Fishing and purchase burbot

Fishing and purchase burbot

Good winter in a forest stream. Around white snow covered trees Kuchta. Frost and snow creaking under the feet excite the soul. Special charm becomes a winter night, when the moonlight subjects take a fabulous view, recalling the dragon, the firebird. Around the mysterious silence and snow, sparkling in the light of the moon and stars. Freezing in the night quietly. Just heard the crackling of the trees in the forest, as if someone rattle them batters.

It was on such nights often happens fishing for burbot. Burbot – predatory fish, light gray cod family, covered with small scales, can reach an impressive size (I’ve seen a burbot weighing six kilos, saying that there are larger specimens). Burbot taste great bones in it a little, and burbot liver is a delicacy. It is famous for the ear of burbot – ineffable flavor and roasted burbot incredibly tasty. However, catch burbot easy. No wonder they say about a cunning man: «Slippery as burbot». How many times has he lied to the fishermen. More Anton Chekhov wrote about it. It is for this something I burbot fish friend Ivan Kuzmich Prilezhaeva and went once in the winter.

Catch on the way to Lake Wilderness zhivtsov, the evening reached the mouth of the river Weida. Leaving the car on the beach, they took all the fishing equipment, took to the ice. I began to drill wells, partner alarmed Donkey. Putting Donkey, successfully cut down the number of holes to fish trolling. Soon everything was ready, sipping hot tea, began baubles. Ivan Kuzmich was a virtuoso of the gear. According to witnesses, at the time he skillfully caught trolling perch Volga boat. Soon the snake around his legs bent, pulling burbot, turned about a kilogram of weight. In Donkey lovilos bad. Check them three times – We removed only one burbot.

Frost raged quickly tightened the ice-hole, pinching hands. I had to dance around the boxes, which is slightly warmed. On the bank made a fire and ran on stage to warm up. Around midnight, we had only two burbot. They began to cut bait. I will not tell what ordeals endured bitter cold in our hands when collected Donkey doing acrobatic moves. Removing another ground fishing tackle, I pulled the fishing line. Not a bit of it – an invisible force led towards the line. Feeling the weight, I reported that the hook sits well burbot, began carefully to wind the line. Ivan Kuzmich began, as usual in such cases, to give advice. Pulling fish to the hole, I called out to her companion expanded hole. Ivan Kuzmich, armed with an ice pick, carefully cut the ice around the circumference of the hole. I gave him the line, called not to give slack. He himself threw the first coat, then padded jacket, rolled up his sleeve sweater to the shoulder, put his hand under the ice. «Do not chill!» – He shouted Ivan Kuzmich. I hurriedly mumbled: «Easily do not take out the fish from the pond!» Icy water burned his hand. Only a fisherman, perhaps, may decide on such an event! Feeling in the water, I thought, gills, closed his fingers. Severe pain shot through his hand. I yelled: «Burbot scratchy!» With a partner, we are dragged on the ice big fish, flashlight illuminating prey, they saw a red stain and fluttered huge walleye instead burbot.
Apparently, I was seated on the arm of his dorsal fin. While dressing – blood stream flowed out of hand. Ivan Kuzmich took out a sheepskin bandage (thrifty man was always in the desired time had at hand, you need), he bandaged the wound. «Four kilos of pull!» – ottaskivaya fish away from the hole, said partner. Being an experienced fisherman, he said in surprise: «Pike took ruff dead of night – wonderful! We see oglodal, poor guy».

Thus ended our fishing. I remember that I have a long arm hurt and abused for some reason I do not walleye and burbot…
So sometimes caught burbot, and they bought – discussed below. About burbot purchase took place as early as the pre-perestroika times told my father. I give him a story by making very small changes.
Two teachers Ivan Trofimovich Volyshev and Peter S. Markin late autumn, the frost arrived in the forest village Labiha to talk to parents to educate their children in school in the village painter. Just eight miles away, Labihu by Falin. However, this distance can be overcome only by foot in boots, as the roads impassable, forest. Summer boots with a long squelch pulled out of gryazyuka on the sole of sandals has come like layers of clay. Not everyone dares to go to the tractor Labihu from the village.

Walked around a dozen houses, talked frankly with labihintsami, told one of their children succeed in school, and who is at the tail drags, nothing withheld all posted cleaned. Everywhere teachers warmly greeted, seated at the table, in piles offered. But you can not, as they say, in the performance. Already in the evening we went to a distant relative Volysheva Pizhukovoy Natalya Petrovna.
The hostess greeted hospitably. All that hand turned out to guests dragged. Natalya Petrovna put on the table a large frying pan fried burbot, pulled out of the cellar sweaty half-liter bottle, glasses rattled.

Teachers with ustatku drink, snack steel. Pan burbot emptied instantly. Guests stared at his mistress. She grinned, patter protarabanila that now even fry. Pizhukova added that the godfather Nikita Svorina yesterday for two bottles knapsack burbot bartered.
Soon the table reappeared pan with roasted burbot, which guests praising the cook and fisherman, quickly emptied. Sipping tea, I began to go home. Volyshev cousin asked:
– You could not ask for Svorina fish home?
– That his wife will be happy, – Markin colleagues supported the issue.
– Stop on the way tea. Affects INTO Nikita in many places track Velma narotami blocked.
Teachers unanimously thanked the hostess for bread and salt, was invited to the painter gostevat said goodbye, went out into the street. It was still light. Volyshev and walked briskly to the Markin is perched on the edge of the hut Svorina Labihi. They were met by an angry dog ​​barking huge red. Master hesitated. Rose curtain from the window staring at the bearded face came. A minute later the face was gone, there was the creak of a door opening. On the porch appeared Svorin. He hissed at the dog. He pursed his tail, slipped into the kennel. Having come, the owner greeted. Teacher politely nodded in response.
– We to you, Nikita Ilyich, in the case, – Volyshev said cautiously.
– Come, – curtly Svorin, creaking floorboards, went into the house.
Behind them followed single file teachers. When entered the room, Svorin has placed in front of each guest on the stool he sat on the bench, she began to twirl «a cigarette».
– Mistresses wish to make a surprise! – Started Markin. Svorin silently lit a cigarette, inhaled deeply, released a thick cloud of smoke that stung his eyes Volysheva. Ivan Trofimovich blinked, sneezed, Markin said the request:
– Can we buy burbot?
Svorin stroked his beard, put a cigarette in a tin that served as an ashtray, curtly replied:
– Why can not, if you can. He got up from the table, took a key hanging on a nail, taking steelyard, went into the hall, waving his right hand called for a teacher. Those eagerly stood up, walked to the door.
They descended from the porch, went to the barn. Svorin promptly opened a huge castle, turned on the light in the barn, carelessly dropped a burlap canvas pyativedernoy tubs. Teachers gasped when she saw the full tub burbot.
– Frozen, duckies, – Markin said loudly.
– Alright! – Added Volyshev.
Svorin busily raked in more voluminous dish burbot exceeded them in a grid, he said:
– Who?
– Let’s first Ivan Trofimovich, – Boyko said Petr Semenovich.
Svorin steelyard hung on a hook in the ceiling sticking busily began to weigh the fish. Glanced sideways at Volysheva asked:
– Three kilos enough?
Ivan Trofimovich eagerly nodded, unbuttoned his briefcase. He pulled out a string bag, put aside the portfolio, expanded shopping bags neck like a bag, which should pour potatoes.
– First, the money! – curtly Svorin.
Volyshev shriveled, twisted his head, searching for a colleague for help. He did not take long, he said:
– Money we do not have, we are disciples, Nikita Ilyich forward.
There was silence, broken only by heavy wheezing host. Svorin dramatically tore steelyard net with the fish and threw it back into the tub. There was a thud of frozen fish. Teachers were silent. Gritting his teeth, he barked Svorin:
– No money and no fish!
Without another word, he slipped out of the barn, as a sentry stood at the high threshold. With bowed head climbed over the threshold of the teacher. Svorin lock clicked loudly, quickly climbed to the porch, slipped into the doorway.
For a moment the teacher spoke. The first recovered Petr Semenovich:
– Ogloed, could wait a few days! Did we not give him the money !?
Ivan Trofimovich took out a handkerchief and wiped his forehead with sweat profusely, said:
– Such a shame never bore! Well well.
From dog kennel appeared, he growled with such fury that the teacher immediately cease violent expression of their feelings, salable Falinskoy gone on his way home.

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