«Expenses! Sanya, with Sergey you go along the river! I’m with my son along the trail directly! Cyril, you evaded the edge to the right edge of the timber and delivered along the marsh! In the swamp do not go — I repeat, work your way quietly kromochkoy sushi! On both sides of the pen impassable quagmire, with two — we sekachische be ours! «- For a long time I have not seen such sparkling eyes grandfather Andrew!


Of course, people not enough for full coverage. Still, hand three or four, and one would assume that hot already pan — at not just luck enough nerve to turn away, although in hunting cases are different, and other I would not have believed, if he did not He was a member of…

I drove in trunks dobychlivuyu combination: in chokes — Gualandi 28 g in poluchok — 32 grams, or not to shred I doubted the success of the upcoming event. belief success does wonders, and I — believer!

He moved carefully as instructed grandfather along the Wetlands, stepped over behind Sushina, bypassing the thick perepletshiysya chapyzhnik. AND every moment waiting for a meeting with woolly monster: judging by the size and depth of prints, it was not Private average hog. Shiver of anticipation, and tickling tingling, rushing for strong male body, ready to splash out a crushing lead the charge.

It’s hard to say how much I advanced, three or five kilometers, and maybe all seven, but judging by the lack of shots and POKRIK beaters, corral certainly culminated in failure.
Suddenly, he heard the front squelch linked to moss muddy hoof. I listen — hasteless retreating squishing clearly heard from the front right side of the swamp, but beast not seen It was. «Gone tank! Not I had too slowly wiggled its flippers forty-sixth the size of the». — I I never did gave reason to reproach himself lack of self-criticism. «But if such a large object not recessed, then I am afraid that ?!» — and I started a desperate pursuit «humpbacked Zaporozhets» by fresh tracks. The more I walking along trail bulls, the fainter grew its squelch until finally solutions on the vast expanse of marshes Novgorod…

«This is the engine that’s protector! ATV, one word! It’s time to car!» — I He caught his breath, wiped his sweaty face cap, turned on the radio and I called grandfather. AT the answer was just hissing. «Wow ushlepal!» — I I tried to drive away bad thoughts. «Coming out of the swamp, there certainly earn transceiver».

I moved as it seemed to me, by the shortest route to the forest, some trees which were drawn away. Dusk; the more I progressed, the more sank in viscous, bubbling brown goo, masked and abundant duckweed upland carpeted with moss, first by knee, then almost groin. When I Both filled and zakolennika with effort fell back on saving dense hummocky, the awareness of the uselessness of effort sobering came at me and I decided to rest, cool down, and gathered with thoughts, draw them in saving plan.

First, I need a pole; secondly, yet not completely liquid tussock covered with a veil of milky evening mist, we must try to step on them, and not to break ahead, as the mighty primeval creature drooling on mammoth; Third, access to nearest pine and climbed to She once again issue a call in radio.
Forward! I do not remember how I, panting, wobbly gait awkward, drenched in sweat and salty almost exhausted, literally climbed on solid forest soil! Hooray, the first small victory!

Catching his breath, and after washing water of the marsh, rinsing the mouth and dried spitting, I, tearing skin palms and smearing These fragrant sticky resin began to climb, hands and hugging slender legs mill pine. Passing the bare trunk and Scramble to sturdy branch, taking with trembling hands from his breast pocket radio, I’m clicking on key shouted enraged larynx inhuman voice: «Grandfather! Grandfather! Do you hear me?!» Release. AT answer only annoying noise.

By bringing together the rest of the forces and thawing to the Almighty for help, I He moved up further a couple of meters I yelled again walkie-talkie! ABOUT miracle! AT Reply heard something unintelligible, but I intuitively understood my grandfather is looking for me! At the next session «connection» out came the bormotografa: «Shoot!» I shot. AT Reply to I heard a barely audible sound of a distant single shot.

«Your division! All this time I not broke in the wrong direction!» — the joy that my grandfather gives guidance and be sure to find me, and warmed added strength and either through wet clothes, or hanging stone impenetrable darkness is not frightened hunter.

«Shoot every ten minutes!» — croaked radio. «I got it! I got it!» — I shouted response. Postrelivaya in overnight, we slowly but right Near…
— What the devil are you ran into neighboring district ?! — wearily through his teeth grandfather, wiping drops on the sleeve forehead.
— Cabana haunted! A on by devil you’re right — whirled, beast!
— Cabana chase — useless thing! His obkladyvat it! AND on unclean nothing to blame! Goblin at He is guilty! This site and the sluggishness carelessness! A that not Kikimora I remember, you’re on He roamed the swamp ?! — grandfather even more wound up and nothing He appeased.
— Well, he lost his way in excitement, something unfamiliar terrain!
— Come on, playboy! — Grandpa took the compass. — You otshagal back and forth thirty kilometers! Night — midnight! AND all with You pack of bullets! AND when you buy yourself Navigator ?! Gulen, damn it! — Reprimand, my grandfather began to cool.
— Agreed! — after listening, I sadly lowered his head and forced smile…

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