Clever lay down to sleep, and we were on watch Bones good faith and greeted the first rays. A half hour before sunrise I had a burbot, and then — large roach and sterlet. And then there was the ruff! At the same time no one else at all there was no movement.

The sun rose, woke up and ours, but the situation is strained. The fact is that any fishing child we know that cravings include at 9 am. In the liabilities we still have as much as 6 hours! Someone after fitful sleep, but we have after a sleepless night. But staunchly catch. I have long cast, sandwiches hooks — all in vain. 6:00 These were the worst night. We decided that if engaged in night fishing, then somewhere, regardless of traction.

Our friends decided to retool the morning and use the lure. To some extent this has brought success. Kostya finally caught a couple of small bream and Fanil 5 pieces of different fish, including ide. But the result is good. 8 hours of the morning fishing in the asset was 7 fishes for four. And if you turn here, and evening and night fishing, the amount obtained disgrace. Patience enough to 11 hours.

Such conclusion was: The place is beautiful, the fish is good, stuff is not. It is a good part of the conclusions. Now the bad: high pressure, heavy dependence on the thrust and lasts beztyagovy the period 9-10 hours, which makes fishing very stupid. It is necessary to arrive by 9 am and fish until evening. But in this case there is no guarantee that will be able to find a place on the beach.

And so it went, not decided to see if we’re there again.

Paul Elizarov6 July 2015 at 15:45

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