Le Vieux Fusil: Recovery

Why people get old gun? It would seem that in our world of consumption, when manufacturers are waging a war for the consumer, there is no need for weapons b / y. But our arms market is not very diverse in the budget segment.

Le Vieux Fusil: Recovery

For example, you want to buy a shotgun with a horizontal twin trunks for reasonable money. And what do you see? Only IL-43, now the MP-43. The gun is good, cheap, from 10 000 rubles. But it was too unsightly, does not have the elegance of the lines, which meet at the old izhevkah, just double locking, and modern manufacturing quality is not better.

Of course, dual-locking, as experience shows, enough to satisfy the aesthetic sense is necessary in high-end guns, but there, there is still a need for the old guns, especially if the quality was better.

The same IL-27 can take the old issue is cheaper than a new gun. Today, the main gauge – 12 minutes, and hunters appears interest in small calibers, in particular, to the 20 th. For example, shop «Guns Salon» Klimovsk has delivered five semi-automatic version of the firm in the hunting «Sarsilmaz» 20th kalibra.V moment dare!

Now the customs clearance takes place the second batch. Unfortunately, the current domestic small-caliber rifles are made on the basis of pads guns 12th. Hence overweight and unsightly form. A domestic automatic 20-caliber at all. Just promise to release on the basis of the MP-155.

Le Vieux Fusil: Recovery

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

So I decided to get a gun 20-caliber. Of course, I needed gorizontalki Classic is a classic. Hitting me on the occasion of the IL-58-20-th issue of 1959. The gun was the worn. Burnishing abrasion, wood, though no cracks, but not in the best condition, had shat vertical trunks dangling triggers.

I’m going to talk about the single and double-barreled guns, with the receiver block. Initially, I took off a tree, examined the mechanism. Nothing good, I have not seen. Dirt and rust. Of course, the corrosion was superficial, non-fatal. But fact is fact.

I must say that rarely removes tree care mechanism. In appearance it is like and it is not necessary: ​​a good tree adjacent to the metal. But to get the dust, dirt and moisture, which leads to contamination of the mechanism, rust. Dust mixed with oil, to form a film. I took apart his shoe «Sauer» and found within a few needles. How did they get there? So occasionally, but not often, it is necessary to remove and clean the wood block. Of course, the complete disassembly of the mechanism of the receiver, I would not advise to do. But this is a private matter.

Le Vieux Fusil: Recovery

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

So, I removed the tree and rinse the inside of the receiver without disassembling mechanism. Lubricate «Karben» (composition for cleaning the carburetor sprays), collected. Gone shat trunks. Here you have the plus triple lock.

I suppose that the latch lever is not fully closed and pressed the barrel shank due to contamination. And maybe frame Purdue because of contamination is not fully locked rifle hooks. I went with the gun for hunting. I shoot skeet. I was pleased: in the dish got. On the hunt flew at me one woodcock. One shot – and snipe fell a few meters from me. It’s not the caliber.

But loose triggers haunted. According to the distinguished Alexander Yarkov, it was in the spring. He adviced «otmochit» block assembly in kerosene. I decided to follow his advice. Kerosene is not buy – something painfully expensive Now liter of kerosene. I’m still remember the kerosene shop, where he was worth a penny.

I decided to do with gasoline. In a couple of days I put shoe assembly into gasoline. Then dry it, he rubbed liberally smeared gathered. Buffeting the front trigger disappeared altogether, and back – greatly reduced.

Le Vieux Fusil: Recovery

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

The same operation done and with his «Sauer». As stated above, I found a few spruce needles. A couple of days held the shoe in gasoline rubbed, smeared. Of course, I have up to this operation with «Sauer» no problems, but now I am sure that the block is relatively clean, and there is a lubricant.

The old gun hunters exploited different, with varying degrees of intensity, but rarely of the hunters shot the tree and cleaned and lubricated internal mechanisms pads. My father in his shoe IL-58 since 1966, never looked before. And how many of these hunters? Top guns to clean, smazhut all.

It is understood that such a procedure should be carried out, in my opinion, no more frequently than once every five years. Of course, if the weapons fall into the mud, sand, then, again, in my opinion, it is necessary to separate the wood block and rinse with kerosene or petrol and grease.

For grease guns I use synthetic engine oil 5W40. And it is quite satisfied. Oil does not thicken in the cold, detergents clean metal, burnishing, in my opinion, does not deteriorate. On my advice and my friends used motor oil to lubricate weapons. Nobody yet not been challenged.

Branch butt Izhevsk guns special is not working: backplate turned away, he turned back the clamping screw and removed the neatly butt. But to remove the tree or the forearm for removing the stock from the same «Sauer» screwdriver needed. And the good. I use two-way screwdriver from ZIP revolver «Revolver». It is a wide and a narrow tip, a good enough metal, possibly tempered, well suited to work with the weapon.

Le Vieux Fusil: Recovery

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

I understand that working with a gun is not over yet: I want to update the burnishing, adjust to the son of a second butt. This is because, at a minimum.

Of course, this is my personal experience of recovery of weapons. Maybe something I did wrong, but the result gave me. Perhaps my experience useful to someone.

Igor Suslov6 June 2013 at 00:00

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